Sydney Thomson Izzie Whitchel Justine McOuat in place was ordered. But Thomson will continue work even without the benefit of the school’s supplies. “I miss having access to all the art supplies available at Drake, because I do not have [them] at home.” Drake Drama’s spring musical offers a final performance opportunity for many. Isabel Witchel was one of the few students to be in Drake Drama for four years. She enjoyed the camaraderie and social element as well as performing. “I miss my friends and my boyfriend, I’m holding out hope for being able to see them before I leave for college.” Witchel said. The timing of the show unfortunately coincided with the spread of COVID-19 on the West Coast. “I remember talking to Jasper before that final rehearsal about the inevitability, which we’d been discussing for a couple weeks before then wondering how bad it might get,” said drama teacher and Spamalot co-director Peter Parish. “It was devastating, a quick stab to the heart to start this whole thing rolling.” The production held a cast party over zoom. “We’d all worked super hard on it and we were really proud of where we were in the process,” Witchel said. “I hated having to say goodbye.” Despite setbacks, the administration worked hard on memorializing the end of the year with creative events. pick up day, paint the community green, senior slideshows, a drive “Festivities include senior through car graduation, live streaming through Community Media Center of Marin, senior videos and a community wide cheer for our seniors on the evening of graduation,” vice principal Nate Severin said. Although this year may differ from tradition, the administration strives to maintain the core message. “Our hope is that although different, our seniors will still feel celebrated, honored and recognized during this special time in their lives.” Severin said. While this may not be the end to senior year anyone would have chosen, seniors, with the help of the Drake community, have found the best goodbyes possible while remembering that the future will be what they make of it.

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