1. THE IDEA A custom wood door all begins with the customer and an idea, a clipped photo from a magazine or a simple sketch on a piece of paper, as we can get started on creating your dream entryway. 2. THE BASICS A phone call or email to our design representative is the next step. We will work with you to develop the basics for crafting your custom wood entry door. Our trained Custom Specialists can provide clear renderings through AutoCAD throughout the design process to ensure every detail on your wish list is captured. Details make the difference when creating your own door! 3. THE FORMAL QUOTE Once design concepts are finalized and customer issues a purchase order, our custom team will issue a formal quote to the customer. This document covers all the details for crafting the custom entry door. Our Formal Quote includes the design basis information, any graphics/pictures of the door, glass or carving work, pricing and payment terms, delivery schedule, warranty, cancellation policy and change order policy. This will be the final opportunity to make any changes during the design phase. 4. THE ORDER After the customer reviews, confirms and signs off on the Formal Quote and a purchase order is issued, DSA is ready to go! Our trained team of custom designers take it from there to our exceptional production team to ensure the door is built to the specifications. A custom unit master-crafted especially for you takes approximately 6 weeks. * The Formal Quote serves as a final check and confirmation on the design basis, process and policies. SOMETIMES THE PROCESS OF CREATING A TRULY CUSTOM DOOR CAN GO SEVERAL ITERATIONS BEFORE A FINAL VERSION IS SETTLED UPON, AND OUR TEAM IS RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS.

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