on what we did have. We did get a last homecoming dance, winter formal. We started off our year with the senior sunrise and spent it with our class, even if it was cut far too short. There is a sad irony in that just a couple months before the pandemic cut our senior year short, the senior tree itself was cut. But just as the senior tree has begun to regrow and recover, so must our class grow stronger despite our collective loss. Eventually, we will bloom and provide, as the senior tree was, a comfortable place where others can rest beneath our shade. Although we all know that our senior year wasn’t the same, we have recognition for the hard taken away in an email. Despite this, we will become stronger. We will march on, resilient, and make a difference in the world Our misfortune this year, work we’ve put in even though it’s not what we envisioned. Despite a global pandemic, our students and teachers have worked hard for us to get what our class deserves. So we will learn from this because we now know how much can change within a week. That something we’ve been looking forward too for years can be Sincerely, The Jolly Roger seniors eventually, will impact us in a positive way. Hopefully, there will be a time where we can look back and say it was worth it. That everything taken away from us taught us to take advantage of the time we do have. Because the class of 2020 really does know how fast it can all be taken away. Art by Ella Crock

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