2020 Stefanie Iojica Editor-in-Chief D ear Reader, It is with great pleasure and pride that I present the final issue of the year. This issue, pulled together over Zoom meetings and (all too often) in our pajamas, proved to be the greatest challenge we’ve faced as a staff yet. It probably would’ve been far easier to stick to online news, and we seriously considered doing just that. But to do so would be to fail in our mission as student journalists of the Jolly Roger: to “amplify student voice, showcase important issues and events, and inspire Drake Community involvement.” So, here we are! We dedicate this issue to the Class of 2020: to the bold revolutionaries, the determined athletes, the meticulous academics and artists. I understand all too well the disappointment of losing not only the most coveted months of high school, but also the loss of events designed to honor seniors and their accomplishments. Here’s to us! Our editorial, “Dear Class of 2020,” addresses seniors’ heartache and proposes a way to move on. THE SENIOR ISSUE Kaden Brastow’s News article, “Gap years provide opportunities to avoid online school,” explores the growing pattern of graduating seniors electing to take gap years to avoid distance learning. In Sports, Jack Reuter spotlights five Pirates continuing their excellence in sports in “Athletes rewarded with collegiate sports opportunities.” And of course, seniors’ plans following graduation are featured in the “Senior Map.” One last thing. As you may know, the Tam District Board of Trustees recently voted to cut release periods for journalism teachers across the district, making the production of the print issue incredibly difficult. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to support the continuing production of this magazine. It’s been my greatest pleasure to serve as Editor-in-Chief, and I cannot wait to see the fantastic things next year’s staff will accomplish. Peace out and rock on, Pirates! Sincerely, Stefanie Iojica, Editor-in-Chief

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