a “Titan”, instead of the Nexus. Player control champions inspired from ancient mythology to achieve victory, with individual champions more suited for defense or offense. Both LoL and Smite offer players three lanes to attack and defend, akin to zones in traditional sports. LoL and Smite see teams of five compete for victory. Rocket League is like soccer with cars, with players using them to move the ball across the field and score against their opponents. The gameplay is incredibly fast-paced, and players must Rocket League team. The uniqueness of Rocket League lies in the in-game cars. Players can drive along the virtual stadium walls; flanking defenders or finding different scoring angles. They also receive ‘Boosts’ during the match, the other team to get a goal. Three players compose a competitive used to either increase the car’s speed or give it flight for a short time. Junior Juan Pablo Izquierdo Riascos is an avid Rocket League player, with 600 hours clocked The lockdown has made competitive gaming one of the few leagues still operating. outmaneuver in on Steam. His in-game rank is Champion 1, three steps away from Grand Champion, the expected level for professional eSport players. “The best way to rank up is [the] competitive [gamemode], as you’re matched with players with your skill level,” Izquierdo Riascos said. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on any plans. A proposed sport needs student interest meetings, school board approval, and budget meetings-among other considerations. The coronavirus puts all plans on hold. Competitive gaming is rising in popularity. The lockdown has made it one of the few leagues still operating. Professional athletes now play their virtual sport’s equivalent, like 16 National Basketball Association (NBA) players competing at a tournament in the video game NBA 2k20 for charity. Drake eSports didn’t happen this year, but the momentum is there. PlayVS created a secure system for schools to apply and chose competitive gaming titles that attract millions of viewers. Additionally, it has professional or collegiate applicability, incentivizing a generation of students to pick up eSports for the first time. 24

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