Celebration 2020

BOARD OF DIRECTORS CRAIG BARRS, CHAIR Retired Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Georgia Power Company TIM AYRES Partner, Moore Colson & Co. GREG BOYD Owner, Intellicom Wireless Management MIKE CALLAHAN, Retired President and CEO, Gypsum Management & Supply LYNN CHASTAIN, Retired Senior VP and General Counsel, Chick-fil-A JIM COPELAND Retired Human Resources Executive, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company TOM FULLER Retired Chief Financial Officer, 22squared STEVE GILLIAM Partner, Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles JEFF HENDERSON Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church KRISTEN LEWIS Co-Founder, The Bowden Law Firm MART MARTIN Founder, 3 Key Questions DAVE POLSTRA Co-Founder, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC SARA STORCK Director, Brand Strategy, Planning & Design, Chick-fil-A BRITTANY THOMS Co-Founder and Partner, See.Spark.Go BOARD OF ADVISORS COURTNEY AMOS DAN CATHY VINCE DOOLEY, Emeritus ELIZABETH HARRIS GLEN JACKSON EARL LEONARD DAN QUINN DAVID RATCLIFFE DAN REEVES WENDELL STARKE JOHN WIELAND PHILIP WILHEIT JENNER WOOD EAGLE RANCH FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES CRAIG BARRS BLAIR CUNNINGHAM ROY JONES LYNN PRICE KIRBY THOMPSON ROBERT WYNNE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EDWIN J. STAUB EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 t: 770.967.8500 · f: 770.967.3757 EagleRanch.org An early Christian leader once commented, “We are not now what we should be, but we are on the way, the process is not yet finished, but it has begun. This is not the goal, but it is the road . . . ”. We are so proud of this year’s graduates who have embraced a road less traveled—to reconsider their life’s direction and reflect on the kind of men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers they want to be. We hope you enjoy reading their stories in this issue. Thank you for so faithfully investing in this ministry and in their lives. God’s blessings to you and yours. Sincerely, Eddie Staub Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director Reflections A young man recently told me that he was creating new rhythms and habits in his life. He felt that was necessary to become the kind of man God has called him to be. It’s really easy to get carried along the path of least resistance. It reminds me of when I was younger, falling asleep on a float in the ocean and all of a sudden, looking up and seeing the beach far, far away. My initial thought was, “How did I get here?” OUR MISSION Eagle Ranch helps make life better for children and their families, positively impacting communities for the glory of God.

“My experience at Eagle Ranch was very educational and filled with fun memories. Before I came, I struggled with respect. Being here, I've learned to be responsible for my choices and the decisions I make, and I also learned leadership qualities. Eagle Ranch helped me discover who I am.” Dylan • Age 13 • 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate • Pictured 2nd from right

TESTIMONIES of TRIUMPH An inside look into one graduating family's experience at Eagle Ranch MADISON Age 16 • 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate

Madison’s Perspective 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate At first, the Ranch was very hard because I did not grow up with structure. I just kind of did whatever I wanted. It was also weird, because I never had a mother or father figure in my life. Everybody that I cared about and loved in my life left. Being at Eagle Ranch was a blessing. It’s like having a family and people who love and care about you — people who never walk out on you. It was lots of fun being in the Praise Home with my Houseparents, Markie and Daniel, their daughters Aslyn and Brooklyn, and my Program Assistant, Emily. Eagle Ranch taught me how to love and care for people again in a healthy way. Eagle Ranch has helped me grow as a person, but also helped me grow as a woman, little sister, daughter, friend and a future mother. Eagle Ranch is a great support system for whatever you are going through; no matter your situation, they are there for you and your family. The Ranch gives you the chance to experience new opportunities—you learn new skills and everything else you need for life, including your education. Eagle Ranch helped me grow as a person, but also helped me grow as a woman, little sister, daughter, friend and a future mother. Lori’s Perspective Lori, Madison’s Legal Guardian Eagle Ranch is so much more than a program. The combined heartbeat of the many lives that pour into your family here is not something that can be measured. Upon graduating this program, I still struggle to believe a place like this exists: one where your child can decompress from all of the pressures and influences of life and simply figure out who they are and who they want to be. Just to be given the time and space to do that is so vital. The program works tirelessly to garner trust, respect and nurture the individual needs of your child, which always includes repairing the family unit. They say kids push boundaries to see if anyone cares enough to push back. Instinctively, we do push back creating friction and discord. Eagle Ranch teaches you to stop shoving and lean in. Because the truth is, your kid is just fighting for a relationship with you. It will take time to earn their trust. At first, fear will likely intensify those behaviors or habits. But just like when they were so little—they watch you! Over time, as they witness your investment, they will lower their guard and follow your lead. For us, Eagle Ranch created a safe place for heart change. Because of the undercurrent of love, the structure and consistency became medicine for our emotional wounds. God is at work here. My family is not perfect, but we are in a healthy relationship now and will continue to use the tools we learned while at Eagle Ranch. Do you know a family that needs help? Contact 770.967.8500 or EagleRanch.org

IAN Age 15 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate habits OF mind Always seeking ways to motivate and encourage students, Eagle Ranch School recently took a longstanding practice of student management and turned it upside down. Rather than keeping track of shortcomings, the school developed a way to track positive habits instead. One of this year's graduates, Ian, greatly benefited from this system.

F or years, the school emphasized student accountability by keeping track of “infractions,” which are times when students fail to meet expectations, such as not turning in homework, being disrespectful to others, talking in class and other missteps. These infractions were tracked on a whiteboard that students could check throughout the day. The school began teaching a new system for developing positive habits, called Habits of Mind. They wanted to see what would happen if, instead of tracking infractions, they tracked positive actions. Every month, Eagle Ranch School would focus on a different habit and how that habit could be implemented into the students’ daily lives. Habits ranged from persistence to striving for accuracy. When a student went above and beyond to exemplify this habit, he or she was rewarded with a sticker on a laminated nametag, displayed on the whiteboard in the center of the school. The new system showed that most students were more motivated to meet expectations, and even exceed them, when they saw the positive recognition. The new system showed that most students were more motivated to meet expectations, and even exceed them, when they saw the positive recognition. At the end of the school year, students who excelled in each area were awarded and celebrated for their achievements. Ian with his parents, MaryFrances and John. One student in particular, Ian, was a top performer, earning him the “Character Award.” “Ian struggled when he first came to Eagle Ranch. It seemed he had a fear of failure. He refused to go to class or to do his work,” said Kim Burdette, Operations Manager at Eagle Ranch School. “Over time, Ian began applying himself and eventually became a straight-A student.” The visual tracking of his success helped Ian become more confident. “I used to not like school. Since I’ve been here, I’ve stopped refusing to go to class. I enjoy the school, field trips and exploratory classes. I have straight-A’s in all my classes,” said Ian. “Now going home there is a lot less fighting. It’s more hanging out, having fun. It’s definitely better at home, a lot better.” Now Eagle Ranch graduate Ian and his family have the tools they need to succeed as they transition back into life at home.

COLEMAN " Before I came to Eagle Ranch, I struggled with anxiety, being impulsive and arguing. While I was here, I learned not to argue with others. I also learned to listen more in classes while at school instead of speaking out in class multiple times. Eagle Ranch is hard at first, but it gets better." Coleman, Age 13, 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate " Eagle Ranch has impacted our family in ways I never knew were possible. In the beginning, we felt hopeless and helpless. During our time here, we learned to push through no matter how hard it was! Coleman has a blended family, and his dad and I had to learn how to work together even more than ever before. Eagle Ranch is the best thing we could have done for our entire family." Ashley, Mother of Coleman NEAL "I was scared to come to Eagle Ranch, because I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t want to go. Things got easier when I started to make friends. My Program Assistant, Kevin, was the biggest influence on me. He would talk to me and tell me about his life. I looked up to him. At Eagle Ranch, I learned about listening and respecting my family." Neal, Age 14, 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate " Life before Eagle Ranch was hard! We had no idea how to solve our problems because we had no idea as to what was causing our problems. At Eagle Ranch, we learned to trust the process, and trust God in the process. The staff would always point us back to God when things felt like they weren’t working. The Ranch has equipped us with tools to work together. Eagle Ranch has given us hope!" Lydia, Mother of Neal

HOALDEN " My biggest struggles before I came to Eagle Ranch were anger management, disrespect to adults and screen addiction. I had struggled to be happy with who I was and how to express myself better. Since I’ve been here, I have learned how to control my anger and how to express it in a positive way rather than a negative way. " Hoalden, Age 14, 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate " Life before Eagle Ranch was a daily struggle. While we were in the program, I learned to let go of control and empower my children to make their own choices and to be held responsible for those choices. Even more, we have learned how to communicate. Eagle Ranch helped us to see a better way." Brandy, Mother of Hoalden K YLE " Before Eagle Ranch, I struggled with talking back and being disrespectful. I was stealing, not doing my homework, not going to school . . . basically, I struggled with defiance. When I got to the Ranch, I wanted to make a change, so I embraced what I was learning and took it one day at a time. Since being here, I've learned to not talk back, be responsible about doing my homework, and to be considerate to others. I also have built a relationship with God." Kyle, Age 15, 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate " Eagle Ranch was our last hope, and it delivered. I now have the confidence and empowerment to parent, and Kyle has a deeper appreciation for me and our home. My son and I have a great relationship now! Through Eagle Ranch, God made a way." Anne, Mother of Kyle

DILLON Age 15 • 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate "I was disrespectful toward my grandparents. I was not doing my schoolwork, not going to class and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Things have gotten much better since I’ve been here. I’m more respectful, and I make better decisions. I have more control over my emotions and have learned how to share how I feel." RYL AND Age 15 • 2020 Eagle Ranch Graduate "Life is better now. I’m happier, have less anxiety, and I work out all the time. I’ve learned the signs for when my anxiety or depression is coming on and how best to deal with it when it does. My family spends more time together, and I have much better relationships with my siblings."

The Eagle Ranch Honor and Memorial Gift Program What’s in a name? On these pages, each name you read represents a gift that is going directly to help boys and girls heal from crisis and build a better life. Making an honor or memorial gift is a meaningful way to honor a friend or loved one. Within 24 hours of receiving your gift, we mail out a beautiful, personalized acknowledgement card and information about our ministry to your recipient of choice. Giving is easy: visit eagleranch.org/give, call our office at 770.967.8500 (Robin or Jean are happy to help!), or mail your gift to P.O. Box 7200, Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502. Thank you for blessing our ministry. HONOR GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Honor Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the honoree. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose honor they contributed (donations received January 3 – April 15, 2020). RICHARD & WENDY BAKER Lloyd & Florence Smee JANICE BRASELTON Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Cook, Jr. CHARLOTTE BREESE Lloyd & Florence Smee BRUCE BURCH Larry & Teresa Parker MATTHEW BURCH Josh Brown IAIN BURGUET Anne Burguet REV. PHIL CARPENTER Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson PATRICK CASTANEDA Jo Randall BRITT & DOUG CHANDLER Robert Orr LIVVY COTTON Lloyd & Florence Smee BLAIR CUNNINGHAM Lola Cunningham COLE DAUM The Outdoor Lights Inc. VINCE DOOLEY Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild DR. MARY ELIZABETH D'ZAMKO Erik D´Zamko EAGLE RANCH CHILDREN Earl & Julie Fitchett EAGLE RANCH HOUSEPARENTS & TEACHERS Earl & Julie Fitchett AUSTIN EDMONDSON Joe & Diane Chipman JOHN B. "SONNY" ELLIS A Friend DICK FLEMING Lloyd & Florence Smee GARRY & JILL GLENN Lloyd & Florence Smee JASON & TRENT GREEN Fran & Larry Green MARY JANE & STEVE HECKARD Blessed Assurance Foundation JEFF HENDERSON Glen & Claire Jackson TOM HUGHES John Colegrove ED & LINDA KERN Lloyd & Florence Smee BARB KIEFER Harris & Ann Wilbanks JOAN LAFFERTY Blessed Assurance Foundation STEVE LECROY John Colegrove STEFANIE LONG Polly Eades JOHN & NANCY LUDWIG Blessed Assurance Foundation TRE’VON MARSHALL Melissa Sabin TEZ MARTIN Marilyn Fountain TINLEE & OAKLEE McCOY Marvin B. Hand MARCELLE McDONALD Mulberry Grove Senior Living STEVEN & KRIS NELSON Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Nolan MATT PARK John Colegrove EDWARD & SUSAN POPE Dave & Erla Thomas EDD & LYNN PRICE Blessed Assurance Foundation ROBERT & JOYCE REED Kenneth & Cory Reed EMERSON RIOS Toby Bowdich LYDIA SARTAIN Jack Hodge REV. CLYDE SELF Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson MILDRED SMITH Phyllis Smith Baker LANESHA SMITH Robert Orr JOE & MARION SPENCE Blessed Assurance Foundation EDDIE STAUB Joseph Kicklighter OWEN TAYLOR Tom Purcell DONALD J. TRUMP J. Hartwell & June A. Quattlebaum LYNNE TRYON Lloyd & Florence Smee DOT WADE Mike & Ann Bascle JUNE WEBB Mr. & Mrs. Jeff A. Baillis KAITLIN WILSON Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild MEMORIAL GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Memorial Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory they contributed (donations received January 3 – April 15, 2020). HERBERT ABEE Eddie & Kay Puckett KENNETH ALLANSON Son Seekers Sunday School Class ANNE D. AMERSON Millie & Tommy Folger MILTON ASH Kimberley Mauldin FLOSSIE ATTAWAY Ricky & Vicki Beggs MERRIELL AUTREY Bill & Sallie Stark Elaine Thurston Carroll B. Ball Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Andrews BILL BARNETTE Carroll B. Ball Matt Ball JAMES HARRY "JIM" BARR Lloyd & Florence Smee & Family Lucy Barnett & Family MARSHA BATCHA The Brewer Family ROBERT BEASLEY Lynette Couch DORIS BEECO Joe & Beth Jackson Jefferson Motor Company, Inc. HAROLD BENEFIELD Amy & Brian Bright Doug & Diane Magnus Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Bell Mac & Jennifer Coile Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson MRS. TOBBIE BOYD Dr. Eddie Bennett DEB & BUB BREWER Gaye Cronin DEBBIE BREWER The Brewer Family DOROTHY JEAN BROOKSHIRE Debbie & Tread Syfan OLA BROOKSHIRE Barry & Sandra Ladd GEORGE "RODY" BROOME Daryl & Rees Waite Starlet & George Jones Tom & Barbara Ducker John Bass, Perre Edwards & Hazel Bass Dr. & Mrs. John W. Stanford, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Clemons James Dillon DeDe & George Slappey Don & Pam Roe Mark Schwartz Ervin & Patty Fisher Sondra Ball Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bowles Jane & David Brown Dot & Jack Dorothy Barksdale CAROLYN BROWN Jack Hodge Dick Freeman Fred Gretsch Margot Edwards The Medical Center Auxiliary Turner, Wood & Smith Ken & Connie Dixon SUZANNA BRYANT Glenn & Jean White DR. & MRS. B. B. BUSHONG Catherine Eubanks JIMMY BUTTERWORTH Ronnie & Carol Ransom MARY TOLLISON CALDWELL Katharine Manes

POLLY PORTER CAMP Robert Laurens Christina Lee Terri & Keith Ellis Sylvia Gort James & Claire Gilmore Carol & John Balkcom Sally & Steve Kramer Jaylene Baisley David & Leigh Westcott Mary Ainsworth Mitchell Louise Sewell Robert & Melody Porter ZACH CAMPA Carmina Goss MERLA ANN WILSON CAMPBELL Kay R. Scoville LEE CANNON Barry & Barb Stover OLWYN CARPENTER Jim & Julie Hall JOE CARROLL Rhonda & Stan Mullinax JULIE CASPER Joe & Emily Hicks LANIER CHAMBERS Thomas & Janie Morris Dunman GEORGIA V. CHRISTIAN Mary Puckett BOB CHRISTY Jackie & Coach Sheldon Darnell JOHN CLENDENIN Dr. & Mrs. John Burns JUANITA CLIFTON Mary Puckett SAMMYE LANE COCHRAN Reginald Cochran JEFF COLLINS Master Grave Service, Inc. WAYNE COLSTON Lloyd & Florence Smee & Family Johnny & Susie Solesbee Larry & Teresa Parker Dr. & Mrs. John Burns Ricky & Vicki Beggs Vicki & Jeff Sims-Skarput Jim & Sally McCoun Susan & Benny Bagwell Linda Fowler GUS L. CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun CHARLIE CONNER David & Deborah Clark PAM COOKE Craig & Annie Barrs JAMES COWART Betty Cowart WALTER McKENZIE CRENSHAW Stan & Susie Appleton ELIZABETH CROWE Wade & Carolyn Waters DR. SAM DAYTON Jimmy & Marie Faulkner ANNALICE DEEMER Randal & Jean Cochran JUNE DISHAROON Debi Demarest & Ana Palmes MR. TRACY DIXON Tom & Kay Smith ELIZABETH B. DYCHES Lisa Cauthen LARRY W. ELLIOTT Greg & Susan Elliott BILL EPPS Carole Rhodes VIRGINIA & HENRY EUBANKS Frank Edrington JUDY KELLEY EVERETT Jeanne & Charles Crawford RABBIT FARMER Old Friends Car Club SARA ANN FARRIS Donice & Kim Mauldin JOE & MARY JANE FEENEY Mr. & Mrs. David L. Teichert MARGARET ELLEN EWING FERRARI Linda Crawford CHARLES FORBES, JR. Dale & Stacey Brown Junior & Sharon Flanigan AUDREY FORD Mary & Claude Bates JEFFERY ADONIS FORRESTER Polly, Phil, Benita, Carly & Collin PARKIE LEIGH FOSTER Robert & Carol Camp DOUG FOWLER David & Deborah Clark Genie & Billy Whelchel CHARLIE FRIEDMAN Gaylen & JoAnn Roberts DARRELL GARDNER Carolee Gailey Margaret J. Martin DENNIS GARMON Dale & Stacey Brown FRANCES GAUDLOCK Doug & Sheila Shaw MARLON GEORGE Mac & Jennifer Coile FRANK GILES John Wright DAVID GINES Jimmy & Marie Faulkner JOHN "GIL" GILBERT GLOVER The Birdwell Family Patti & Kurt Gosch Tom & Peggy Cannon David M. O'Haren Jim & Terry Magro Pat & Becky Hickok Mr. Robert J. Griffin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burnette Anne M. Julian Rick & Nancy Dorschel Priscilla & Bill MacPhail Elaine Prather Kent & Veronica Bridges Leslie Brown Susan & Scott Hawkins Wendy & Brandon Bennett Owen & Cheryl Brown Connie Dillingham Vince & Donna Sanders Bob & Hila Prather Joe & Joan Payne Millard Gary Roberts Steve Robinson MAXINE WOOD GRAGE Dr. Walter Grage GEORGE GRANT Sue & Melvin King ANN REYNOLDS GRAY Evie & T.W. Jones JIM GIBBS GREEN Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye JAN GROSS Dale & Donna Gross ROBIN GROSS David Chester WALLACE HALL Lisa Cauthen BILL & PHYLLIS HARDY Gregory & Sandra Hardy DIANE HARRIS Terry & Ruth Jones GENE HARRIS Chris & Kay Walker Dan & Julie Hartley Tom & Becky Bedford Hutch & Lane Hutchins Bill & Lynn Hulsey RICHARD HARRIS Susie & Stan Appleton Tread Syfan ELSIE HARRISON Jason & Kelly & Family Bill & Nell Grier Mary Puckett KATHLEEN FRANCES HAUGEN Janice McKenzie WILLIE HAZELWOOD Thomas & Janie Morris Dunman FAYE HEIDEL Alan E. Heidel FRANCES POWELL HODGE Heyward Gnann Louis & Kathy Sawyer Skip & Nancy Wise Northeast Georgia Health System Auxiliary Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Long Susie Cross & Curry, John & Annie Cross Stan & Susie Appleton Doug & Diane Magnus WAYNE HOLBROOK Mr. & Mrs. Ed Andrews Elaine Thurston NANCY HOOPER Kay Graham Rachel Ficklin Tom & Ann Cain MARIAN HOSCH Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom A Friend Mary Jo Powell Susie & Stan Appleton DAVID HUBBERT Glenn & Jean White WILMA HUMPHRIES Harris & Ann Wilbanks MR. RUSSELL INMAN Helen Allen CLARA BRASELTON "PAM" JACKSON Jim Hayes Joe & Beth Jackson DONALD W. JACKSON Stan & Susie Appleton JOAN FULLER JACKSON Mr. & Mrs. Joe T. Wood, Jr. Gloria Prestridge Mary Jo Powell Mary "Cissy" Jackson WILLIAM R. "BILL" JAMIESON Lloyd & Florence Smee VOLGA JANKEL Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye JAMES T. JOHNSON Lisa Cauthen SARA JOHNSTON Jerri Blumenthal COACH ED JONES Jackie & Coach Sheldon Darnell BARBARA & STEVE JORDAN Jess P. Jordan Matt & Kathy Bauerkemper NELL KIDD Danny & Glenda Odell JEREMIAH FRANCIS KIRBY Julie & Jon Brackett JOHN E. & MILDRED KIRKLAND William & Ellen Kirkland KEVIN KITTRELL Sharon & Ken Kittrell JEFFREY KRAUTLER Duane & Patricia Nesbitt THELMA P. LANEY Stan & Susie Appleton J. M. Wilkins, Jr. DR. BOB LANIER C.L. & Sue Smith ROBERT LEDFORD Joanne Glaze Vaughan RONALD L. LEDFORD Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Burns Steverson ED LINDORME, JR. Doug & Diane Magnus CHARLES LINDSAY Dr. Matthew McGowan JAMES LINT Doug & Diane Magnus BOBBY LITTLE Doug & Sheila Shaw CAREY JAMES MADDOX Bree, Scott, Micki, Jerry & Teresa Brown JOHN MANSFIELD Dr. & Mrs. John Sundstrom PHILLIP J. MARKERT Mr. & Mrs. I. A. Hoge Ken & Donna Odum Richard P. McCully Dan Pitts Jere & Joann Rivers Mike & Deborah Foran Sue Diamond Susan & Bill Verell

Jimmy & Lisa Wilson Spring Family Dixie & John McDonald David Hobbs Ed & Genie Troncalli Joe & Diane Calhoun Doran & Wiley Stanford Mark Barnette AUGUSTA A. MERCK MARTIN Jim & Trish Merck & Family Betty Verson Norton Dan & Debbie Fife Lowell & Mardy Fulenwider Sammy Smith Mary Couch DAISY MARTIN Susan & Benny Bagwell LOYD MARTIN Robin, Wayne, Cody & Dylan RICHARD MASSIE Gaylen & JoAnn Roberts RUBY MATHIS Dale & Stacey Brown ALENE ANNETTE MAYFIELD Charlie & Elaine Odell Tom & Carol Duncan Old Friends Car Club MARY ESTHER McCOLLOUGH Nancy Hill Roberts BOB McCREARY III Carroll B. Ball JAMES WIRT McCREARY Stan & Susie Appleton LARRY McMAHAN Glenn & Jean White CATHERINE BANKS McMILLAN Mike & LeAnne Wayne SUE McMILLAN John & Pam Jameson HERMANN MEINKE Johnny & Susie Solesbee DIANE MEULENKAMP Evie (Paxton) Jones JANICE MILLER Mary Redfearn ANNIE MAE MILLWOOD Randy & Latricia Simpson TODD MILSAP Connie Propes BARNEY MOORE Hardy & Lois Pickering BOBBY GENE MOORE Jerry & Sheila Riley Mr. & Mrs. Don Frazier JACK E. MOORE Lakeview Academy Jack C. Bell Ronnie & Carol Whitmire David B. Chester Sammy Smith Philip & Mary Hart Wilheit Dr. & Mrs. John Sundstrom Jimmy Wilkins, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Fred Ingle Starlet & George Jones W. Ray & Poochie Nix Ruth M. Wade Ranjit & Pushpa Patel Joe & Diane Chipman Doug Phillips Jo Ann Wood Linda Fowler Gerald T. Davidson Alice Ann & Tom Mundy Milon Christman Harold & JoAnn Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson NINA JO MOORE Janie & Thomas Dunman VIRGINIA MOORE Bobby & Dianne Cash ELIZABETH MORRIS Kathy Morris CHRIS MUIR Col. & Mrs. John Avery MARIE NAPOLI Mac & Jennifer Coile MACY NASH'S MOTHER Cathryn & Edwin Sawyer ALAN NEAL Ed & Jeanine Andrews MABEL NEAL Susie & Gaines Montgomery ROGERS ODELL Danny & Glenda Odell Lurene Odell LILA ORR Franklin Orr BRUCE OVERCASH Carole Rhodes MARY PAGE Peggy Graham ALVIN (AL) F. PANNELL Steve & Brenda Bratton DON PANOZ Chris & CJ Arthur CHARLES PARKS Barbara Parks Southers NANCY MAIERFELDT PARKS The Underwood Family Amy Bradham Barbara Bonner Doug & Kaela Smith Elizabeth Otto Mr. & Mrs. David C. Owen Raymond & Barbara Southers Neal & Deloris Simpson Roger E. Nott Rushton & Company Pam Waters Treadwell Doug & Diane Magnus Matt & Baya Pruitt Andy & Brooke Kalinauskas Matt & Bethany Magnus Ken & Connie Dixon Stan & Susie Appleton MARIE NEEL Charles M. Neel JULIA NEESE Harris & Ann Wilbanks DAVID NICKLES Rose Rigdon JOHNNY NIX Doug & Diane Magnus NUBBS Jamie Justice Penny Sullivan Margaret & Ron White Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mundy John & Barbara A. Avery Joseph W. & Janice Sharp Brenda Morgan & Wendy Morgan Polly Lloyd Linda Orenstein & Temme & Lenny Schooler Brock & Terry Dillard Karen Collins Barbara Diehl Mr. & Mrs. D.W. Justus, Jr. & Family The Decision of a Lifetime Recent events have led many of us to reflect upon what matters most. By leaving Eagle Ranch in your will or through other giving options, you can support children now and for generations beyond our lifetimes. Eagle Ranch can direct your gift to what is most important to you—whether it’s supporting our daily work of healing or funding a specific need, we can help you match your giving to your priorities and interests. For more information, please contact Kelly Brewer, Director of Development and Outreach, at kbrewer@eagleranch.org or 770-967-8500. Barbara Walls & Family WAYNE PARRISH, SR. Harris & Ann Wilbanks WILLIAM GERALD PASCHALL John Wright THERESA PECK Darlene Williams GENE PENLAND Jefferson Motor Company THOMAS PETERSON Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Waller, Sr. HAROLD PINSON Carolee Gailey Harrison J. Martin Dr. Jean Rollins PREACHER CHARLES PIRKLE Mary Puckett ALAN Y. PITTARD, JR. Jane & David Wilson Susan & Richard Gilbert EMILY POWELL Glenn & Jean White SHEILA W. PUGH Richard Buice HENRY CARL RADFORD David & Deborah Clark Linda & Larry Gilleland LeAnne & Sean Richardson Margie Crow Jery Crow William Prather Ferrell & Martha Strickland Larue Crow Jane Cowart Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson Marcia Bagby Ron & Shanon Moore RUBY KEPHART RAMSEY Brenda Kephart Powell PAT RANDALL & BUZZY RANDALL David & Gail Hunter GLADYS MOORE REDNOUR Sharon Turk MARTHA SUMNER SHELTON RHOADS Craig & Betsy Wolf BOB RICE Sara Rutledge BEN RICHARDSON Kathy & Jeff Bizon LIBBY RIGBY Lorry de la Croix LUIS ALONSO RIVAS The Gainesville Sunshine Fund

ANTHONY ROBERTS Jennifer Long MICHAEL THAMES Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Andrews JOBIE ROBERTS Donald & Brenda Pepper LEMUEL WAYNE ROBERTS Linda Fowler ALLAN ROSS J.R. & Frances Kanady CHAD T. ROUTZONG Dr. & Mrs. W. Lanier Nicholson ROBIN LARSEN RUDNICKI T.W. & Evie Jones CHARLES M. RUSSELL Dorothy Russell RYAN RUTHERFORD Christie & Dean Rutherford TONY SAVAGE The Savage Family MERLA SAWYER Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Sawyer Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Waldorf Hall County Soil & Water Conservation District WARREN SCHUELER DeDe & George Slappey SHILOH ROSE SCHWARTZ Bob & Terry Hagen EBEN J. SEIGEL Peter Seigel JOE M. SEWELL Teeter & Kay Smith MICHAEL SHAHEEN Mr. & Mrs. Craig Stone PAXTON JONES SHAW Anne D. Jones HELEN SHERMAN Col. & Mrs. John Avery LT. CHRISTOPHER SHORT Robert & June Burson VERNON LANIER SIMMONS Joe & Emily Hicks FRED SIMPSON Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson HENRY WILSON SKIPPER, SR. Kenneth L. Reed Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson PATTI PATTILLO SLADE Dr. & Mrs. John Burns DORSEY LYNCH SMITH Doug & Diane Magnus Debbie & Tread Syfan Dr. & Mrs. John Burns Linda Fowler NANCY LEE HAMELIN SMITH Candace Pulliam STEVE ALLEN SMITH Johnny & Susie Solesbee Randy & Peggy Copeland ANNIE STAPP Dale Gross CONSTANCE STONE Sandy & Joe Williamson JOHN DAVENPORT STRICKLAND Joanne Glaze Vaughan RUTH SYLTHE Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye JOE & PEGGY TEICHERT Mr. & Mrs. David L. Teichert EAGLE RANCH GOLF CLASSIC EST. 1994 Help Us Fill the Golf Course Enjoy a great day of golf and fellowship while supporting an important cause! This year, The DeWitt Weaver Eagle Ranch Golf Classic, set for October 6 at The Legends of Chateau Elan, is more important than ever— it is our only public fundraiser of the year. All proceeds will support Eagle Ranch’s mission of making life better for children and families in crisis. Register your foursome, sponsor a hole, or become a tournament partner. Find out more about player and sponsorship opportunities by visiting EagleRanch.org/golf or call Amy McCollum at Eagle Ranch at 770.967.8500. Joyce B. Lockman Sally & Steve Ramsay Humber ATT-ATS-FTS-Southeast Gary & Judy Caines Stephanie W. McConnell Stan & Susie Appleton Julie Thornton Bob & Barbara Bone Mr. John S. Knight, Jr. Fairy, Robby & Andy Mills Barbara Williamson Anne Oneal Beverly O. Coogler Mr. William C. Tinsley George & Carol Barber ALEXANDRA DELIA THOMPSON Harold & Elsie Thompson "GEORGE" CAMERON THOMPSON Sid & Sandra Farrer ROBERT J. THORNTON III Billy & Marla Sellers Century 21 Black Bear Realty AUBREY TIPTON Hall County Fire Services Station A-Shift Connie Wallis Dixon & Ken Dixon JUDY TOWE Scott Little ED TOWERY Boyd B. Housley D.C. TULLIS Ron Grice LOUISE REES WAITE Don & Pam Roe Rusty, Sonya & Annie & Jake Broome Lee & Amy Burleson Lake Lanier Auburn Club The Wileys Mary Ann Smith GRAHAM THARPE WARD Doug & Diane Magnus Jack Hodge Dr. & Mrs. John Burns Charlotte Watson JOAN WATERS Larry & JoAnn Kohn JOE MARK WATSON Thomas & Mary Watson JIM WEBB Cedar Key United Methodist Church Craig & Annie Barrs Pete Waldrep Mr. & Mrs. James D. Webb Matt & Laura Rabren Tim & Edie Oakley David Gentry William J. Smith PETE WENZELL A Friend EMMALENE "LEE" WEST Carol Jones & The Joan Hamilton Family Carmen Capitano MetalForming Magazine Staff Wanda, Chad & Anita Spinks Wilma R. Selph Tallulah, Bill & Deborah Kenyon Royce F. West Keith & Susan West Sweat The Wilson Family J.D. Brooks Family Terri Gonzalez Louise T. Miller LARRY WESTMORELAND Doug & Diane Magnus MISS STEPHANIE MICHELLE WHEELER Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Waldorf DAVID WILKIE Gayle & Larry Nelson ELIZABETH WILLIAMS William & Jane Scully DOUG TURK Fred Ingle JAMES TURLEY Col. & Mrs. John Avery BARBARA TYLER Sarah Clayton Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Silcox III Ed & Lorraine Bryant Michael Taylor KATHRYN VANAUSDOLL Amy & Brian Bright LILA MAE VANAUSDOLL Amy & Brian Bright GERALDINE WADDELL Linda Fowler KATHLEEN "KATIE" WILLIAMS Old Friends Car Club CECILIA WILLIAMSON Travis Williamson MRS. IVY WITTICHEN Schuyler & Rhonda Floyd DEBBIE WOODS The Brewer Family IMOGENE MCCOLLUM WRIGHT Bobbie H. Cain REV. & MRS. EDGAR YEOMAN John A. Yeoman

Eagle Ranch welcomed back our boys and girls to campus in early June for a fun-filled summer. Pictured: Eagle Ranch student Miles gets a hug from his mom as she drops him off.

Make a Difference I want to support Eagle Ranch children with a gift of: $1000 $500 $100 Please designate this gift toward: Honor Gift This gift is made by Address City In honor/memory of City Please send honor/memorial card to: Name Address City $50 Memorial Gift $25 $ General Operations Greatest Need NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE PAID Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 GAINESVILLE, GA PERMIT #82 State Zip State State Relationship to honoree/deceased CB20 Zip E a g l E R a n c h . o R g

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