DP-50 DP 50 NON-IMPACT RATED DOORS WHAT MAKES A DOOR DP RATED? All products contained in this section of the catalog have been tested and approved to meet a Design Pressure (DP) rating of 50. In order to qualify for a DP 50 rating, the door or window is subjected to extreme testing conditions that simulate hurricane force winds up to 173 mph. DP testing requires that all variations of door and window units be tested or engineer approved by calculation based on previous test data. Testing and certification is lengthy and demanding, which leads some manufacturers to refrain from, or find ways around the process while still representing their product as safe and reliable. But the fact is, those products have not been put through the same intensive testing our doors have, and when dealing with the prospect of extreme weather conditions, our DP 50 rated doors are the best choice for ensuring a safe and secure entrance to the home. At DSA we emphasize the importance of purchasing products that are legitimately tested and approved to meet this rating. It is our standard to provide any and all documentation and test performance results necessary to give proof and peace of mind to the end user that indeed they are buying a legitimate and safe product.

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