Letter of Introduction Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, We would like to take this time to introduce everyone to DeVine Records Management, LLC. God has entrusted us with the awesome responsibility of helping excel your Music Ministry, Solo Career or Group to the NEXT LEVEL! We are humbled and confident in our ability to support the vision of our president and CEO Mr. Kenneth Smith. We are well acquainted with taking a vision and running with it as it says in Habakkuk 2:2. We are committed to hearing the heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as our president to help in the advancement of independent artists in their spiritual walk as well as taking them to the next level of their ministry. DeVine Records Management is dedicated to the advancement of independent Christian artists. Our goals are to promote and maintain artist development, artist marketing and promotion, branding, artist exposure, distribution, music career counseling and marketing and promotion. DRM Global Publishing is our in- house publishing company dedicated to being the vehicle for the INDIE ARTIST to be able to get their music licensed and published for distribution. WIAG (I AM Gospel Radio) is a Christian radio station dedicated to serving those with a love of wholesome gospel music. WIAG is available 24 hours for listening on any internet ready devices. Advertisement spaces are also available to artist, businesses, churches, schools, and private organizations, etc…..Pastors may get their sermons in rotation. DeVine Glory Magazine is a premier Christian magazine that is being introduced to the Carolinas. Its mission is to provide an outlet for upcoming Christian indie artists to display his or her gifts and talents to the world. “Bright Lights” is the heading under which we feature an indie artist in each issue. This is a great promotional and marketing opportunity for artists. This interview allows the artist opportunity to present any upcoming performance dates, any new gospel releases and opportunity to speak what is on his or her mind. DeVine Journal Newsletter, home based out of Dillon, South Carolina, is a Christian based newspaper geared towards indie gospel artists merging community, the church and gospel artist. This is in the developing stages and expected to be out in spring 2014. We believe DeVine is being put into a position to train, develop and support genuine worshiping artists who will be called upon the help return the glory and Presence of God in churches and ministries. We believe they will call upon our team of artists because of the noticeable presence of God in our LIFESTYLE. What is missing from a lot of the current recording artists is a Christian Lifestyle to back up what they sing. What convinces the world of your message is the regenerated messenger. Another aspect of DRM is to give indie artists a safe place to express their dreams, visions, and aspirations and to divinely connect them with Elizabeth’s who are also pregnant with purpose. We as the DRM staff have a major responsibility to be examples of the believers in the music industry. We are tremendously blessed to be a part of a revolutionary company that will help to rebuild the Tabernacle of David and take the kingdom out of Saul’s hands. We will be as the men of Issachar were who had understanding of the time. We ask that you join us in the spiritual warfare against the prince of the power of the “air-waves” through prayer, true worship and artists’ Christian life style. ……..As long as we seek the Lord He will make us to prosper. II Chronicles 26:5. God Bless! In Him, Elder Rebekah Grice Baker VP of Operations of DeVine Records Management, LLC DeVine Records Management, LLC 159 N Coit Street Florence, SC 29501 1

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Submitted: Becky DeWitt Pastor Veryl Howard is Woman of God who ministers nationally and internationally. Her work in the Body of Christ is very diverse as she is the founder of On a Mission For Christ International Ministries, Hand to Hand Global Ministry, and Faith Management & Talent Casting. She is known to many as one of the most sought after managers and pro-moters in the world of Gospel music. God opened a door and granted favor to interview this awesome gift to the Body of Christ. Pastor Veryl is a well-traveled ambassador for Christ. Her global work in ministry lists nations such as Guyana, Bermuda, Aruba, Trinidad, Israel, Benin/Kenya/Nairobi, Zimbabwe, Poland, Germany, Antigua, Amsterdam, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Surinam, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Dominica, Petite Martinique and Grenada to name a few. One of the statements in Pastor Veryl’s bio release is “that the church is engrossed in religion and not relationship that the outreach ministry has dissipated.” In our conversation with Pastor V. (what she likes to be called), she shared more insight on the statement. “ The Hand to Hand Global Ministry is an outreach ministry with other pastors and apostles to provide assistance to people who are in need. This is done with an apostolic anointing to reach the total person. We don’t just want to go in preaching to them. We try to see what their needs are and try to take a multifaceted approach to better the whole individual. Because if people can’t eat, or don’t have proper drinking water, shoes, soap, and basic essentials; it is kind of hard to sit there and talk to them about Jesus especially when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” She also states, “It is because the Body of Christ has become so consumed with the four wall of the church. How we can continuously build within the four walls but not necessarily build with the plan of God and build with the ideology of man? God gave a plan. In the Old Testament, when the tabernacle was being build, God gave the plan to Moses and strategically picked the workmen and they were given strict instruction from the laying of the curtains to the placement of the silver. Some of us in the Body of Christ have gotten off the instructions of Christ. We have decided to take the plan into our hands from our own mindset. So God is not running a lot of churches any more. The emphasis is on how big my church is, how fashionable I am, or how bad the choir can sing. The emphasis is not functioning under the five-fold ministry. It is very crucial when you start losing salvation elements with respect tot the house of 3 God. It becomes a handicap house. The outreach component is crucial. Jesus told us to go out and get His lost sheep. If we are sitting in the four wall every Sunday and getting full and we are not going our spreading what God has put inside us, then we are not doing what God has called us to do, which is to make disciples. We have to get out of the selfish mode, a me mode, an I mode and an individualistic mode. We have to move into a Kingdom mindset. If my brother or sister is suffering right next door to me and they are a part of the Kingdom, it affects me because we are all citizens of the Kingdom. I can’t ignore or negate the fact that my brother or sister is suffering as well. We have to get back to the foundations. We have to get the love back into church.” Pastor V. is a published author of two books with uncommon titles. Even her website for the books is uncommon - http://www.havesumfaith.com. Her first book, God Hears A Teacher Cry, is about teaching from a spiritual perspective. “The Lord started dealing with my about the trials and issues and stuff that our young people go through. It is so magnified as the enemy has loosed a death assignment on our young people. If they got a hold of who Jesus is and get on fire, there would not be anything that you cannot do with them. God told me to write about the spiritual issue that our young people were faced with in today’s society. I was also to address the issues that the teachers are faced with. God told me that I could not teach like a regular teacher. I had to teach in the spirit. I had to be sensitive and be God’s teacher. I was crying out to God because I taught in the hood; where kids were carrying guns and knives, lived in conditions where there were twelve people in a one bedroom, were in jail for murder and came to class with an ankle brace-let on Monday. There was one student who showed up at my house because he was tired of the shootings that were in front his house all the time. One of my students’ water broke. The Lord told me to write the book in a way that the students, parents, and teachers would be encouraged and really understand this warfare. I think that the book was written prematurely be-cause it was before Colorado and Connecticut. But God had been speaking to me way before about the spiritual warfare and death assignment on our young people.” Pastor V’s most recent book, God Is My Ticket Out Of The Ghetto, was birthed out of her own disappointments from having a sectional mindset when God is unlimited in His existence. “ God told me that my mindset was microscopic and that I had put Him in the box. He was limit-less, eternal and infinite and I tried to make Him finite. I functioned too much in

what I was looking at. I needed to put my spiritual eyes on. The Bible says that thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. If it’s God’s will for me to be prosperous, blessed, healed and victorious, and I am not seeing that in the earth realm I wasn’t doing that. God shifted me to an infinite thought process. Ghetto means sectional, having a small mindset. It is not a cultural thing. Actually, the Jews were put in sections and that is where the word originated. We as African Americans have tried to adopt this and make it our own. God said my mindset was sectional and it needed to be transformed and renewed based on Romans 12:1-2. So that is what the book is about, being renewed in every aspect of your life.” God has given her favor with her artist management company, Faith Management & Talent Casting, over the years with clients such as; Film producer Joshua Coates, Film producer Deitrick Haddon, David & Tamela Mann of “The Browns”, Shekinah Glory Choir, Film producer Tyler Perry, Sunday’s Best” Jessica Reedy Marvin Sapp, James Fortune & FIYA, Angie, Debbie & Ce Ce Winans, Kirk Franklin, Brian Courtney Wilson, Vashawn Mitchell, Todd Dulaney, Pastor Wess Morgan, Bishop TD Jakes and many more. She periodically works with various record companies in the areas of radio tracking, marketing and promotions. We asked Pastor V. about the sound of this generation. “Just like each musician or time period has a sound, it is the same thing with the Word. If you notice in the Bible and the course of his-tory there have been different movements and shifts. There has been the Evangelical movement, the Prophetic movement and the Charismatic. What has happened in the music industry is over the years, God has entrusted awesome men and women of God. On each realm when God is shifting, He needs them to shift with what He is trying to speak through His oracles, whether it be prophetic psalmists or dancers. The music industry has become tainted. It has become polluted. People were more concerned self. They were not laying before God. They weren’t trying to get a Rhema sound. They weren’t getting heavenly notes. They weren’t trying to have the sound that would penetrate the atmosphere. The church and the people of today are tired of the sound that mimics God and that is not God. People need the real sound to pull down the strongholds, chains, and bondages. God has some oracles now that are singers who are willing to fast and willing to stretch out and they realize that just cannot sing out of their knowing or gifting because it is not working anymore. So in order to be successful, they will have to get in God’s face. Because the audience, they are listening and can tell the difference. The church can now tell the difference be-tween a Pastor who prophesizes to manipulate them with money and a Pastor who has really gone before God and has the oil of God on their tongue. The people are tired of being trick and bamboozled in church whether it be through music of preaching. This is why we are hearing a sound. God has called for a trumpet sound to be released out and blown. There is another dimension. The Bible lists in Ephesians, chapter 6, different hierarchical systems in the demonic realms. In order to tap in, you have There is another dimension. The Bible lists in Ephesians, chapter 6, different hierarchical systems in the demonic realms. In order to tap in, you have to go before God to escalate to those realms. So these artist are now going before God to pull down strongholds in different realms to make an impact on the listener’s lives.” In the gospel music industry, there are encounters with those who are just starting out and may think that they have arrived based upon their success so far and are not looking for the sound. They are producing entertainment leading to a false sound. Pastor V. gave awesome insight and revelation on this. “They are functioning under a Canaanite spirit. It is the same spirit as a false prophet. The Canaanites were very cocky and arrogant. And what happens is the spirit of pride and arrogance with the gift that God has given has distracted them from having the true sound. They will only go so far with that. Anyone who is spiritual is going to recognize that they are functioning under a sound that mimics God and is not God. In this hour if you want to have longevity in business, you cannot have an ‘I know it all.’ The only way we get our knowledge is because we have to be humble enough and submissive and pride less to hear from God. The anointing, even though God has anointed them is functioning out of a strange anointing which is a polluted sound that they are releasing into the atmosphere. They are releasing arrogance and pride into the atmosphere and the listeners are downloading into their spirit. If you are already arrogant in your gifting, then how can you hear God sing melodies on another realm? You are stifling the gift that God placed in you.” Our final question to Pastor V. was to sum up herself in one word. The word that she used was servant. “Because Jesus was the ultimate servant. When you are a servant you don’t have pride or arrogance. You are teachable. You consider other. You have compassion. You have love. I am striving to be more like Christ.” You can contact Pastor Veryl Howard at www.havesumfaith.com, vimeo.com/Pastor Veryl Howard, www.ptwwntv.com, churchnownetwork.com, on channel NC7, www.facebook.com, www.myspace.com/verylhoward and G -tube network. For further information on booking Pastor Howard for speaking engagements, you may call 37PURPLE. 214-907- 8597 or 229-326-8005 (Katrina McCrae). katrinam-ccrae@37purple.com or GKwilliams@37purple.com. 4

GOD + ME = ? Submitted: Becky DeWitt I was thinking about three words that came up in my recent readings, individuality, personality, and versatility. As I thought on these words, I remembered that this article that was written years ago and I was blessed with a new insight. Searching the definitions of each word gave new revelations especially since we are at the end of this year. Individuality is the particular characteristic or personal nature that distinguishes one per-son from another. Personality is the essential character or visible identity of a person. Versatility is the capability of adapting for many uses. I am no longer possessing complete individuality as the blood of the lamb redeems me and I am accepted into the beloved, but yet I am still an individual. The purchase was so great that I must always understand and be in submission to the Holy Spirit so that there is an eternal, but yet visible effect. As He lives in me, my submission yields to His personality and His identity being evident in my life. The evidence, the proof is that as one becomes adaptable in the hands of El Elyon, His hand-print will be visible in their life, but the manifestation is what-ever He needs you to be, you will become. Years ago I had the privilege to attend a conference where an internationally known man of God spoke these words, “God plus me equals unlimited possibility. These words are the hidden factor in the life of every Believer. Sometimes, the Body of Christ forgets that the Almighty, the Creator of the universe is positioned and lives on the inside of us. It is by His incredible plan that He has deposited His Holy Spirit in each and every one of us. Not only do we need to remember that He is within, but He is the part of us that keeps it all together! The Father, the potter, loves to work on His creation. We are constantly in the process of changing from glory to glory and from faith to faith. A little water (word) and a little clay (flesh) being worked everyday. Now that He is on the in-side, He works on us in every area from both sides. Each time we receive a touch; He leaves His fingerprint on the outside, while working the spiritual DNA that has been activated on the inside. “The vessel of clay that was marred in the hand of the potter has been made again another.” (Jeremiah 18:4). It all began with the new birth experience. He is always working through the movement of the Holy Spirit on the inside. It is the spiritual DNA that gives us access to the mysteries of the kingdom and eternal information. It is because the Holy Spirit dwells, takes up residence, in us that we are quickened, made alive and aware of the eternal presence. He downloads and deposits His presence continually initiating change, performing a work until the day of completion. Believers quote “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world” all the time. (I John 4:4). It has become cliché to the point that we have neglected to seek God for the true revelation and power behind this scripture. When we really receive a deeper understanding of this word, one will seek not to grieve the Holy Spirit so easily with the actions and words that loosely spoken. We fail to realize that the world is not the only audience that is watching and listening. He hears and sees 5 your every activity in thought, word, and deed. In fact, all of heaven is watching. “Let no corruption communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace unto the hearers. And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” (Ephesians 4:29-30). Do not let the enemy steal your future by the words you speak. He works with your doubt and unbelief. If you speak it, he is there to work with it and work out for you. But if you are speaking the word of God, he tries to steal it, kill it, and destroy it before the manifestation. (John 10:10). There are some things that God has sealed on the inside of you that you don’t even know about. When something is sealed, it is marked or stamped as evidence of authenticity to prevent and secure against tampering or leakage. Many of us would have fainted, fell out and leaked everywhere from the constant barrage of the enemy. The deposit of the Holy Spirit is what sustains you in every situation. As you receive the Word constant filling and enlarging on the inside, it becomes engrafted or a part of your very being. The attachment of the Word is what builds your spirit even the more. As the Word is building you, there is always a time of testing and pruning. Every situation or problem we label, as a crisis is a test to determine where our faith level is in the God that we state that we trust. Whatever the it is, these tough circumstances are just a hidden opportunity for our God to flex His muscles to show up and show out as El Shaddai, the all sufficient one and El Elyon, the most high God. Take a moment to mediate on who is on the inside of you. He is in the deepest part of you just waiting to work with you for unlimited possibilities. He is the key to your great-ness. What is it that you think that you cannot do? Whatever it is, prepare to do it because you have a guide and helper like no other. Don’t even worry about the attempts of the enemy to frustrate you on the surface, dig deep and let the Holy Spirit released something that awesome, dangerous, and will annihilate his plan. He didn’t have a clue that it was in you! Start now for the New Year focusing on your purpose and the destiny ahead. Always remember there is a hidden factor, a deposit in you! “Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God; Who hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.” (2 Corinthians 1:21-22). As a Christian author, Becky DeWitt’s writings reveal trials and tribulations as well as edification to the soul. Her books ex-press the need to talk about Jesus Christ from the ordinary everyday perspective with titles that are uncommon and cover art that is expressive. In 2008 she published her first children's short story, "Destiny's Closet," which developed into a

book by 2009. "Destiny's Closet" teaches children the importance of developing a personal relationship with God. The success and well-reception of "Destiny's Closet" inspired Becky to follow-up with a sequel, titled, "Destiny's Closet -Circle of Friends," which was published in November 2010. "Destiny's Closet - Circle of Friends" continues the adventures of Destiny, Becca, and Mauri and their growing relationship with Jesus. The inspiration continues for the third book in the "Destiny's Closet" series, "Destiny's Closet - The Wonder School." The "Destiny's Closet" series and her latest book, "The Fruit of Your Lips" are available at www.authorhouse.com. In addition, Becky writes articles for the Written Voices website (http://writtenvoicesblog.com), the Authors Den website (www.authorsden.com/beckydewitt), and the Christian Voice Magazine, (www.thechristianvoice.org), where she is featured as a contributing writer. On the Written Voices website, her articles can be found in the Journey column. The Christian Voice Magazine is published and distributed throughout the Carolinas. Becky is currently working on a new project Devine Glory Magazine based out of the Florence, SC.. She also works with The Columbia Writer's Alliance Group, www.colawriters.com. Becky is a God’s Women In Music, Ministry & Entertainment member of Tree of Life Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Elaine W. Green. Becky lives and works in Myrtle Beach, SC. Years ago in the wee hours, God spoke to me and expressed the need to connect kingdom minded women together. God is rising up some awesome women to take over the gospel industry that the enemy has polluted. He wants women after his own heart that he can trust with greatness. However, through the years if you put a bunch of women together, it could result in drama. Women not like men traditionally don’t stick together. But God says he has some dynamic women who love him first and understand that they are a part of his body thus not an island. With this in mind, I started a conference call “God’s Women in Music, Ministry and Entertainment”. Over the course of many years being a manager, promoter, radio personality and author in the entertainment arena, I have stumbled across some great women. While meeting these ladies globally, God spoke to me and said I was a conduit to connect God’s women across the border. He reminded me that he is linking the true remnants together to do the impossible with respect to leading many to salvation. Where better to start then in the field of entertainment? Fortunately, God has empowered these women to own radio stations, magazines, newspapers, book companies and more. He has strategically given them spiritual insight as to how to be a Godly entrepreneur. They are women to watch and women God has set up as today’s mentors. But they are women who God wants to connect for greater work and to be a support system one to another. There resources can now be available for a kingdom purpose. They are their sister’s keeper! By Apostle 6

Submitted: Stephanie Suell He loves me, and I in all of my infinite wisdom Can’t seem to understand why He would want to be with me Me with all my complications, my stipulations and my flaws Although society has sometimes labeled me as a prodigal I know, deep within my heart I have not lost my fervor My desire My drive To bask in God’s presence It’s just sometimes I can’t find my way Find my way through the murky darkness that envelopes A hundred fold return Because this day is my day of redemption This is the day I reclaim my inheritance I see my father standing there with his arms open wide He is calling and begging me to come inside Today I have decided that I will not continue to run, because I can no longer hide So I just oblige and run into his presence with thanksgiving in my heart and a praise upon my lips I no longer want to be labeled as a sinner or a prodigal for the world to call its own Today I am simply a child of the King Who has finally, finally, found my way home! After the death of my Mother in 2006, I temporarily veered off path. Upset, depressed and feeling like God had forsaken me by taking my best friend, I turned away from God. After I came back home, I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself and others that God is always directing our path, even when we are unaware or confused about our destination. my spirit and soul In the form of trials and tribulations that unfold So I struggle Because this is my life I’m blinded Blinded from seeing the light Distracted by actuality on the left and reality on the right I stumble Continuing to walk in my own way and not God’s will Forgetting that spiritually I have already been set free Set free by a merciful God who knows me for me and still He loves me If I could just get past the mirrors reflection of my physical appearance and my past I could reach out and truly grasp the fact that God made me in his image He formed me Molded me into an intricate masterpiece A beautiful work of art Lightly dusted with the essence of Eve and Ruth The courage of Esther Shrouded with the spirit of truth Covered with the garment of praise He’s not done with me yet I’m still a work in progress Although I don’t expect any of you out there to understand I’m grateful that I really don’t have to explain Because my God is all knowing So today I go back to my first love Back to the one who made me whole Today I take back everything the enemy has stole Rightfully so, I have justifiably earned, 7 Stephanie Suell is a Poetess, Author and Activist who uses her gifts in the written and spoken word to inspire women towards their dreams! Her movement, Virtuous Vibes, works diligently within the community to equip, en-courage and empower women! She is the author of three poetry books, a cook-book and her debut novel, “What You Won’t Do For Love” was released in April of this year. She is currently working on a devotional due out in 2014. Visit her on the web at http://www.virtuousvibes.com/ Visit her blog for women at http://www.1-speak-female.com

Submitted: LaNola Goings Give the readers a little information about the ministry that God has assigned to you and how did you get the name. My name is LaNola Goings. I was given this assignment to impact nations since the age of 19, when I returned home after a year of being at Winthrop University. One of my passions besides music is drama. I have been writing small skits for years but assume the role as drama ministry coordinator in 2010 at Outreach Family Fellowship Dillon and Florence locations. God gave me a name for the drama ministry, which was to be “Breath of Life Productions.” When I’m asked, “why Breath of Life,” my answer is simply that “we endeavor to breathe life into those lifeless situations through word pictures." What is God doing differently in this season? What is the new that He has and is revealing? God is bringing people back to the true meaning of worship. That worship is not music or a song but adoration unto God almighty. God is not necessarily doing anything new however; he is becoming diverse in his presentation of his word. We must not use the same formats of the church in the past. The message is the same but our methods must be different and besides many people are tired of church simply putting it. They see church as boring, routine and disconnected with the times we are living in. We know that in these days that it is important to win many souls for the Kingdom. How has God changed your approach to evangelism? God has changed my approach as it relates to evangelism by using word pictures. Let people connect with characters because in many cases the characters they see are themselves. When I wrote freedom trail, which has been a great evangelistic tool, all I could see were souls coming to Christ. We all must admit that we need to be free from something but how does one get free? Well in this out of the box journey people who attend see their lives unfold in various rooms from pornography to whether or not a person should consent to an abortion. Rarely do most churches desire to con-front or even speak of such things but this is where many churchgoers are. They are trying to make decisions without Godly direction or counsel. Give us some insight into your leadership style and how you prepare the leaders in your ministry. Members of breath of life are people who have a passion for acting or who desire to find a place to fit in church that isn’t your average church positions like being an usher, playing an instrument, singing on the choir or working in the sound booth. I train by example. We endeavor to meet once a month to review, critique and do improv. Not only do I get involved with the acting but also we study the word as it relates to how does drama fit into the local church. Last year I was lead of the Lord to start hosting workshops specifically for drama entitled “The Gospel According to Acts.” These workshops are designed to enhance and encourage not only the playwright but actors, make-up artist, costume designers and set designers. We anticipate holding one this summer. Tell us about any books that you have read lately other than the Bible that has influenced you. Other than the bible two books that are changing and challenging my life are Gary Chapman’s “Four Seasons of Marriage” and Jesse Duplantis “The Everyday Visionary.” Do you have any new community projects that you are working on? We have several community projects in mind where you can see Breath of Life in action up close. Outreach Family Fellowship is hosting its “ Praise in the Park” on the 18th of May in Florence and I know that we will be apart. An-other run of Freedom Trail will come to the Florence area by means of Savannah Grove Baptist Church, that date is t.b.a. Also in the Sumter area Outreach along with Heart of Christ Ministries will host another “Praise in the Park” entitled “Heartfest” that will take place in August. Share a success story. Recently we had a young lady who I met in Wal-Mart come to Freedom Trail and not only accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal savior but also joined the Outreach Family Fellowship Church. God in this season will take the foolish things to confound the wise. Selah! 8

Submitted: Becky DeWitt Joshua Coates discovered the art of film making and theater production while attending Philadelphia’s High School of Creative and Performing Arts in 1996. His love for movie making grew rapidly as he often cut class during school and spent countless hours after school on editing machines learning and perfecting his craft. In 1997, Joshua wrote and directed his first full-length independent film entitled GAME, which was entered into the Derek Freese Independent Film Festival at Temple University. Out of hundreds of entries, GAME placed 10th overall and this ignited Joshua’s passion of his craft even further. In 2002, Joshua wrote, directed and starred in THE CALLED, a faith based independent film, which got him local recognition from the church community and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). He is currently the founder and president of 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group that is quickly making headlines in the field of motion pictures. Your biography lists all of your accomplishments and your passion for bringing ideas to life on the screen especially your latest project INIQUITY. This is a very powerful piece and I am glad that I was able to work with wonderful actors and producers, people coming together to bring this project to light. Anytime that you are doing any type of spiritual warfare or work for God, you are going to encounter opposition; but it has sold out since March 26 in every Wal-Mart in America and online as well. It has been restocked in every WalMart nationwide. This film is loosely based on the story of David and Bathsheba from the Bible. Give us your vision of the story. The film is inspired by the story of David and Bathsheba with a modern day twist. It has the same message and same concept but created and made for 2013 and how it would be in our society. The story is a learning lesson. It shows how far iniquity will take you if it is not dealt with or cut out because iniquity is like a cancer. It shows the demise of David’s life from a conqueror and doing the will of God to turning to a different direction. There is a learning lesson in this. It does not matter who you are, or what position you are in, in life. It does not matter church wise, political wise, career wise or in even in the community, if you are not careful of iniquity, you can fall into great consequences. Iniquity causes demise. One of the hottest television programs right now is Scandal, which can be addictive. The Bible is full of scandal9 ous stories, which can be brought to life. As a society and as people, we are unfortunately addicted to scandal and drama. For entertainment purposes, I that that same idea and try have learning lessons in it. Hollywood in general, although they may not admit it, is influenced by the Bible. There are a lot of hit movies that have happened over decades, that the Bible somewhere, somehow influenced the writer, director or producer. The Bible is the survival manual for mankind. We have a generation, a culture that does not like to read the Bible all the way. So as Believers, as the ones who are trying to win souls for the Kingdom, you have to implement what is happening in society and the media. We live in a media craven culture. You have to tap into what is going on media wise. You have to stay current. Even though we know that the Word of God is powerful, you have to be creative and that word and get the Word and the message to the people so that they can have a choice in receiving Christ or not. INIQUITY is not a preaching piece, where you are beaten over the head with the Bible. You are being shown real life situations that ordinary people can get into if they are not careful. If you do not spot it, evil or iniquity can really grown in your life and destroy what God has for you. God has so many thoughts that He wants to release to His people so that they can reach the masses. How do you get the downloads that God gives you? Secretly, I am a political guy. In school, as a kid, I watched a lot of politics and history. I watch the news everyday, even though I do not agree with everything that the news puts out. I am always in tune with the news and what’s happening. Believers have to be aware of what’s happening in politics and in generation before we were born. As I am sitting listening to what is happening in the world, certain ideas and messages come to me. Being in tune to what’s happening in society gives me an idea, and inspires me to write about certain stories that are relevant. The whole key is being relevant to what is happening in society and to be able to point that story n the direction of Christ. If you could sum yourself in one word, what would it be? That word is student. Because I am always learning and it does not matter what field I am in. We are all students .It does not matter how far you are or what lever of success you have, you do not know everything. If you have the mindset of a student, you will always remain humble. Presently, Joshua has several television and film projects in the pipeline for 2013-2015. Some of the television reality shows that are currently in development are The Battle of the Gospel Bands; starring Tye Trippet, Martha Munnizi,

Marcus D. Wiley, Deitrick Haddon and Joanne Rosario Condrey. Star Stying Miami is a reality show featuring celebrity stylist Stephanie Brandon with clients, Little Wayne and Drake. The Kool Moe Dee Show features The New Urban Politically Incorrect host tackling issues of race in entertainment and social injustice. Joshua has leaned a lot about the movie business from some heavy hitters in the industry and he has gleaned from every opportunity. He is scheduled to be interviewed by Clifton Davis on TBN on July 8. We know that there is much more to come. Courtesy of Shonda T. Norman Founded July 5, 2012, by Shonda T. Norman, The PraiZe & Worship Show was born. The PraiZe and Worship Show is just one extension of Mrs. Norman's prominent company, PraiZe Entertainments & Events LLC, which was founded and launched on April 28th, 2012. The PraiZe & Worship Show is best know for serving as a platform, to our local and online community, extending the opportunity to promote: aspiring entertainers, gifted & talented kids, authors, motivational speakers, educators, spiritual leaders, and small businesses owners, are just to name a few. The PraiZe & Worship Show takes full force in discussing a very wide range of spiritual and political topics ranging from personal development to critical issues relating to a rapidly changing world as we know it today. The PraiZe & Worship Show consists of five very powerful, devoted, and anointed women of God; Shonda T. Norman - Host, Veronica H. Tucker , ,Monica Pressley, Zina Tippins, and Shonda Golden . Give the readers a little information about the ministry that God has assigned to you and how did you get the name. The name for the PraiZe & Worship Show came about one day when I was driving, and God gave me a vision of His people dancing and flipping on stage, handing from the ceiling trawling around, l felt like I was at a circus with all the entertainment that was going on. And I heard His voice say to me PraiZe & Worship. At this time there was no show to add this name to, I only had the name but wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it, until July 5, 2012, after praying an seeking God on some things, He revealed to me that I needed to put together a talk show and to name it the name that He has given me a while back, which was The PraiZe & Worship Show. Give us some insight into your leadership style and how you prepare the leaders in your ministry. I can only pre-pare my people in the way that God shows me. As I stated before, the entire vision of The PraiZe & Worship Show was set up as a platform to shine the light on those who have been sitting on their gifts as well as those who have been overlooked. This is why we've implemented the Conference Call & Prayer Line and Blog Talk Radio during the week. Each week, a different host will lead and conduct the conference call, prayer and Blog Talk Radio which is done on Thursday's at 6 pm, giving them more practice that will enhance their gift. At first they thought it was to much and that we should just focus mainly on doing the show, not knowing that when you are considered a speaker, your skills need to be sharpen and enhanced in every area that requires you to speak...lol. Prayer is also a vital part of our preparation. We come together each week an pray. We also enter into a word of prayer before every show and conference call. Our communication with our Father has to remain open at all times, this is what will make us and the things we do a success. The PraiZe & Worship Show can be viewed live in front of a studio audience downtown Columbia, SC at the Clarion Hotel, please visit our website www.praizeandworshipshow.com for dates & show times. If you would like to be a guest on our show contact us at (803) 792-1616 or praizeandworshipshow@yahoo.com. 10

Submitted: Becky DeWitt Former New York Mets Baseball Player, now Gospel Recording Artist Todd Dulaney spent most of his life pursuing a baseball career, playing 5 years of professional baseball. Now, his joy comes from serving the Lord in every facet of his life. He is presently the worship leader at Living Word Christian Center under the leadership of Pastor Bill Winston. Most importantly, Todd considers himself as a worshipper and desires the anointing of God to rest on the ministry God has given with God. It never happens in any other atmosphere. Only when you are intimate with God, will you get fresh revelation that is a continuous flow. , then I will never have understanding of without going in and being intimate with the Father. Serving as a praise and worship leader at Living Word Christian Center under the leadership of Dr. Bill Winston, an awesome man of God, you are full of the Word and much revelation. It has been on of the best Kingdom hookups that God could have ever put me in. I am being feed so much, so when I go out on the road, I am full of power and authority. You know how the word of Pastor Winston is, you feel like you can fly. Is that word that Dr. Winston is preaching, provokto him. Being steadfast and sold out to God, his eyes are focused on ministry and fulfilling his purpose. Dulaney's dream is to write music that ministers to the heart of God and touches the heart of man. Not what's hot, but what delivers, what heals, what re-stores God’s hurting people. Todd is not an industry guy but a ministry guy. Todd has worked and shared the stage with many award-winning artists. God has opened many doors on his be-half allowing him to minister in song at churches worldwide. You are a worshipper who is focused on ministering to the heart of God. When I first set out to do this, I had fallen in love with Jesus Christ. I want to make sure that that stayed the focus of everything that I do throughout my career and throughout my life. Because it is so easy to get caught up with pleasing people and the industry and make music that they know that the radio wants to hear. When I first started doing this, I was doing it for Christ. I wanted to make a declaration over my own life that as long as I was going to be doing this, I am going to be doing it for Christ. My heart, my music, my voice belongs to Him. I wanted to write music that ministers to Him first, and then everyone else can feed off of what it does for Him. As a worshipper, the more you worship, the more revelation you receive from God because of the intimacy. I believe that it is for this hour. The declaration of my church is that it is the year of praise. But there are some things that only happen when you are worshipping and when you are intimate 11 ing you into another dimension for a sound that is uncommon coming from heaven? It is pulling on me to come up higher. Right now he is teaching on that type of stuff. Whenever you get a minister or Pastor teaching that there are no impossibilities in Christ, it stirs up on the inside of the psalmist. Because now I am starting to pull down songs from heaven that I never knew that I could pull down. In worship, my mindset is there are no impossibilities. So when have no walls in our worship, we just pull from the Lord until the atmosphere is the atmosphere of heaven. Being under that word, has pulled that out of me. He teaches that there are no impossibilities. And so, when you are worshipping God like that, with that in mind, songs and the river of heaven will flow because there are no walls and no limits. You just keep going. You gave up a career in major league baseball with the NY Mets for the glory of God. Tell us about that transition moment. That thing was real for me. I think it is what people feel when they experience the ministry that God gave me. It was real. It wasn’t that I was going to try to leave and become a superstar in the gospel community. It was a real encounter with God. It was like a Paul encounter with God. You can’t even fake it. It was God saying, “I have called you and I want you to walk away from this.” I was positive that I had to walk away despite my parents and everybody who thought that I was crazy. Everybody was like; you are walking away from millions of dollars. Do you know what you are doing? I said that I didn’t. But I know that I heard God and I didn’t really even know the voice of God, but I know that this is Him. It was one of those things. It was the real thing and nobody could tell me otherwise. Because of that there is authenticity in this ministry. In reading your bio, there is a statement that says you are not an industry guy but a ministry guy. Yes, some of these things the Holy Ghost said because I don’t think that I would have said in my natural mind. Because you don’t want to offend people and your contemporaries. All I want to do is bring glory to God. When I first became a part of the music industry, there were a lot of things that I saw that really made

me won-der if I made the right decision. I saw things and I was kind of turned off. I was making declarations and I decided to say, Father, this is going to be about you using me to make the shift, use me to release the shift, so that when the world hears the gospel music industry, they will respect it as the anointing of God and the men and women of God. The world knows a phony when they see it more than anybody else. They recognize when someone is sleeping around. They recognize the homosexual. They recognize because they know who they are themselves. So they know their own kind. They don’t front this is who I am. And when they see their own, they’re like you are one of us. I don’t care what you are saying out your mouth. You could be saying Jesus out of your mouth, but the world know when they see a phony They also know when they see a man or women of God that is operating with full authority and power. So I just promised that I want to be someone that when the world looks at me, they are like, he is really a man of God, and we should respect the power of God on his life. That thing means a lot to me. My world friends know that God has changed me because they knew when I was in the world. I want to be respected by people that are working and serving the enemy. A wrong sound can pollute the atmosphere. Give some insight to the Indie artist about having to wait and hear from God to know it is the right movement and sound. We have to be cautious as minstrels and psalmists. We cannot just release anything in the house of God. We just cannot release anything in our region. We have to really be careful about what we listen to and take in, even television. I try to make sure when I fall asleep it is on what I want it to be on or turn it off. When I am asleep, I am helpless; my spirit man is taking in whatever is playing on the television. You have to protect what is going into your spirit man. That stuff will come out of you at the wrong time. You have to fight and contend earnestly for the release a foreign sound, a strange fire in the house of God. People are emotional because they don’t know the difference, but their spirit man knows the sound of a worshipper and the sound of glory. The Levites were made to minister before God day and night. That’s our job. That is what keeps us pure. That is what keeps the sound going and keeps the heavenly sound. We don’t have time to take off and go and play for someone of the world. We are supposed to stay before God 24-7. What is that one word that you would say that describes you? Worshipper. Because I believe that is my job on the earth. That is my primary mandate. Once I left playing baseball, this is what I am supposed to do. This is my purpose. This is my job from heaven. God has given me mandate in this hour to lead his people in that and people will know you by that. You can’t stray to the right or left from that. This is what I was called to do. Dulaney has appeared on BET Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel, TBN "Praise the Lord", 15th Street, Atlanta Live, BBTV, TCT "I'm Just Sayin", The Merge Summit and has had (3) nominations for the 2012 Stellar Awards. His music reveals his heart for worship and the anointing that God has placed don his life for such a time as this. For further information on Todd Dulaney - Radio: Call Snoopy Hanna (708-206-3814). Radio: Call Pam Morris (AM’s Only) (407-285-3419). Booking: Faith Management & Booking 910-644-1824 (VeryL920@aol.com). faith. You have to guard your spirit. Don’t let just anything in. Don’t have people speaking negative things around you. You only want life coming from your lips. You don’t want anything by the sound coming out of your body. Sound means so much. It is the sound that will declare a certain thing. If you are in an atmosphere and you are trying to declare the power of God to rally the troops to go to battle on the behalf of Jesus Christ, and you release a foreign or distorted sound, the Believers will not know what to do because you have released the wrong sound. You have sounded the alarm of chaos. A lot of musicians try to play for everyone. They try to play for the world because they need that check. Then they come in to the house of God and do the same thing that you do when you were out on the road. You 12

BRIGHT LIGHTS Submitted: Becky DeWitt Introduce yourself: My name is Chad Chambers. I am a singer/songwriter from Darlington, SC. to step out into their calling and represent God to the fullest. He's such a great man of God and just a Great man in general. Tell us the one thing that most people would never think about you. I love to fish, especially deep sea fishing. I fish as much as I possibly can. I'd fish everyday if I could. What’s next on your journey? I just completed a live CD/DVD recording entitled Chad Chambers presents Musical Dialogue. It's an in depth peak into my songwriting and my inspiration for each song on the record. This record also features Shameka Dwight, Derrick Bull and Nadia Bull along with my amazing band, singers, and string players. It's should be out mid September and trust me you're going to want to get a copy. I will also be recording a studio project starting in Au-gust with super producer Dana Sorey. I'm also co-producing a couple of records as well as writing for some upcoming projects this year. How important is it for you to spend time with God? It is imperative that I spend time with God and not just time but quality time with Him. Time spent speaking and listening. If I'm honest that's not always an easy thing to do. Life happens! But I had to realize that life only happens because he's allowed it to happen. He is the beginning and end of all things so time with him just makes sense! Where do your inspirations for your songs come from? For me inspiration for a song can come from anywhere. Just the other day I was helping my 2 year old niece with a puzzle and she was trying to put a ball in a square hole and that sparked a lyric. I've gotten inspiration from movies, songs, something somebody said or did, and even from conversations with myself. Yes, I said conversations with myself lol. We song writers have regular dialogue with ourselves. But there are two man places I get inspiration for songs from, the word of God and worship. There's a place in worship that you can go where lyrics just flow. It's a beautiful thing! What is the message for your audience through your songs? I want to write "Life Music". I want people to dream big, live abundantly (here on earth as well as in heaven) and love like God loves. Who Makes up your support group? I have an amazing family. My parents, brother and host of cousins, uncles and aunts are a huge support system for me. Not to mention my church family St. Matthew's United Church Apostolic. I also sing with Min. Derrick Bull & Remnant and let me tell you that I really love those people. The Remnant Nation is one of my biggest driving forces. Min. Bull is very big on pushing the people around him 13

Submitted: Becky DeWitt Young & Gifted, but Chosen Kendra Smith is an established Indie Artist that God has anointed with a sound of worship that crosses generational lines to lift the hearts of Believers. Her relationship with Jesus empowers her to not only write and sings the songs, but minister to the youth. The Spirit of the Lord is setting the stage for His new sound in the earth that will come through the generation that is seeking and hungry for His presence. Tell our readers about when you fell in love with singing for Jesus and your ministry of music. I started singing at a very young age and I was always a church girl. I first fell in love with music when I started writing songs. Music was like an escape and it almost felt like at the time it was all I needed. I also fell in love with music because its one of those things that can never get old and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Incorporating my love for Jesus into my music added that message or that extra oomph to my music that made me be like "Wow, this might actually be my calling." So I prayed about it and God showed it to me in a dream. Me singing to many different races, generations and around the world not only singing, but ministering with my voice and actually touching the lives of people. As an artist you are always writing. What is the latest inspiration for what you are working on now? Yes, I love writing songs. My latest inspiration in writing songs is strength and growth. I’m currently writing a song now which just actually just tells my story on how God gave me the strength in times I felt like I didn't want to sing no more because I was being told I was different or because I had a problem that was bothering me deeper. But through all that and more he keeps growing in me. I’m revealing less of me & more of him in my life day by day. What is your favorite song that you have written so far? A very old song I first recorded when I was 11 entitled “Jesus Is A Rock”. As a youth, how important is it that your music have an impact on your generation because of the different issues that they are dealing with in today’s' society? It's a major thing that I try to reach out to my generation and show them that living for God, loving Him, and praising Him is one if the best things I've ever done. "Its not always easy living for God but its always better" - Tye Tribbett. I always tell that little saying Tye Tribbett once said to the girls or the guys that come to me and trust me to talk about things they're going through or even if its just a question or opinion about something they want thing that I try to reach out to my generation and show them that living for God, loving Him, and praising Him is one if the best things I've ever done. "Its not always easy living for God but its always better" - Tye Tribbett. I always tell that little saying Tye Tribbett once said to the girls or the guys that come to me and trust me to talk about things they're going through or even if its just a question or opinion about something they want to know. I try to make sure that my generation always remembers that I’m not any different than they are; it's just that my gift or my ability is different. I love writing songs that I know my generation will like and relate to. Is there anyone in particular that you would consider to be your mentor and why? My producer Garland Miche Waller, who has definitely worked with me and helped me a lot with my voice. I love watching and learning from him. He's the best and he's a legend. :) As we are entering into a new move of the Holy Spirit ordained for this time, what are you sensing about the change in your music? My music is becoming more ME! When I was younger it was me singing but the songs weren't the feel of me. Now, since I’m older and my voice is maturing. I’m able to make the music mine and my style. What God had planned all along it’s in the level of processing. Amen! Usually, we ask for the one word that would describe you, but we are going to ask you for three. Humble, Changed, and Different.. PO Box 6986 Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 sarebj189@msn.com www.bdig-beckydewitt.com www.authorsden.com/beckydewitt www.writtenvoicesblog.com 14

Submitted: AnDrea Frondorf We all need to discover new ways of thinking and behaving to have the abundant life that God has spoken of that is filled with blessings! What that might mean for some of us is we need to "take out the trash!" Yes, maybe literally, but most importantly, figuratively! “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2) Ask yourself: What limited beliefs do I have about where my future is going? Once you answer that, throw those limiting beliefs out in the trash! Ask yourself: What unwarranted activities are taking me away from living purpose-filled? When you find the answers, throw them out in the trash! Ask yourself: What unmanaged emotions are holding me back from becoming who I was designed to be? Through studying the Word and gaining control of your emotions, throw the negative emotions out in the trash too! ANYTHING that is cluttering your mind & keeping you from going in the direction of your God-given dreams you must throw out so you can become who God designed you to be using your talents and gifts to impact His Kingdom! And when you make the decision to throw these things out, realize they are gone, you cannot take them back! Allow God to make all things new. Take this call to action seriously by writing out your limiting beliefs, your unwarranted activities & unmanaged emotions on separate pieces of paper. Then crumble each one up, even tear them into shreds (whatever you need to do) and throw them away for good! Step away feeling refreshed and revitalized as you clear the clutter from your mind & heart! “Seek first his kingdom & his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33). When you “take out the trash” of this world and transform your mind to the Lord’s Kingdom world, you will surely Be Blessed! by Andrea C. Frondorf Andrea C. Frondorf founded Connections by Drea & CoFounded Dynamic Devotions Fitness Ministry. She is a Life Coach & Speaker, as well as a Health Coach. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Psyc and received her Mas15 ter’s in Counselor Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. She has led Bible Studies, Small Groups, has been a speaker with various Ladies' Groups / Organizations, as well as a National Speaker for Maximized Living, has been a Retreat Speaker, has written for a newspaper column on health in Myrtle Beach & has had various other community involvements. Andrea's passion is to inspire & empower individuals to live a powerful, Godcentered life focusing on the gifts He created within to serve others and create that life of abundance God promises! The steps of a good man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way and He busies Himself with his every step. Psalm 37:23 AMP

Entering New Horizons Submitted: Becky DeWitt DeVine Records is branching out with a new vision for the un-known “Bright Lights” that are on the horizon. Territory is being enlarged for Kenneth Smith, the visionary behind DeVine Records as he is launching De-Vine Glory. DeVine Glory is a premier Christian magazine that is being introduced to the Carolinas displaying the gifts and talents of the hidden and un-known vessels that are on the horizon. Coming forth to display the glory of God in their lives. Give the readers a little background information about you. Originally, I am from East Orange, NJ. During my high school years, my family moved to South Carolina where I completed my education. After high school, I served in the U.S. Navy & U.S. Army, learning a majority of life and personal skills while traveling all around the world. I attended Morris College in Sumter, SC majoring in Business Administration. I also worked for the Department of Correction State Prison Sys-tem. I am a former Police Officer for the City of Dillon. I am the CEO/Founder of DeVine Records Management, LLC, which has four individual entities under its umbrella which include the following: DeVine Management, DeVine Glory Magazine, The DeVine Journal, and WIAG, IAMGospel Radio Internet Radio Station. There is a multitude of records companies in the gospel arena. Why did you start Devine Records Management? Well, DRM LLC, was designed to put a focus on gospel indie artist and to create a platform for ministry and worship. DRM LLC will also make the difference by providing the essential tools and understanding on how to build music ministry to the next level. We also provide Artist Development, Music Career Counseling, Branding, Artist Exposure, & A Variety Of Workshops. You have focused on the 'Indie Artists'. Explain that term to us. The Indie Artist is an artist that does everything on his/ her own. An Indie Artist is not signed to a label, but takes the responsibility of marketing and promoting themselves. What advice do you have for up and coming Indie Artists'? First of all, the advice for Indie Artist is to know the purpose of their ministry and how it affects others. Second, the artist should know that the sound that they are releasing into the atmosphere, attaches to the spirit of the receiver and therefore must be pure in its content and meaning. Third, make sure that they are accountable to spiritual leadership. Finally, to become knowledgeable and do research on the Music Industry itself. Who are some of the people that have had and influence and still influence you? My junior high and high school chorus and band teachers, Mrs. Linda Jones and Mr. Luther Town send, my church family (Mt. Hermon C.O.G), and my close friend that has always been on my side, Leanna Washington, & a many more. Your grand opening concert was phenomenal with representation from different groups from the ATL to Charlotte. How did you accomplish something so great? It was not of my doing; it was the labor in the fields and creating of relationships, which now I am reaping. I also think that the most important thing is to be true to what you've promised someone and stay faithful to God. Devine Records Management is a company with many different ventures. What is next on the horizon in 2013? We plan on expanding out and creating a demand within our region so that it will contaminate the world with the gospel. We are going to be that company that makes a great impact in the music industry. 16 Visionary

Courtesy of Tiffany Andrews You’ve seen it on kiosk when shopping at Macy’s or Belk. You’ve seen it on direct mail postcards from your area Jiffy-Lube offering discounted tune up service. You’ve even seen it on Heinz Ketchup labels. Moreover, if you visit metropolitan cities like New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta you’ll even see these black boxes on the exterior of buildings. These square boxes with black lines are called QR Codes. QR Codes are officially known as Quick Response Codes. At a glance, they may remind you of the UPC barcode found on clothing sale tags or box of cereal. What separates UPC barcodes from QR Codes? QR Codes are black square dots arranged in a square pattern on a white back-ground that offers fast readability for all Smartphones. Uses of QR Codes 1. Promote your next big event! Allow the code to connect concert or festival goers to an event overview page or your event’s purchase ticket page. 2. See and hear product testimonials! Allow the code to take your target audience to a testimonial video of a person endorsing your product. 3. Contest! Allow the code to redirect your customer to a landing page to enter the contest. This feature will serve two purposes. First, you have the ability to reward loyal consumers. Secondly, it provides you with a database comprised of current and potential customers. 4. In-store discounts $$$ Allow the code take your purchaser to a landing page that unveils the in-store discount. It’s just like using a coupon you clip from the newspaper or magazine. Your offer does not have to be a percentage off, a dollar amount works too. Or my personal favorite…”Winner of a $100 Shopping Spree.” 5. Generate traffic to your website. If you want to increase the number of Unique Visitors, then QR Codes are a no brainier. If you decide to use the code in this manner remember, this feature allows you to acquire visitors from television advertising, social media outlets like Facebook, direct mail, fliers, outdoor signage, and even business cards. Recreational entertaining too. Consider using QR Codes at your next family reunion or church picnic as a clue provider for a treasure hunt. The QR Code will provide instructions each time the player advances to the next leg of the race. 17 There are free Apps for your consumers to download on all mobile devices like the Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android. QR Codes makes it easy for you to reach your target audience and gain traceable brand awareness. We live in a global economy and a digital world. Consumers like it SIMPLE. Consumers like it Fast. Consumers like Deals. I suggest, for beginners navigating in the digital space of QR Codes to use either QR Stuff (www.qrstuff.com) or Go QR (www.goqr.me). My Tip To You: Test your QR Code on the BlackBerry, iPhone, and the Android to ensure your consumers can open your code. By Tiffany Andrews. Tiffany Andrews is a marketing consultant who specializes in Global Attractions Development and Management for the City of Myrtle Beach Convention Center. In addition, she is the CEO of The Andrews Agency of Myrtle Beach which has numerous projects in Social Networking. Advertising. Marketing. Web Building/SEO. Public Relations. Branding. Media Buying. Special Events. For years The Andrews Agency has been the stand-out ad agency in Myrtle Beach, SC. No matter what the project, we make your life easy and deliver measurable results. The Andrews Agency talents boast over 50 years of traditional marketing experience and 20 years of non-traditional marketing experience. Our team is comprised of reliable professionals ready to create, brand, market, and advertise your company. We are leaders in the southeast for Multi Cultural Marketing and will transcend your brand messaging from print - radio - television - out of home - web - social - mobile. Check out the website for more information. www.theandrewsagency.net, Tiffany@theandrewsagency.net.

Submitted: Arthenius Jackson “After tragically losing both parents, Dorothy set her sights on the ‘Big City’ to become the music superstar that she always knew she would be. Her dreams finally became tangible as she landed a job at the infamous Sunshine Records. But assisting the ‘’World’s Meanest Boss,” being upstaged by her Gospel Star Aunt Emily and a mishap in the studio are just the beginning of her dream turned into a nightmare! Written and directed by Brian Forte’, and featuring over a dozen original songs, original score, and show stopping dance numbers, “THE GOSPEL OF OZ” is sure to make the whole family ‘shout on down’ the road!” The rest of the cast included the praise dancers of Kay Branch Baptist and the talented boys from Young Men in Christ. Cumulus Radio Personality of Glory 98.5, Trey Nicelson made guest a cameo appearance. The musical was a great success! The cast perThe Hartsville Center Theater was transformed into the Land of Oz Sunday, February 13th for the production of “The Gospel of Oz,” directed by Hartsville’s very own Brian Forte’. The show was originally planned to begin at 6 p.m., but due to an overwhelming response of the production, tickets sold out days before the performance day, and a 2 o’clock show was added. Hartsville’s native Brian Forte’ said, “This was a seven year dream for me and others who helped with the production of the ‘Gospel of Oz.’” The production had a similar theme and similar characters to the classical movie The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Woman and Lion all were in search of the Wiz to get help for their problems. Dorothy was still trying to find her way home, Scarecrow still needed a brain, Tin Woman needed a heart, and the Lion still lacked courage. The “Gospel of Oz’s” main theme was to encourage its audience that whatever your dream is, you can achieve it. It was heard in the theme song numerous times throughout the play. “You can achieve anything, if you only believe; there is good news for you.” The musical was sponsored by Kay Branch Baptist Church, of Hartsville. The main cast consisted of: Arthenius Jackson as Dorothy; Montrell Dupri as Scarecrow; Chon Jackson as Tin Woman; Kerton Washington as the Lion. The good witch, also known as the godmother was played by Renee’ McLeod while Quentina formed in front of over 1200 people based on the afternoon and evening show. Mayor Pennington stated, “The Gospel of Oz was an amazing display of Hartsville talent and faith—a sold out house tonight—looking forward to the next production!—it was awe-some.” Many of those who attended said the production was beyond their expectation. Brian Forte’ announced that Hartsville was just the first stop, and the show will be put on the road. He stated, “I want the next stops to include Columbia, Charleston, Greenville and Charlotte.” He said hopefully the production will pick up again in May. Thomas and Sonda Jett-Clair were cast as the evil witches. If you would like for the production of “Gospel of Oz” to come to your city, please contact Phyliss Thompson at Kay Branch Baptist Church at 843-332-6501 18

Submitted: Kenneth Smith 19

Submitted: Pastor Sean Wilson September 16, 2012 marks a historical moment for both Pastors Sean and Janice Wilson. This was the day that both were in-stalled as Pastors of Greater Faith Victory Church of Waynesville, Missouri. As they were obedient to the call that was con-firmed June 16, 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii by the laying on of hands, of Bishop Kelsey Lewis and sent to Missouri to plant the Ministry that they both carry in their hearts. The Church plant started as a Bible Study in their home in December 2011 and moved to the Super 8 Motel soon thereafter. On April 30, 2012 God opened up doors and showed great favor to the team as they acquired a store front location in the Hunters Point housing area and is the current location of Sunday Worship Services. History of the Call: Pastors Sean and Janice Wilson have a very unique testimony. In the 2004 the family was stationed in Germany and active members of New Covenant Christian Fellowship of Vilsack Germany. The Senior Pastors were Pastors Daryl and Linda McGee. During their time in that ministry Pastor Sean (who worked in the media ministry at the time) had an experience and encounter with God and made a vow that he would preach the Gospel and retire once he attained twenty-years of service in the Army; his only request was that the Lord would take care of his family. Pastor Janice was a member of the Praise and Worship at that time as well. They received orders and relocated to Hawaii where they joined and were active members of Fellowship Temple of Wahiawa, Hawaii and the Senior Pastor was Bishop George Henfield where they were involved in many areas of the Ministry as Pastor Sean was appointed as the Men’s Ministry Leader while also participating in other areas. Bishop Henfield assisted in guiding and establishing strong foundational teachings which set them both up for their predestined call and at the end of their two year tenure there they then partnered with Pacific Revival Center of Honolulu, Hawaii where they received training in many areas. In 2008 Pastor Sean deployed to Iraq and once he arrived God opened the door for him to teach Bible Study on Friday evenings to Soldiers in theater. Pastor Sean answered the call and about five months into the deployment God told him that once he returns to Hawaii that both he and his wife would be ordained as Pas-tors and then sent to plant a church of which Pastor Sean only shared this vision with his wife at the time. After redeployment Pastor Sean and Pastor Janice both were invited into Bishop Kelsey and Pastor Druscilla Lewis’ office and received a formal invitation into the Ministries Pastoral training Program. Pastor Sean withheld the word that the Lord had told him until a year later after the Ordination service. The confirmation of the call manifested itself after the ordination service which was held in June 2010. Soon after Pastors Sean and Janice moved to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri after Pastor Janice retired from the United States Army. Being sent to the local area as church planters they visited several Ministries and helped where they were allowed. They never joined any Ministry for one simple reason and that is they believe that when a person joins a Ministry it’s a marriage and a committed covenant relationship. They were sent to plant their Church and made their intentions apparent to each Pastors Church they visited. After Pastor Sean received confirmation of the start date for their ministry from the Lord he dropped his retirement papers and started Bible Study in their home on December 21, 2011. The initial vision and purpose which is still very much engrained in the heart of the Ministry is to “Fix the Cracks in the Foundation of the Believers”. In a nut shell what that means is that every believer must understand what Jesus Christ has done for the entire world when he was crucified. Many people don’t believe because they don’t really know Jesus in the intimate way that they should. They are a strong team of Ministers and desire to expand and share the Gospel and make Disciples of all Neighborhoods, Communities and Nations. 1 Tim 1:12 “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has enabled me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry”. Pastors Sean and Janice’s call came from the Lord and are committed to performing the will of God as he has equipped them to do. Pastor Sean has written and published a children’s book called “Life through the Eyes of a Butterfly” which encourages parents to speak life into their children and also reinforces the fact that every child has a predestined purpose. Pastor Sean is also on the BOTT Radio Station in Missouri and “I Am Gospel “ internet radio of which he shares inspirational messages as God as lead him to do so. If you want to know more information about Greater Faith Victory Church please visit www.greaterfaithvictory.org. 20

religion,” McRae said. “I didn’t feel that I should compromise. I didn’t feel that I should do things that God didn’t want me to do.” Instead, McRae went home and began writing. He decided that faith and theater could co-exist. He Courtesy of Joe McRae CARTERET MAN COMBINES FAITH WITH THEATER Joe McRae’s “Real Men Pray” To Start East Coast Tour It’s been said when one door closes, an-other opens. But emerging playwright and producer Joe McRae of Carteret knows all too well that he had to turn the knob and give the door a good push to get to where he is today – just months from taking his play, “Real Men Pray,” on the road for an East Coast tour after its performances began on Saturday, Dec. 3 at Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick. Thirteen years ago, McRae was an aspiring actor nurturing dreams of a theatrical career while working as a caseworker for the Division of Youth and Family Services and raising a young family with his wife Sonia. As a sociology major at New Jersey City University, he had acted in college theater, doing everything from “Hamlet” to “The Wiz." He was called to New York to audition for a voiceover, the type of bread-andbutter work young actors gladly accept while awaiting their big break. But it wasn’t to be. Asked to recite a string of expletives during the audition, McRae refused. A man of deep faith, he says he could not, in good conscience, utter words he felt were offensive to his beliefs. The director pleaded with him. “God will forgive you,” she said. Her words stung him even more. He left, perhaps ending any chance of an acting career in the mainstream entertainment industry. “They wanted me to do things that went against my founded Joe McRae Productions and wrote his first faiththemed play, “Take Back What the Devil Stole,” in 1998. His second, “All That Glitters Ain’t Gold,” was nominated for a Gospel Tiffany Award. He also wrote and produced “Behind the Shout” and “That’s My Momma.” Each speaks to audiences about the power of faith. In his plays, he aims to communicate the message of a loving, forgiving God through believable characters faced with the familiar challenges of life. The dialogue is realistic and contemporary, but never profane. “After every show I’ve done, someone comes up to me and says ‘you just told my story’,” he said. “Real Men Pray,” which will be presented at Cross-roads Theatre in New Brunswick today (Sat., Dec. 3) at 2 and 7 p.m., focuses on four men whose lifelong friendship is nearly destroyed by a series of betrayals and bad choices that derail their dreams and their relationships with the women in their lives. “Real Men Pray” was written to appeal to young people and families as it delivers lessons of truth and redemption via Ms. Lola, known as “The Wisdom,” a matriarchal, all-knowing figure who’s seen and lived it all. Faith and religion remain central to McRae’s life. He has been in the ministry for 14 years and is an Elder with a Church in Jersey City while still working as a caseworker. He also produces skits and leads theater workshops for young people in schools, community centers and nonprofit organizations. Past performances of “Real Men Pray” was scheduled at The Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia, March 3; the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, April14; Newark Symphony Hall, May 18 and 19; The Billie Holiday Theatre in New York City, July 27 and 28; and Howard University in Washington, D.C., Sept. 29. McRae is now on tour with "That's My Momma" another must see play, by Joe McRae., For more information about Joe www.JoeMcRaeProduction.com. go online to 21 Jessica Rogers Ministries www.simply-jessica.com


LIFE AUTO RENTERS HOME Located across from Chick-Fil-A & Walmart next to Crystal Cleaners 2027 South Irby Street PO Box 169 Florence, SC 29505 Call Today: (843) 662-3164

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