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Contents DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE - FALL 2014 - VOL.2, ISSUE 2 His Mind On The Community ..............................2 Words of This Life ....................................................3 Innovative Women ..................................................4 Interview: Lady T’Mil ...............................................5 A Doctor of More Than Just the Body ................6 Coach’s Corner ........................................................7 Dorthy Norwood-Exclusive Interview .................8 Moments of Ministry ...............................................9 Donald Mally: Finally Home .............................. 10 The Sound of our Future .................................... 11 Devine Records Artist Preview........................... 12 The Brooklyn Sound ............................................ 14 His Mind On The Community A nson Shells is the Community Relations Commander for Florence, South Carolina. Chief Shells is from Newberry, South Carolina. He is a Criminal Justice major who attended the University of South Carolina. He spent 21 years in Columbia, South Carolina with the Department of Mental Retardation and Richland County for 15 years. Anson Shells is a member of Welsey United Methodist Church. He has a wife named Benzena Shells and two sons. He loves to go fishing and enjoys playing the drums. PROFESSIONAL OUTLINE • With rank of Corporal, was led to Warrant Division then went to Investigation (Sheriffs Department) • Promoted to Sergeant inWarrant Division (head of Department) • Promoted to Captain in Patrol Operations of 40 officers 1 of 4 Region in County. With 40,000 citizens in lower Richland County in Lower Richland County • Was referred into current position by a minister (man of faith) SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Sign Up Online @ www.devine-glory.com/subscribe/ 2 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE Anson Shells competed against seven people. He received a call back for considerations and assessment after one month. He had a meeting with the City Manager several times for a month, then was offered the job. The City of Florence really welcomed him with open arms as Police Chief. His first objective was to get to know the people in the Department, which consisted of 75 officers. He took his time to develop operations of the system and gradually implemented changes moderately. From the beginning, Anson Shells faced several obstacles and negative situations that needed to be addressed. Though his level of faith, he leaned and depended on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It took a lot of prayer and it took years for Anson Shell’s plans and philosophy to be implemented. Dividing the city in half and creating the substations. Anson Shells is humbly honored and appreciate his team served as Police Chief for the City of Florence. He never regrets the decision he made and also was commended by many citizens. Anson Shell’s future is to accept the position he’s in and improve on the work he does everyday and still provide the citizens of Florence with his service.

Words of This Life By Becky Dewitt What are the ‘Words of This Life?’ They are the words that are the written voice of the living God. It is the gospel, the good news of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has redeemed us from the system of the enemy. The ‘Words of This Life’, were written in the past for those of us living in the present and for those who will be born in future generations. Recently, I heard a song in my spirit, by a young gospel artist about the wonderful words of life, which occurred more than once during my prayer time. During this time I was led to read and meditate in the book of Acts because of the signs and the season that we are experiencing, from Passover to Pentecost. I begin to think and ask myself, “am I preparing for the new?” As I continued to read, I found the words, which are the title for this article. The book of Acts is filled with movement of the Spirit, which was new. The apostles were moving with the Spirit with many signs, wonders, and miracles that were so common that Believers were constantly added. But the religious organization of the establishment, the Sadducees, rose up against the apostles to imprison them thinking that they would hinder the move of the Spirit. (Acts 5:12-20). But the angel of the Lord open the prison doors and sent them forth with instruction to tell everyone everywhere about the ‘Words of This Life.’ “But the angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them forth, and said, Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.” (Acts 5:19-20). Many Believers do not understand the value of the ‘Words of This Life’, the scriptures. These words, the scriptures, are the sacred writings prepared by the holy men of God who received them by divine inspiration and impartation. God saw it necessary to write that which we are now reading over a thousand years ago. Since your new birth, you are of a different design from the system of the enemy which blinded you to the truth. As a new creation, you must be fed something that is different from that which you are accustomed to of the past. This requires that you renew your mind by reading the manual, the Word of God. These words were written to bring you out of the world system which the enemy controls and into the Kingdom of God. The ‘Words of This Life’ will give you an advantage and an edge over the existing system. Reading the Word opens your heart to be seared and sealed with the Word, especially when you ask the Holy Spirit to assist you with revelation as you read. When you speak these words you are speaking life against the system that you are accustomed to, which held you hostage prior to your redemption. Your spirit knows the truth but your flesh is only moved by the sense realm. The Word of God is powerful in the mouth of a Believer. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” (Proverbs 18:21 KJV). Believers have a tendency to speak the first part of this verse, but forget about the results of what is spoken into the atmosphere. “You are snared with the words of your lips, you are caught by the speech of your mouth.” ( Proverbs 6:2 AMP). This is because the revelation of our true identity has not activated in the mind. When you speak the “Words of This Life,” every element seen and unseen must move for the creation and manifestation of what you said. “Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.” (Psalm 103:20 KJV). Because who you are and what you said, the elements will agree because of your position in the Kingdom. Don’t forget your position as you are the one declaring and decreeing the Word. “God stands in the assembly of the representatives of God; in the midst of the magistrates or judges He gives judgment as among the gods. I said, You are gods since you judge on My behalf, as My representatives; indeed, all of you are children of the Most High.” (Psalm 82:1, 6 AMP). Don’t forget your position as you are the one declaring and decreeing the Word. This day I speak my future in my now. I will speak right. I will speak the ‘Words of This Life.’ I open my mouth wide so that he can fill with good things. My words reach forth in the realm of the eternal moving and capturing that which was written and ordained of me to be released to manifest in my now. Time is used as a force field against the eternal, but the eternal Word was written to be spoken as an invisible force that breaks through. “It is the Spirit Who gives life, He is the Life-giver; the flesh conveys no benefit whatever there is no profit in it. The words, truths, that I have been speaking to you are spirit and life.” (John 6:63 AMP) DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 3 3

Innovative Women A By Stephanie L. McKenny s women, God has so strategically designed our natural body that we have the creative ability to receive a seed, nurture it and watch it grow and expand within us. We have the ability to receive, to develop and we have the ability to birth. By nature, we are innovators. One of the definitions of the word “innovation” is a new idea. We are filled with new ideas; because of our natural ability to conceive, often times new ideas will come to us with ease. These ideas, concepts and/or vision are not something that is meant to stay within us or to be taken to the grave, but these ideas are given to us for a divine purpose. The ideas are given to us with the purpose of us taking our nurturing ability to birth it into existence. The very idea, concept or vision is needed in the earth realm so God places it in you so that you can usher it into this world for others to experience. There are some things you need to be mindful of as you usher this new idea into existence: WRITE IT DOWN Some many times people get new ideas and concepts in their head, but fail to write it down. Then when it’s time to move forward with your idea, you don’t know all of the parts to the puzzle because you didn’t write it down. The scriptures tell us in Habakkuk 2 to write the vision and make it plain. You must have a plan in place of how all of this is going to happen. YOUR CONNECTIONS Be mindful of the people you are connected with because these are the people who will influence the flow or lack thereof concerning your ideas, concepts or vision. Yes, you have the idea and the ability to birth it forth, but sometimes our connections can hinder them. Stick around those who believe in you and what you are trying to accomplish. TIMING The scriptures tell us that God does everything beautiful in His time. It is so important to know the timing of God and when He wants your idea/vision to birth. You don’t want to have a premature birthing nor do you want to be overdue. Seek the face of God and get clear direction from Him as to when you should move forth. Ask Him when is your 4 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE day of delivery for this great idea because you can have a great idea, but do it in the wrong timing. YOUR WORDS Your words are powerful. Your words carry creative ability. Even after the new idea is given, you must use your words to speak life to it. Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). You can set the atmosphere to cause your idea, concept or vision to come to pass by the words you speak out of your own mouth. PERSISTENCE If you want to accomplish anything in life, you must first take the initiative and then you must become persistent at what you do. There may be some people that will say you can’t do it, but you’ve got to keep pressing until you see your idea, concept and/or vision come to pass. Be persistent in your endeavors and don’t accept “no” for answer so easily. Remember, you have what it takes in you to get the job done. Your life has significance because God designed it that way. Act on what He has given you and see the idea, concept, vision reach existence.

Interview: Lady T’Mil Lady T’Mil preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, to let people know that God loved us so much, He sent His only begotten son, Jesus, to redeem us back unto Him. I restore those who walked away because of church hurt. I rebuild those who have been damaged and broken by this journey we call life. I renew those who have become weak in their faith. I release those who have identity issues to walk in their God given purpose. I refine those who are called for the work of the ministry. I help those who desire to pursue their God given purpose, to realize their assignment & dreams. Simply put, I merely give others, what I myself have experienced and overcame, to be the woman God has called me to be! A woman empowered to empower others! Her time spent with God is DAILY! So I’m not scrambling to get right or get a word before I minister. Plus, I’m a nerd. LOL. I study just for fun; however, it never ceases to amaze me how God takes knowledge of His word and illuminate it with His revelation. And I’m at a point in my ministry and life where I know all that I do and all that I am is because of God. So, no matter how gifted I am, if the anointing doesn’t rest upon me, I can’t impact the way God needs. It is important to win many souls for the Kingdom. How has God changed your approach to evangelism? He hasn’t since He first taught me how to be effective in my way—to reach those who cross my path. One of the greatest forms of evangelism is simply living what you preach outside the four walls of the church. When we understand that one plants, and one waters, but it is God that brings the increase, we will then know how to discern our part and do it. Give us some insight into your leadership style and how you prepare the leaders in your ministry. I don’t think I have a style. LOL! The one size fits all” approach doesn’t work the same for every person and/or ministry. I always seek God’s clarity and direction before any leadership, mentoring, discipleship, etc. This way, effectiveness comes easily. The blueprint, however, in preparing them for me is always: reach, teach, train, send. My ministry is one of wholistic nature. I believe in our entire being (heart, mind, soul and spirit) being empowered and edified. Do you have any future projects that you are working on? LOL! Quite a few. Finishing up 3 books—all of various aspects that make up me. One is pertaining to the music business, one is ministry related, and one is a devotional for women. Also working on some new venues in the marketplace. PLEASE CONTACT LADY T’MIL CURTIS Facebook: Lady T’Mil Curtis Twitter: @ladytmil | Email: tacful@gmail.com DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 5

A Doctor of More Than Just The Body CHIROPRACTIC- HOLISTIC, SPIRITUAL, & SELF-IMPROVEMENT Dr. Brian Hutcheson is a graduate of both the University of Arizona and National University of Health Sciences. He received his BA in Economics from the University of Arizona and his D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) from National University of Health Sciences. Doctor Hutcheson has a strong compassion for helping others live better. He is a chiropractor here in Florence, South Carolina. I also practice acupuncture. I’m a member of Eastern Carolina Medicine and I’ve been here since April 2013. I really have been enjoying Florence. It has grown on me due to meeting wonderful people. I’m happy to call it my home. He is originally from Riverside, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Okay, the “windy city”. How does the weather compete to here during the winter? The winter here is unbeatable. Chicago had about five months of snow straight this past winter, and I don’t miss that. What led you to getting into chiropractic? I was originally studying business management. I wanted to be like my father who did sales. My sophomore year I had a change of heart. I was out away from school and I was away from home in Arizona and all of the sudden I started thinking about making a difference. I wanted to make a personal, one-on-one difference with people. My brother had severe scoliosis growing up. He ended up having to get metal rods in his back. At that point in time, I thought if I could prevent one person from having to go through that surgery that it would be worth it. So halfway through, you had a change of heart. Tell us a little about chiropractic. This is a spiritual and Christian magazine. Chiropractic can also touch the spirit as well as the physical man. Basically, chiropractic works directly on the central nervous system. The central nervous system is what allows us to express ourselves in our environment. The central nervous system not only connects you to your five senses, but it also connects you to your spirit. By connecting you to your spirit it allows you to have that communication with God and to ease any kind of resistance to that. A good way to relate that to more of a scientific understanding is that people come in and very often and their spirits are down, they are hurting, and they don’t look directly at you at their initial consultation. After they have gone through a course of treatments, as they are leaving your office on that last treatment, you notice that they are in high spirits and they are thanking you. They are now able to lift their children, and sit through an hour of church without having to stand up or feel out of place because of the pain that they are in. It really does have an effect on not only the physical body, but on the spiritual as well. 6 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE How does that make you feel and what kind of gratification and joy do you get out of that? There is nothing else that compares to the feeling that I get when I’m able to help someone heal and see them come in with a dampen spirit and leave joyful and excited again about life. What does Dr. Hutchinson do to wind down? To wind down, I find it nice just to be outside. I really enjoy being outside. I am working on a healthy fast food restaurant to also help give back to the community of Florence. I’m working on that with a good friend of mine, Jason Hoven, who is a chief at 1031. How has the health food been going so far? The healthy fast food is going great! Last week, we actually won the Florence Chamber of Commerce Shark Tank event. Outstanding! Tell us about the event. What was the experience like? The event was wonderful. I got to meet a ton of other inspiring entrepreneurs in Florence. We really got motivated to make our restaurant a reality. Is it just you and Jason that are doing the health food? We also have a third partner named, Nancy Zimmerman, who will be on board with us as well. I look forward to also being a patient of yours and bringing my health back up to where it should be. I believe family and longevity is important. Do you have any family? I am single. I have a brother, sister and my parents are happily married. We have a very close family relationship and I look forward to having a family now. Do you get to go to the beach much here? I very much so enjoy being an hour away from the beach as well as being a couple of hours from the mountains. Florence really has a lot to offer being so centrally located. It was good talking to you. Are you on Facebook? Yes, you can find me on Facebook at Brian Hutcheson. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. Could you leave some information for the readers how they can contact you. I have a website www.doctorhutcheson.com. You can also reach me at my office at 843-665-7500 to set up a free consultation.

Innovation I By Andrea Frondorf nnovation can be defined as “something new or different introduced; the introduction of new things or methods.” The word has such excitement imbedded within it as you learn to apply it to your life. The process of innovation can be painful, often uncomfortable, yet highly invigorating when you set your mind purposely on embracing growth. When reading various scriptures God always reminds us that we are a work in progress. Perfection will never be attained on this side of eternity, but we are always striving for the prize which calls us heavenward (Phil 3:14). Why would we really want to change often through hardships, heartbreaks and obstacles though? What inherent qualities within us cause us to constantly “innovate” ourselves? I believe every person wants to be “better” and have a greater life. We’re always striving for more fulfillment, and with change (innovation), we experience exactly that. When we’re comfortable, we’re often stagnate. The better life we’re looking for doesn’t occur here. Embracing innovation requires letting go and allowing God to restructure us – our thoughts, words, actions & peace. When we are given the opportunity to re-write the story of our lives, we can begin it at any given moment – when we decide to implement the retraining of our thoughts and in seizing new opportunities, trusting God’s processes. When we take a look at our “normal” everyday lives, we have so many opportunities to allow innovation to occur, and to change us, if we allow. Recently, after I moved my daughter home for the summer from college, and was excited and ready to enjoy some great family time, I found out we had to move out of our home. I was given 30 days to find a new place, pack, move and “make it happen.” Immediately, anger, distress, sadness, frustration and stress overtook me. Thoughts distressed me as I didn’t want to move; I LOVED my home and planned to finish raising my last child here; I LOVED my front porch, I loved the unique characteristics of this house; the warmth, the comfort we had grown to be accustomed to over the last few years was fantastic and I had no plans to leave anytime soon. God had other plans. After seven days of crying, stressing, begging Him for help, knowing He must have a plan and asking Him to please reveal it, it wasn’t until I surrendered it, that peace surfaced and the plans were laid out. As I attended Mothers’ Day service at my church with my kids, we sang “It Is Well With My Soul”. I closed my eyes, cried and let go – the Peace washed over me. “Innovation” was necessary. We left and I shared with my kids that God doesn’t necessarily want us to be comfortable, but to be willing to trust and be molded into His plan. I walked away from service fully confident that even if I didn’t think that I liked His plan, because I didn’t understand it, it would be the Best. I trusted beyond my own comprehension & circumstances. DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 7 The very next day I was signing papers to “settle” on a house that was less than what I wanted, but I was willing to go where God had provided. However, I received a phone call offering a house that was bigger, more beautiful and had everything I was wishing for. God made a way. God had a plan. God gave me MORE than what I had wanted. circumstances, though, and accepted His ways that the blessing came. I had the opportunity to retrain my thoughts and heart as God orchestrated His innovation procedures in this “normal, everyday life moment.” I was blessed considerably as I “let go.” Innovation is the introduction of new things. It is creating a new mindset, beliefs, a deepening trust and a “letting go” of being comfortable where we are that we can embrace the uncomfortable and allow the construction of small miracles to be unleashed. When we find ourselves in challenging circumstances we gain such emotional strength when we face them, embrace them and enjoy the surprizes along the way. Andrea C. Frondorf Connections By Drea Connectionsbydrea@gmail.com 843-222-6714 Coach’s Corner It wasn’t until I stopped fussing at my

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Dorothy Norwood Storyteller Extraordinare This is an interview with Evangelist Dorothy Norwood. It’s a pleasure to be able to interview her, also with Ms. Wanda Adams. Kenneth Smith - Ms. Norwood, I’d like to let the people know a little bit about your career, also about yourself. First, tell us a little about Ms. Dorothy Norwood. Dorothy Norwood - Well, I’ve been around a long time. God is still keeping me. I’d just like to say that most people know of me, know about me. But I’d like to bring you up to date about what is going on now. It’s about now. I just released my first single on my label, Dorothy Norwood Music Group. It’s doing very well on the charts. I’m steady traveling and singing. We are getting ready to do a big distribution deal. It’s just a blessing. I have a couple of other artists on my label, which are The Yancy Family as well as Pastor Bishop Jonathan Greer and Rodney Cunningham. We’re just doing what we need to do. There’s a saying they always had when I was growing up, “You’d better run while the sun is shining.” (I’ve heard that before!) Since the sun is still shining I’m going to run, because when the rain falls you can’t run, or the storm rises you can’t run. Run on in Jesus’ name. We thank you so much for allowing us to do this interview for the magazine. K - Actually, I have a total of five or six questions. The first one is a question I wanted to ask you myself, it’s one I prepared. After being in the industry over 36 years of ministry, how have you seen the industry change from then to now? N - We are going to correct that - I think you have an old bio that you probably read - they do that all the time, but the only thing it does is keep my age down! I’ve actually been in the business for 52 years, getting ready to release the 52nd album. In answer to what you asked - is how do we keep going? K - How has the ministry changed from the time you started to now, or is there a change? N - Oh, listen, what are you talking about! Everything has changed, nothing stays the same. The industry has changed tremendously. It reaches a wider span of people. When I was coming up you could record a record in two hours, they would mix it in another hour and have it on the street the next week. (Oh wow, man!) Now it takes days and months to get it out, because everybody is competing for perfection. And we have a different sounding gospel now, we have different styles of gospel now, contemporary and the hip-hop gospel. All of it is talking about Jesus, and representing Jesus. However, I thank God I haven’t had to change my style. However, I’m stepping up with some of the young folks sound as well, so that I can be able to reach more people and a bigger audience. We used to have to wait until Sunday morning to hear gospel on the radio. Now you’ve got so many 24 hour stations in most cities. And what can I say, but it has grown by leaps and bounds. 8 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE K - Yes, yes, that’ a blessing! How did you obtain or get the name, The World’s Storyteller? N - Well, when I went out on my own after I left the Caravans, of course my mother passed away. She was ill and I went home to take care of her. That’s when they hired Shirley Caesar and there was no room in the car for me, so when I came back to Chicago it was time for me to really step out on faith. I said to myself, all of these folks are all these pretty high voices, some of them doing these runs and carrying on. I said I got to get a style of my own. And I said, I will start telling gospel stories and do a song that will tie in with the subject of my stories. And that first story I did was Johnny and Jesus, which connects to Denied Mother. And Denied Mother has followed me all of these years. K - Yes, that’s something that’s real important, that’s something Indy artists don’t do today, they don’t find out what their niche is, they try to adapt or copy other people and I think that’s where they go wrong. N - I always tell everybody, no copy does as well as the original. When you copy people all you’re going to do is keep them in the limelight, singing their songs and trying to use their style. However, you’ve got to do it on your own. K - Yes, yes. How important is it for you to spend time with God, and do any of your songs come from that time after you have spent with him? N - Oh yes, it’s so important. But I must say, some time I’m so busy during the day but I don’t know, I seem to be a kind of night owl. I’ll get in the bed sometime around 8 o’clock and I’ll wake up at 11 or 12 and I don’t go back to sleep sometime until 2 or 3 and that time is a quiet moment to spend with God. And a lot of my songs and my stories I have written were in the midnight hour. K - Oh, wow. Yes, that’s awesome. I’ve noticed, and even myself, you’ve inspired so many people and artists around the world, tell me who was it that inspired you to do what you do? N - Okay. The first one that inspired me was Mahalia Jackson. When I first went to Chicago and went to hear her sing one night, that first night I got there they called on me to sing, and she took me on the road with her. But I always loved her from the time I used to hear her sing, Move On Up a Little Higher! Yeah, and she just inspired me. Then, I went back to join a (or Joyner?) church and who came through the door but one of my very favorites I used to hear in Atlanta before I came, was Albertina Walker. (Oh, wow!) And she came to me that night. James Cleveland told her, there’s a little girl over at that fellowship and you need a singer, you’d better go over there and get her. I saw her in the back and I tell you, I sung my

heart out. And she came up to me after the broadcast and asked did I want to go on the road and sing with the Caravans. I told her, Yes ma’am, I said, I’ve loved your singing, your voice, there’s no other voice I’ve heard like Albertina Walker. K - Yes, yes. It’s been a pleasure just listening and talking and getting a history from you. What has been one of the highlights of your career thus far, to you? What’s been very special? N - One highlight of my career was when I went on tour with the Rolling Stones (Wow!). That was back in 1972. I went on a 30-city tour. And I thought, you know, when I got the telegram, I said, Oh Lord, I don’t sing no R & B and rock and roll, and when I called them, they said, Oh no we don’t want you to sing that, we want you to sing what you sing. Mick Jagger picked up one of your albums and he loves your stories. So that’s how I went on the road with the Rolling Stones. And I’ve gotten 9 Grammy nominations. That’s been another highlight of my career. I feel like, you know, even though I’ve never won a Grammy, it’s a wonderful thing to be considered among the best. K - Yes, it is. I got to see you last year at the Stellars. I just want to say, You’re looking good, you’re maintaining, you look great, Ms. Norwood. It’s good to see you performing. God has been a blessing to you and you’ve been a blessing to the people. I want to say before closing, if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would that one word be? N - Blessed. K - Blessed. And why? N - Because I’m blessed by the best. God has set aside a stage for me. Out of all the young people that are coming up, they have not counted me out. I’m still in the mix. K - Amen, amen! I want to thank you for your time that you shared with us today in preparing this story for the magazine. It’s an honor to have you on the cover and also the spread story for the magazine. If people want to get in touch with you or reach you, can you leave that information now for us? N - Yes, I can. They can reach me through my website, also they can reach me through Wanda Adams Marketing Ministry - that’s MarketingMinistry.com - and they can reach me through email, dnmgrecords@bellsouth.net, DorothyNorwood.com, Facebook, all of that good stuff. WandN - and they can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and ReverbNation. K - One more question, Ms. Norwood. How has it been in transitioning and learning all of this digital stuff? N - You know, one thing about it is, I thank God that I’m not a dumb girl. I got a scholarship to go to Morris Brown College and I turned it down to go and sing on the road. However, I’m easy to learn. It was a little challenge for me back in ‘96 when I got my first computer, and I’m not all the way up 100% on technology on that computer, but I can get on there and do what I need to do. It’s a blessing. I’ve got this I-Phone 5 and sometimes it just aggravates me. So I’ve still got my little flip phone on the side. continued on page 10 >> Moments of Ministry Introducing the “New”You By Pastor William T. Davis Jr. S o often in our lives people remind us of who we used to hang around, what we used to do, when we did it, where we did it at, why we used to do it, and how we did it. In the meantime, we have moved beyond those childish and unimportant activities, and have entered into a new realm or dimension of God. The bible clearly states and reminds us that “you cannot place new wine into old wine skins, because the new wine will cause the old skins to burst!” New realms and dimensions of God are not new to Him, but for us, living in obedience to God’s Word opens doors that our minds only fathomed could or would open. Now that you have options before you, you cannot bring along those who continue to hold on to an old mindset or way of living. Let’s face it, change is inevitable. Whether or not your change is working for your good depends upon you and you alone. We can completely relate to the events of the Children of Israel. God brought them out of bondage into a place of newness, but their mindset and way of living brought the bondage of Egypt out with them. They were no longer physically bound, but they continued to be bound in their thoughts and in their hearts. Why, because they refused to embrace the newness of the realm or dimension God was leading them into. What areas of your life are you denying the power of God in? So why all the talk about newness, and leaving old things and people behind; I’m glad you asked. When we become a new creature in Christ, old things pass away, behold all things become new. Your spiritual and natural eyes are opened to a way of life that God has purposed for you since the beginning of time. You are finally able to see yourself the way God sees you, and it is such a refreshing place to be in. It feels like a cool mist upon your face on a hot, muggy summer’s day. It is freedom to allow an all-powerful and loving God to expand your thinking and show you that He is the God of more than enough. God never changes, we do. The same God who parted the Red Sea, is the same God who can part the seas that are blocking your progress. The same God who spoke the universe into existence, is the same God who can speak life into your situation. The same God who gave us His only begotten Son for the forgiveness of sins, is the same God who loves you like no man, woman, or child on this earth can. We are our worst enemies when it comes to living Zoe: the God Kind of Life. The moment has come for you to stand up, and be recognized as a creation of God. You have been endowed with innovative ideas and methods that set you apart from the rest. Introduce the new you to the world, and allow God to elevate you to levels no man ever imagined you would be elevated to. DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 9

>> continued from page 9 K - Oh yes, well I thank you for spending time with me today. It’s been a blessing I look forward to you doing more great things and there’s still time to get that Grammy. We’re going to look and pray for all those things as you continue to bless people. Ms. Wanda, do you have anything you want to say? Wanda - I just wanted you to get her P.O. Box address so you can mail her out some courtesy copies of the magazine when it comes out. I also want to add that Evangelist Norwood made gospel music history this year, in releasing this. This is her 52nd solo album, that was recorded live at Reid Temple. It has some of the best, this is her best work to date. It’s titled What An Incredible Journey. Her current single When the Church Begins to Pray, it’s in the top 30 on the BDS and media based charts. She has Dorinda Clark-Cole, Melvin Williams and VaShawn Mitchell all featured in this project, and it will release in the fall of this year. Donald Malloy LIVE: “Finally Home” Donald Malloy was born in Cheraw, South Carolina to the late James Robert and Loreain Malloy. He was born with an intrinsic melodic distinctive and a compelling music heritage. Malloy is a member of the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey where he serves as the Minister of Music under the dynamic leadership of Pastor Rev. Dr. Milton Biggham. As a Minister of Music, coupled with his keen ear for music direction and arrangement he effectively delivers the total connectivity for the appreciation of gospel music. As a result, he creates for his audience a “taste and see response.” Malloy’s latest project “Finally Home” features the single “I Know What Prayer Can Do” was recorded live in his hometown Cheraw, South Carolina. This project was produced by the legendary Stellar Award Winner Isaiah Thomas and Malloy is the executive producer. His vocal talent on this project takes melody and harmony in a completely new direction. Malloy brings to his audiences “ministry through song” with a personalized melodic/harmonic blend.The highlights of Malloy’s career are quite impressive. He initially recorded on Savoy Records with the Voices of Unity on their album “I’m Heaven Bound.” His impressive vocals and exciting stage charisma were components in his landing his first solo single with Prelude Records. Remarkably, Malloy’s career catapulted and he recorded an additional six solo projects: “Holy Spirit,” “There Is No Limit,” “Everything Will Be Alright,” “Hold On To The Promise” “Jesus Reigns” and his current project “Finally Home.” He has collaborated, recorded and/or performed with the late Reverend James Cleveland, Cleophus Robinson, Dorothy Norwood, Tramaine Hawkins, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Richard Smallwood, Rev. John P. Kee(“Cast Your Cares” – VIP), Vickie Winans, Pastor Donnie McClurkin and the late Timothy Wright. He recorded three albums with the New Jersey Mass Choir including the smash hit “I Want To Know What Love Is” (Malloy lead vocals) which soared to the top of the charts worldwide. He performed as a special guest artist on five releases with Bishop Jeff Banks and Revival Temple Mass Choir and the Georgia Mass Choir’s “They That Wait” and “Tell It” projects. He has guest appeared on the “Urban Hymns Project” that was released in Japan in 2001. Other 10 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE recording highlights for Malloy singing lead are: “The Harvest Is Ripe,” written by Jeffrey LaValley, “Yah Mo Be There” by Michael McDonald, “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago, New Jersey Mass Choir – “Live At The Ritz” Album (Vinyl), “Jesus Is Right On Time,” “Jesus Will Make Everything Alright” on the “Tell It” CD, Georgia Mass Choir “They That Wait” CD “He Steps In,” Malloy co-leads with the late Rev. Timothy Wright. Malloy earned other elite distinctions including: New Jersey Male Vocalist of the Year presented by the New Jersey State Gospel Music Association, Dove nomination for his traditional song “There Is No Limit” in 1991. A 1993 release “Everything Will Be All Right” earned him a Stellar Award nomination for “Best Contemporary Male Vocalist.” He also performed on the national televised award show. The album charted on Billboard’s Top 40. In 1992, Malloy received the GMWA Excellence Award for “Male Vocalist of the Year – Traditional” for the song “Ready To Serve The Lord,” a salute to the Caravans. He was a participant in recording a DVD entitled “Gospel Legends.” performing the songs “Joy” and “Lord Do It” on Malaco Records. He recorded with other legendary gospel artists namely, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Dorothy Norwood, the late Albertina Walker, Dottie Peoples, Joe Ligon and many others. He has traveled extensively throughout the USA and is a favorite at Gospel Festivals across the country.Media Highlights: He has appeared on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel, Motown’s 25th Anniversary “Live at the Apollo Theatre,” “Saturday Night Live” with Andre Crouch and Singsation in Chicago, Illinois. International Highlights: In film, he has been featured in commercials in Amsterdam, Holland for Volkswagen singing gospel music. Donald Malloy graciously invites you to SAVOR the lyrics of his remarkably anointed project “Finally Home” bless and ignite the sparks of your spirit. You will agree with Malloy and say “I Knows What Prayer Can Do!

The Sound of Our Future An Interview with Adrian Wright, Dillon High School Band Director I’m here at Dillon High School with the Band Director, Mr. Adrain Wright. How are you doing today? Pretty good. How are you? Pretty good. I’ve been watching some things and following you for years now. I just like what you are doing for the kids here at Dillon High and also making an impact in the community. Could you tell the people a little about yourself. Once again, my name is Adrian Wright, a native of Columbia, South Carolina. I attended South Carolina State University. Upon graduating from there, I came to Dillon in 1999 and been here every since. 1999. Well, I’ve been here and I went to school here also graduated and was in the band. I just want to know some things here. We found a couple of band directors that flossed away through the years, what has been the key purpose of you staying focused on persistence in being here? It was just a nice community to work with and the kids always work hard. There’s a good talent base. It’s just a real good community. What are some future projects you’re looking forward to doing with the band and some of the things you look forward to implementing into the program here. Have you already settled to where you want to be? This year one of our biggest focus to get the Jazz ensemble up and running. We had one in the past. So we want to bring that back. We want to continue to make strives in our marching band. We will be competing in the Lower State Championship in Class 2A this year. So we are hoping to have a good showing there. We are continuing to make improvements with our concert band. This year we are making an effort to pursue an award called the Outstanding Performance Award. It is a point-based award where we have to participate in several events throughout the course of the school year. Those are goals for this year. Great! What are some of the competitions or awards shows that Dillon High School Band participate in now? This year we will be going to Greenville County High School Band Competion and host it. This will be our first time going to that. Is that in Greenville, North Carolina or South Carolina? North Carolina. Okay. We are going to Charlotte, North Carolina for Phillip O. Berry Band Competion. We will be doing the Lower State 2A Band Competion, which will be in Charleston, South Carolina. We will be hosting our own competition, the Dillon Battle of the Bands on October 4, 2014 in Dillon, South Carolina. We will also be in Orangeburg for the Garden City Classic. Outstanding! Are you currently looking for any sponsors for the Dillon Battle of the Bands? Yes, always. How can someone sponsor? Is there any information about how to contact you or websites that will tell them what to do? DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 11 They can call Dillon High School at 843-841-3882. We have several ways you can sponsor. You can purchase an ad in our ad booklet or you can sponsor one of the award trophies we have three different levels for that. For information, call me at 843-841-3882. Mr. Wright what inspired you to become a band director? Was that what you wanted to do growing up? What led you in this field? It was my senior year and like most seniors that anticipate going to college, I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. During the fall at band practice, my my director was interviewed for a local television show and he was asked the question what made him want to be a band director. His response was he enjoyed music and performing music. He wanted to pass that enjoyment on to others, and it kind of struck me. I decided then that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a band director. How can readers find out more about the band. Does the band have a website where they can find out more about the band. The school district keeps up with us, but due to certain policies we are not allowed to host our own website at this time. Okay, so they can still contact you by calling 843-841-3882. It’s been a joy talking to you and having you here and being a part of the Devine Glory Magazine.

ARTIST PREVIEW JASON ROGERS & A LEVITE’S CALL Jason Rogers and A Levite’s Call are a group of Psalmists and Musicians that allow God to speak through them in Song. This ministry has had a great influence on their local communities and peers for over 3 years. However, the singers and band have been together in ministry for 2 years. Within this time, the first single “Only Believe” was released in April 2012. This single was nominated for 4 Rhythm of Gospel awards including Song of the Year. Only Believe has sold over 1500 hard copies and over 800 download on iTunes. Jason Rogers and ALC were formerly know in the community as Jason Rogers and Agape Love, but one day in rehearsal in a prophetic and profound way God spoke and the name of the ministry shifted. The ministry has traveled all throughout the country ministering to souls from New York, Virginia, Baltimore, South Carolina, Florida, Philadelphia and North Carolina. The best performance on record for the ministry was at an outside event in Asbury Park, NJ in the middle of the field near the Housing development. There was a woman who spoke to Jason Rogers after they sung, she said she had thoughts of committing suicide but the Lord arrested her as we were singing. The group has opened for many artists from Donnie McClurklin, Vickie Winans and more To read more go to www. Jrogersandlevites.com DOMONIC RICKS Domonic Ricks, native of High Point, NC brings a professionally electric vocal resume that includes performances on the quartet scene as well as performing and opening up for such artist as Donnie McClurklin, Zacardi Cortez, Lejuene Thompson and more. Domonic Ricks is currently singing backgrounds for Pastor John P Kee and the single “Forgive Me” is on the latest Compilation Cd. As a result of all of the musical genre variety, Domonic Ricks offers ‘Forgive Me’ as a Smooth Ballard, full of conviction that is preparing you to go higher to the Most High, Almighty God. I’d like to introduce new music by Domonic Ricks-“Forgive Me”. “Every once in a while you are exposed to a special artist that touches your heart and leaves their DNA from their ministry in your spirit. The aforementioned statement describes the soulful and worship musical styling of Domonic Ricks and his latest radio single, ‘Forgive Me’. We appreciate your continued support and will look forward to working with you more in the near future. Feel free to contact me for interviews and additional radio servicing. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: KENNETH SMITH @ DEVINE RECORDS MANAGEMENT, LLC WWW.DRMLLC.ORG 470-238-9424 OR 843-413-0200 12 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE JERUSALEM Jerusalem known for his street flavor, and melodic hooks, is dropping that flavor in your ear. Jerusalem has been dedicated to his craft for 10+ years and has produced many classics along the way. He is a mentor to all who know him, being talented as a musician, singer, songwriter, as well as a lyricist, Jerusalem can create songs that touch lives. His music makes you laugh, cry, and think. Jerusalem can do anything when it comes to music. Jerusalem prides himself on his southern Christian upbringing, and recalls the days when he wrote songs for his very own gospel choir at the tender age of 15. At age 18 he was mentored by one of the greatest producers/songwriters of our time, Leon Sylvers III. Soon he was blessed with another opportunity to co-write with Dem Twinz Productions on various projects. In 2000 Jerusalem was given another opportunity of a lifetime to perform with Doug E. Fresh, Rob Base in Missouri, and Jon B in South Carolina and various other artists. Presently he has signed on as Divine Records Management’s first Christian hip-hop artist. He is now ready to embark on his God given purpose to help bring the world together through music and the power of praise. Peace and Prosperity. KENDRA SMITH “ Deep Down” from Gospel Teen Sensation Kendra Smith. Florence, SC: Power is sometimes contained in small packages. 17 year old powehouse Kendra Smith is setting the gospel industry on fire with her new single “Deep Down”. Wriiten and produced by Garland “Miche” Waller, and Morgan Turner, this up tempo song will definely take you to church. The annointing that is upon her life shows in everything that she does. “Deep Down” is a song that is very dear to Kendra’s heart, as it describes the love and the strength of the relationship that she has with Christ. “Deep Down” is her testimony, shinning bright for the world to see. Even at 17 she knows that God will keep you, if you want to be kept. Kendra Smith, has been blessed with an anointed voice of song ministry. Kendra is making herself known in the industry through hard work and perseverance to hold her own. Kendra’s goal is to reach the world through her ministry and touch the lives of many to be saved. Kendra also gives back to the community; she has an Annual Christmas Fruit Drive for area Nursing Homes, and The Kendra Smith Music Foundation Scholarship. Kendra is thankful for the opportunity to record this album and for all that help make it a reality. This album is the next level of elevation in Kendra’s ministry as an artist. Kendra has shared the stage with many gospel greats, Lemmie Battles, Alexis Spight, Joshua Rogers, Ruth LaOntra just to name a few. “Deep Down” is available online at your favorite digital outlet (iTunes, Cdbaby, Spotify Pandora, and more)

TODAY...I WILL Dreaming is a good thing...but in and of itself, it’s useless... In Part One of The Make It Happen Plan, YOU defined your dream; prayed for guidance and discernment (never ceasing); committed your plan to paper; and readied yourself for the journey. Part Two gave the definition of ‘rich’ and the formula for finding YOUR richness: YOUR skills and abilities + YOUR personality traits + YOUR uniqueness + YOUR values, dreams, desires and passions = YOUR RICHNESS Part Three, the last in this series, prompts you to think about and define your Sweet Spot of Success. The Daily Affirmations remind you all things are possible. THE SWEET SPOT OF SUCCESS The sweet spot of success can be found where passion, happiness and fulfillment intersect. What defines success for you? Not what society says it is… not what magazines say it is… not what the books say it is…and not what your mama says it is…but what YOU say success is for YOU. My Sweet Spot of Success can be found when these things intersect: When I walk in purpose and passion, I am happy and fulfilled. This is my passion:_______________ MY DAILY AFFIRMATIONS 1. I believe my potential is unlimited. 2. I am on Planet Earth for a purpose. 3. I believe what I can become. 4. I believe all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. 5. I will think good thoughts because my thoughts control my destiny. 6. I am me. Everyone else is taken. I will be the best me I can be. 7. If my path changes, I will embrace it and keep moving. 8. If a door closes, I will work to find an open one. 9. I will not waste an opportunity, challenge, or victory. 10. I believe my potential is unlimited. DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 13 THE MAKE IT HAPPEN PLAN A GUIDE TO HELP YOUR ON THE PATH TO ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS, PART 3

The Brooklyn Sound Remembering Melvin Crispell Walter Hawkins, Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, David Fraizer, Cedric Thompson, Kevin Bond, Albertina Walker, Dr. Bobby Jones, Bishop J.C. White, Carl Williams Jr. & The Institutional Radio Choir and countless others. He has also written and produced for Canadian artist such as Juno Award nominee Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale and Cheryl James & Voices of Worship. Melvin’s theatrical accolades in-clude the 1985 and 2002 run of the world famous “Gospel At Colonus” by playwright/director Lee Breuer, and composer Bob Telson, (featuring Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones Sr.), the 2000 Alabama Shakespeare Festival run of A Night in Tunisia by Actor/Playwright Regina Taylor (featuring director Kent Gash, singer Tina Fabrique), the Off-Broadway perform-ance of “Promises of Gold” by playwright/director Carol Hall and “Lord Just One More Chance” by playwright/director B ringing the Brooklyn sound of music to the church, Melvin Crispell is one of the most sought after writers/producers in the gospel music industry. Melvin’s mixture of what some would call “Brooklyn Style” and “COGIC”, (Church of God In Christ) makes this unique style of music undeniably his own. Born and raised in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY, Melvin was born into a family of musicians, singers and danc-ers. Coupled with being raised in the church, Melvin soon found out that his destiny had already been written and trying to escape the music that was within would be like trying to live without breathing. “Both sides of my family either sang, danced or played instruments,” states Melvin. “So being around music almost on a daily basis, at home and at church pretty much sealed what God had placed in me to do. My extreme love and passion for music and my love for God has truly shaped my destiny.” Influenced by such artists as Butch Heyward, Bishop JC Wright, Bishop Walter Hawkins, and Stevie Wonder, Melvin realized that all of these individuals possessed an origi-nality that he admired. So, he decided to dedicate his music to diversity and rely on the leading of God to give each artist his/her own distinct sound, but at the same time maintaining his signature of originality. “I have a creative sound that works for many different artists,” states Melvin. “There’s a simplicity to my work, but it’s very effective, effective because I allow God to have His way in each session.” Melvin has written and produced for individuals such as Grammy Award winner Bishop Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Tabernacle Choir to Stellar Award nominee, James Hall & Worship and Praise. He’s shared the stage and collabo-rated with gospel greats such as Tye Tribbet, Bishop Albert Jamison, CEO of The Gospel Music Workshop of America, Stephen Ford, BB & Marvin Winans, Reverend Timothy Wright, Dottie Peoples, Tramaine Hawkins, Israel & New Breed, Kirk Frankin, Maurette Brown Clark, Dorothy Norwood, Mary-Mary, Judith Christie McCalister, Kim Burrell, Dwayne Woods, Ricky Dillard, Marvin Sapp, Darwin Hobbs, Kurt Carr, 14 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE Nellie King. Traveling abroad, Melvin has had the honor of teaching and recording Japanese students at the Soul Bird Mu-sic School in both Osaka and Tokyo Japan. He has also minis-tered at various venues in places such as Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, London and the Bahamas proclaiming the Gospel through his music. Melvin’s accreditations include the 2008 recipient of the CIGMA Award for “Gospel Producer of the Year” and his 2008 presentation of an honorary “Doctorate of Sacred Music” from the Anointed by God Ministries Alliance and Seminary. In December 0f 2006 Melvin Crispell relocated to Charlotte, NC. He implemented another musical task that has grasped nationwide attention. This development entaied the resurfacing of archived and hit songs previously performed by other renowned artist, but written by him behind the scenes. He released this assignment as a part of his testimony regarding his labor in the gospel music industry. He inspirationally entitled this group “Testimony” based on the scriptural reference de-rived from Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” After a July 2008 re-cording, Testimony released their CD titled “He’s Able” in spring of 2009. Melvin is also the President and CEO of Potbelly Mu-sic, an independent Production Company. “Potbelly is a com-pany that caters to the fair treatment of artist,” exclaims Melvin. “When artists are signed to most major labels, they lose creative control of their projects in order to please the masses. At Pot-belly Music, our artists are seeking to please God through mu-sic that is made to reach the masses. Therefore, the creativity that goes forth is from the power of the Holy Spirit and that will not be quenched.” Overall, Melvin’s ultimate desire is to please the Lord, be a great asset to the body of Christ, and to leave a legacy for his son, Melvin Crispell III. Through the gift of music that has been implanted into the very being of Melvin Crispell, it is un-deniable that he is well on his way to fulfilling his God or-dained assignment.

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