Coach’s Corner Contents DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE - SUMMER 2014 - VOL.2, ISSUE 1 Coach’s Corner .......................................................2 Rough Diamond .....................................................3 Black Pearls ..............................................................4 Ready Writers ..........................................................5 A New Kind of Shepherd .....................................6 Moments of Ministry ..............................................8 Poets & Prose ..........................................................8 Beyond Borders .....................................................9 Bright Lights ......................................................... 12 All things DO work together By Andrea Conigliaro Frondorf W e all experience loss in some way in our lives and it’s never easy. What happens when you lose someone you love? Or lose a job? Or your bank account? Or a best friend? Or a marriage? Loss is so challenging to deal with because when we lose something, we feel an empty place within our heart. We’re often so broken & feel as if we’re floundering through life, that healing can seem to be off in the unreachable distance. We often experience that “hole” that doesn’t feel natural because we were created to feel complete & full. When we experience a “hole,” we often begin to try to fill it with “something,” sometimes anything, just to experience a contentment of sorts. However, if we can learn to fill it with God, we can endure the loss and actually heal, becoming stronger in Him! When we long for “the good life,” a completely full life, it’s hard to comprehend that God wouldn’t want the best for us too, right? And I believe He does! However, that doesn’t mean we get to experience the fullness without dealing first with some of the empty spaces. In Romans 8:28 we read that “All things God works for the good of those who love him & have been called according to his purpose.” All things. This means that even when you hurt, even when you lose someone you love, even when your world falls apart – God can take all of it and use it for good; the good of knowing Him more intimately. When I lost my mom 24 years ago I felt my world ended. There was a gigantic emptiness that only God could fill; unfortunately, I didn’t get to know Him for many years. I lived filling the empty places with everything I could just to try to feel “complete” in some way. My mother had always been my rock, my hope, my comfort, my friend. When she was gone, I was lost. A few years later, I lost my best friend in a car accident. A few years later I lost a baby at 11 weeks pregnant and went through the D&C alone. A few years later I lost my marriage. A few months later I lost my job. I could go on & on with all the major losses I have experienced in my life. I was lost as I experienced loss. It wasn’t until I met Jesus, though, that He started putting the pieces back together again. He used all of these losses to draw me closer to Him. Even though the losses were huge, the love and strength I gained were immeasurably bigger! Jesus shows up when there is no hope. He fills empty holes with goodness, mercy, compassion and most importantly, love. He always hears us, always knows what’s going on with us, always loves us. Sometimes, it takes the loss to be filled with the only thing that really matters – Jesus. And in experiencing His fullness, our loss lessens. It may not go away completely, but He is working everything together for the GOOD. There is power & strength in Knowing and Believing Him. We all have a choice when dealing with the many losses in life: you can build your house on sinking sand and struggle, or build it on THE ROCK and stand! Blessings! ~ Drea

ROUGH DIAMOND by Raquel Beckford Begin with the end in mind. Establish your focus and act accordingly. The nature of any life situation is irrelevant to the outcome. What truly matters are core values, persistence and spiritual guidancekeymindset’14. I know that you are hurting. I can hear your Cry. In your eyes I can see you holding back the tears. You are living a life of pain because you are unsure of your purpose. You are not sure what you are called to do. You spend your days aimlessly saddened by your lack. Wake up! You lack nothing. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29 vs. 11 . Inside of you are potentials untapped, untouched and flawless. You are built for greatness by the greatest. Be not discouraged by others insight of you being useless. God has made you useful. Your use exceeds any physical matter outside of you. It is the pure intentions of your heart that shines and illuminates vibrantly that are worth attention. Arise and acknowledge your worth. The richness of your heart and your acknowledgement of the greater you far exceeds your worldly shortcomings. Consider yourself a diamond. It has been a long time coming. Still, the process is worth the end product; from a carbon molten rock to being the most precious gem of all. Diamonds are defined by color, clarity, cut, and carat. Let’s not forget that without the favorable conditions of intense pressure of volcanic eruption the world may be deprived of this gem that everyone so desires and love. With gratitude and thanksgiving to the miners who have the ability to see the goodness of what seems useless; the patience to endure the process to bring forth the valuable stone. Before a diamond is even processed, it must be mined first. The mineral is recovered from ore through a process known as comminution and liberation. Comminution is the breakage of larger ore into smaller particles. The liberation is the process of removing the incorporated diamond from the ore. In some instances, after larger diamonds have been processed, the ore may go through another re-crush phase to try to remove smaller diamonds. Be wise enough to know that just as the process of mining diamond, you will not be the best without some added pressure. And he sat down opposite the treasury and watched the people putting money into the offering box. Many rich people put in large sums. And a poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which make a penny. And he called his disciples to him and said to them, “Truly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.” Mark 12 vs. 41-44 We live in a world of distorted perception; a world where more value is placed on external than internal. Still I encourage believers of Christ to fret not on the definition and value that the world place on your Life because of your circumstances. By your faith you will endure your process and you will come out to be the fine diamond that YOU are in Christ Jesus who lives on the inside. Hallelujah! Inside of each person lies quality of excellence. Many times we are led down roads that we ourselves may not understand. It is through these times that we need to turn our eyes unto the hills from which we came and seek diligently the intervention of the best miner that we know. The ultimate deliverer of all diamonds. The blood of Jesus Christ will clean and polish your being so others will see clearly your shine. It is not always clear when you will get to that point of next level deliverance. I encourage you to hold on to Jesus no matter what you do. For you are more precious than even the most precious stone diamond. You are built with even more resilience. Your soul is that of the GREAT I am. Pressure can only transform YOU. It will never destroy YOU. Arise and claim the God that is in you. Where you are now is not where God created you to be. Be wise enough to know that just as the process of mining diamond you will not be the best without some added pressure. I encourage you to embrace pressure with open arms; acknowledging always the goodness of the Lord. No need to look outside for perfection. Perfection is embedded in your core just Uncut. Diligently seek the Lord and he shall redeem you to be the finest of all his creations. Ye diamond in the rough. Be patient and of good courage. God will redeem your brilliance. DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 3

by Psalmist Doris Stokes Knight GET TO KNOW WHO GOD IS! I t is important for us to realize as people of God just how important our character means. It’s important for others to know who you truly are by your character because it will precede you in a lot of cases in life: in school, in the workforce, in business relationships and in the NEW relationships you forge throughout your life. What amazes me are the many people who claim to be Christians, believe in God and state they love Him but they don’t really know or understand His character. Why the amazement?...because just like with people, you can’t truly “love”, “know” or appreciate someone without some type of relationship being developed. You have to know something about them: what they like, don’t like, what they’re good at, their strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, behaviors, educational background, profession, what kind of family they came from, etc., these are all windows into what kind of person they are. When it comes to The Lord, the Bible is instrumental in helping us to know and understand WHO our Creator is. Why is that?...because it would be hard for us to come to know Him, love Him and understand somewhat how He operates and TRUST Him as God without understanding the “Isness” of God. Now understand that we will NEVER fully comprehend all there is TO know about The Lord but there is enough about His character written in scripture to validate why we should accept and respect Him for the well-deserving God that He is. By reading in context the Word and how He interacted with the people of the Bible, we come to gain an understanding of how deeply He tends to love, what makes Him angry, how giving He is and ready to release blessings over our life, how protective He is over His people and how He doesn’t tolerate foolishness and disloyalty. Yes, these are character traits of who He is! For those that know me, they know I’m a VERY mild-mannered person, funloving and enjoy being around fun people. Several years ago a friend of mine told me that another person that just happened to have attended the same church I did (several years previously) but I had absolutely NO relationship with this individual, had informed her she didn’t “like” me because I had slapped her one Sunday in front of the whole church. So to my friend’s surprise, she said “I was so shocked she said that, I told her, in all the years I’ve known Doris NOBODY I know has EVER said anything even remotely close about her fighting, being violent or getting in any loud arguments or confrontations with ANYBODY!” She said, “Doris that was THEE FUNNIEST thing I had ever heard because I couldn’t imagine in my mind you raising your hand to slap or hit somebody!” See, what this other person didn’t RECOGNIZE is that “slapping anybody” is NOT a characteristic belonging to me. So naturally we had to have a good laugh about it because there obviously was NO TRUTH to her claims. Besides, usually before events escalate to a “slapping phase” wouldn’t the parties involved have to know each other, have had some type of disagreement, argument or SOMETHING before a punch or slap would be thrown into the equation? And, if I had “slapped her in front of the whole church” (which was a pretty large sized congregation) as she claimed, wouldn’t 4 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE there obviously be witnesses to that fact...especially since my own Mother attended that church as well? Although I knew who the person was, we had NEVER even had so much as a conversation before; it was pretty much a “hello” and “goodbye” relationship! The point is this: if the character my friend had already known about me had not preceded me, she may have believed the lie coming from this other person who instigated this “story.” But since she had known me for YEARS, she had history about who I was, my consistent behaviors, personality traits and reputation and her RELATIONSHIP with me directly instantly raised a RED FLAG on this accusation against me, so she knew there couldn’t have been much if any truth to this other person’s claims. This is why it is sooooooo difficult to get those that have a genuine relationship with God for themselves to be “turned around” from what they KNOW about Him. They’ve already experienced Him in some POSITIVE way; the God of miracles, signs, wonders, doors being opened or closed, protection, ways made, debts canceled, healings, prayers being heard and answered, as the old saints use to say; “THEY KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT HIM!” When you allow yourself to understand and gain the wisdom of what makes God be God, you learn to never under-estimate Him nor to pre-suppose what He may or may not do. You’ll never figure Him out but your FAITH in Him will always act on your behalf to encourage God’s hand to move in your favor. His character stands by itself, once you gain a REAL ENCOUNTER with Him no one can tell you how mean He is, or He doesn’t care about us or that He doesn’t exist. All it takes is for you to open your eyes in the morning to see a NEW day or for you to continue walking in divine health and having a reasonable amount of strength, to hear birds singing, rain falling, the sun shining to KNOW He exists! If you’re breathing by the grace of God, that means He’s merciful enough to provide the oxygen you’re taking in to sustain your life, so He cares for us and we can depend on Him by the character He has exhibited and displayed throughout the ages. The Bible itself is an account of His history. In your walk with The Lord, make a conscious effort and promise to yourself that you will actively take the time to KNOW and learn His character. Think back on situations in your own life and see if you can identify HOW you were delivered or how your situation got resolved or turned around especially if you couldn’t figure things out for yourself. What character trait of God showed up on your behalf?: was it Jehovah Jireh (the God of provision); was it Jehovah Ropheka (the God our Healer); or was it Jehovah Nissi (the God of Victory)? See, He’s such a BIG God, He can’t be characterized or contained by one Name because He can and will become the God you need at the time you need Him! He’s a multi-faceted, multi-breasted God that you can’t place in a box and He won’t operate on your terms! Knowing the character of God will FREE you and give you the liberty necessary to believe God for the impossible! You can trust WHO He is, WHAT He is and WHAT He stands for because His character is SOUND; our God is simply.... AWESOME! ~Selah. I’m lovin’ you to life!

Ready Writers Ye Shall Be Witnesses What defines one to be a witness for the Kingdom of God? It is not my any means an ordinary pattern or instance. It is that which gives evidence to the majestic splendor of our God, not just in words, but power. You are designed to serve His purpose as evidence of His divine majesty to see and give evidence of His truth and love for all of creation. “But you shall receive power, ability, efficiency, and might when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends, the very bounds of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 AMP). Many sermons have been preached on the first part of this scripture focusing on the receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, which is needed to complete the assignments. It is that power, that ability, which the Holy Spirit endues us with to become the witnesses. The words shall be indicates the intention and determination of the speaker, who is our Lord. There is always an expectancy from us for what the Lord can do for us. But what about a reversal of this for Him? He is expecting us to be witnesses to the world for Him because we are in the world, but not of the world. He wants to put His chosen on display. Remember our God is a spirit and He needs yielded vessels. How else can He legally come into the earth realm for the manifestation of His purpose that none would be lost? The enemy sets traps of distraction and doubt to disillusion the saints, using time as an accomplice because he knows what the power of your witness will do. Are you ready for your assignment? “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in Me, he will himself be able to do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father.” (John 14:12 AMP). We have been chosen and selected during this time to be used for the greater works. The word greater indicates an unusual size or degree of notable power and intensity. There have been great moves of the Holy Spirit previously, but the extent of that which is upon us is extremely vast and there is no previous reference or comparison. In other words, there are no words to describe this. Many will be left speechless and in awe. The enemy has used the natural element of time to wear out the saints. “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws:” (Daniel 7:25 a, KJV). He releases strategies of speaking doubt and unbelief into your hearing, dulling your spiritual senses, inserting reasoning, and all programmed against the Word of God. His intended result is to change time, even though it is a natural element which he think that he controls. But the God of the universe is the Creator of time. The enemy only has access through the fall of Adam, the act that gave him leasing rights. Now that you are the chosen vessel with the spirit of God in you, you must be cleansed and sanctified for the wonders that are upon us. This is necessary to go where you have never been. It is separation for preparation. In Joshua 3:1-7, the people were camped out at the Jordan, before crossing over. Instructions were given to follow the ark, but keep the proper distance, because they were being led by the glory of By Becky DeWitt God on a route that they had not been before. “And Joshua said to the people, Sanctify yourselves, that is, separate yourselves for a special holy purpose, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” (Joshua 3:5 AMP). As sons of God who received Him, His son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit, we are and will be led by His Holy Spirit. “For even the whole creation all nature waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God’s sons to be made known, waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship. (Romans 8:19 AMP). It is time for the sons of God to be known, revealing the witness of the power of God, our Father, within us. “Therefore then, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses who have borne testimony to the Truth, let us strip off and throw aside every encumbrance, unnecessary weight, and that sin which so readily, deftly and cleverly clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us.”(Hebrews 12:1 AMP). Recognize and deal with the weights that will slow you down, trip you up, and hinder your forward movement in this move of God. These weights are clever entanglements of the enemy to divert you off course. The Holy Spirit is hovering, eagerly waiting for us to be in position for Him to come in to be a swift witness, providing compelling evidence. Now is the time for the sons of God to arise. Who and where are they? They are the ones who are empowered with a holy boldness speaking the truth because of their relationship with the Almighty. They have been hidden, but are now released and coming forth. They will not be caught up in the religious ordinances of man. “I’m baptizing you here in the river, turning your old life in for a kingdom life. The real action comes next: The main character in this drama—compared to him I’m a mere stagehand—will ignite the kingdom life within you, a fire within you, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out. He’s going to clean house—make a clean sweep of your lives. He’ll place everything true in its proper place before God; everything false he’ll put out with the trash to be burned.” (Matthew 3:11-12 MSG). A fresh fire is on the horizon and the tsunami of the glory will flood the earth. “Arise from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life! Shine be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!” (Isaiah 60:1 AMP) “The Holy Spirit is hovering, eagerly waiting for us to be in position for Him to come in to be a swift witness, providing compelling evidence.” DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 5

Bishop Arvetra Jones Jr. is the President of the NC,SC Gospel Announcers Guild, www.ncgag.com and CEO of The ALJ Agency, www.alj-agency.com. He is a ministerial shepherd, music business visionary, gospel announcer trailblazer, conference host and gospel music education to millions around the globe. He comes from a deeply spiritual heritage as he is the son of nationally renowned Evangelist Lydia Jones and the late Apostle A. Jones Sr., who traveled all across the country years ago. They were before their time as many of the celebrities during that time visited their church in Pinehurst. As the Co-Pastor of the Come As You Are Evangelistic Center in Aberdeen, NC, Bishop Jones has teamed with Senior Pastor and his mother for the past 18 years as a Shephard in the ministry. Bishop Jones began fulfilling his call to the gospel music industry in 1978 when at the age of 16, his mother, Evangelist Lydia Jones, trained and mentored him to commence and close each of her worldwide radio broadcasts, “God’s way to Good Success and Prosperity.” For the past 26 years, Bishop Jones has championed the music industry as the Gospel Music Director of Fayetteville State University’s 91.9 WFSS, where he now trains and mentors other upcoming radio announcers. Bishop Jones can be heard worldwide via radio and the internet on Sunday mornings. In 1996, national officers of the Gospel Music Workshop of America appointed Bishop Jones as President of the North Carolina Gospel announcer’s Guild (NCGAG), where the mission is to ‘educate and inform announcers of how to produce quality radio while informing the world of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Deemed as one of the top affiliates, the NCGAG sponsored an annual Music Convention, inaugurated in 1998 and spearheaded by Bishop Jones. This gospel musical affair combines national gospel announcers, with nationally recording artist and new upcoming artists to educate announcers and showcase new artists. Known for his compassionate yet no nonsense approach, Bishop Jones is a well sought after speaker, teacher, and music educator, instructing and mentoring announcers and upcoming artist to be all that they can be in the music business and industry. He maintains and extensive schedule of announcers’ meeting, conventions and speaking engagements, and has been the Master of Ceremony on several national programs and events with artist including: John P. Kee, Donald Lawrence, Byron Cage, Joe Pace, Lamar Campbell, Candi Staton, Harvey Wilkins Jr. of the Canton Spirituals, Christopher Binson, Luther Barnes, Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, William Becton, Darwin Hobbs, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Dorothy Norwood, Rev. Timothy Wright, Troy Sneed, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Bishop F.C. Barnes and Dr. Charles Hayes. Bishop Jones is the recipient of many awards including: GAG Announcer of the Year Award presented at the GMWA Annual Convention, The Science of Arts Lifetime Achievement Award from Fayetteville State University and the Gospel announcer of the year Prestige Award. Bishop Jones is also a 2008 Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee. A 66 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE

Why was the North Carolina Gospel Announcer’s Guild established and what is its purpose? The NC Guild is affiliated with the Gospel Music Workshop of America (“GMWA”), an organization that was founded by the late James Cleveland. About 20 years ago, the national guild found that the organization was increasing and decided to form affiliates across the country. I was appointed to lead the NC Guild. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization which establishes new artists and radio announcers. We educate them about the industry as a whole. The artists need to understand the various components of the industry from how to get radio play, production, marketing and many other aspects. The radio announcers learn how to run a radio station, how to start a radio station and programming. We are considered one of the largest affiliates in the country and we attract artist nationwide. I noticed on the website that there are no affiliates in South Carolina. Are there any plans for this in the future? We are a part of NC, SC, and Virgina. These states are in the original bylaws. Years ago we just started saying the NC Guild. Currently we have liaisons in SC, beginning last year with Bro. Leroy Harper and Pastor Dixon out of Charleston to head up the SC area. We plan to establish others in the Florence, Spartanburg, Greenville areas as well. We have a target date for a SC meeting in June 28 for our first meeting. Talk to us about the upcoming conference and what is that thing that will be released by the Spirit of God in this conference that will make it different from the other conferences? The key word is released by the spirit of God. We always operate and are led by the spirit of God. We can plan, but we are subject to the spirit of God. This is like a week of revival. God moves in the midst and have His way in the convention. Even though people may be ministering there is still the educational component, so that the people will know the different industry trends. Even though we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, we must have knowledge when we approach people in the industry to discuss charts, media based, recurrence on the charts, etc. These are the different topics for classes during the week You must be full of knowledge at the same time. During the nightly services, we have groups that are coming in to minister to let people see what they have to offer to the Body of Christ. We pray, fast, anoint the location and seek God’s face concerning this move before it starts. Do you foresee a change in the gospel sound? I don’t ever think that Gospel Music will change. I think that it always come back around. Take Tommy Dorsey for instance, who wrote Precious Lord, who was not a gospel singer. He was a blues and jazz artist in the nightclubs. When he lost his wife and unborn child, he was overwhelmed and wrote “Precious Lord”. That came from what he was going through in his life at that time and now everybody is singing the song. Edwin Hawkins wrote “Oh Happy Day”, was considered too contemporary in its day, now is a traditional piece. Then the Winans came in 1983 with “The Question Is” continuing to introduce the contemporary sound. A lot of people critique Gospel Rap and do not understand the education of Gospel Rap. Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes, who is over eighty years, is one of the oldest Gospel Rappers in the world. To this day, she still continues to rap. For those who do not understand music, they continue criticize Gospel Rap, especially church people. With over 31 years in the industry listening to various types of gospel music from Bluegrass to Southern Gospel, my job is to understand that gospel music does not get old. It just comes back around again and people think that there has been a change. God is using Gospel Rap to reach a younger generation that those who are in church with traditional cannot reach or understand. I interviewed a young man from Florence, SC, who has a group called Mikey Mike, who came from the streets. He will be performing on Wednesday night at the conference. One thing that I have noticed on his Facebook page is that his brothers who are still in the street are coming to support him. Imagine all of those guys who are out in the world, in that church on Wednesday night listening to Mike minister about Jesus. Can you imagine how many will be saved through the ministry of that one young man? Give us some insight concerning the sound and the purity of what God is releasing in the atmosphere? God is raising up young people now who are not worried about the charts. These are the ones who are not concerned about industry as to where they are on the charts, but they are anointed. They are not worried about popularity. They are rooted and grounded in Christ and know that they are doing this for Christ. They are really seeking God’s face. They are doing it because God has put a charge in their life for such a time as this. I tell the artists that are coming to the conference that if you are coming to be a star, you are coming to the wrong place. It important that we remember that we live for Christ. I tell radio announcers that their job is crucial, that they are not just on the air playing music. You are releasing something in the atmosphere. If you are not living saved as a radio announcer, what are you releasing into the atmosphere? Are you betraying Jesus? Even the promoters. If you are representing Christ, being a fraudulent in your activities, you are releasing deadly and dangerous spirits into the atmosphere. You will pay for your actions because you are misleading people. Imagine what God will really do if we would practice what we are preaching and singing. Talk to us about worship. Worship is one of the most important parts of your life and not just in church. Worship before you even get to the church. Worship when you are at home meditating and on your face. Worship takes you to a place that man cannot get you out of which prepares you for miracles, and even for what the devil will try to do you tomorrow. If you put your worship in before time, you are armed and ready prepared to go to war. Don’t wait to worship Him after the danger comes, worship beforehand. In church, you need praise and worship leaders that are powerful and anointed. They have to fast and pray just like the Pastor. When you go into praise and continued on page 12 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 7 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE 7

Moments of Ministry In the Hands of the Master By William Davis R ight before Jesus gave up the ghost He made a statement that is recorded in Luke 23:46. Jesus said, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit”……Wow! What an awesome and profound statement that Jesus made! The Greek word for commend means to deposit or entrust. Many people deposit or entrust their finances to institutions that offer perks in exchange for the banker’s loyalty. As time goes by, the perks can become greater and more attractive in hopes that the customer will continue to utilize the institution he/she has chosen. Money has become an object of importance for many people, but Jesus asked the question in Matthew 16:26 “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Yes, money is essential in order to function and operate in this world, but how much more vital is our souls in comparison to eternity? Jesus understood the importance of this and chose to deposit or entrust His spirit into the hands of the Master. So what is so special about the hands of the Master? Let’s take a look at Genesis 2:7. The bible says, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” Before God could breathe into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life, He first had to form man from the dust of the ground. God literally picked up dust from the ground and formed Adam’s body. From this we already see that even dirt in the hands of the Master can bring about a creation that God desires to breathe into. Dust of the ground is merely dirt, but dust in the hands of the Master is a wonderful creation. “...even dirt in the What are you willing to place in the hands of the Master? Is it your marriage, your finances, your career, your children, a loved one, or maybe your church……I’ve come to tell you that whatever you place in the Master’s hands can and will be created into something marvelous that God desires to breathe life into. Are you willing to place your investments into His hands? The return produces more than dividends, it secures you a resting place in eternity with the Father. hands of the Master can bring about a creation that God desires to breathe into.” Then there is the prophet Jeremiah who was instructed by God to go down to the potter’s house, and it was there that God spoke to Jeremiah as we watched the potter make a vessel with his hands that was pleasing. God then asked the question, “Cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel. Here we see yet another dimension of God’s hands at work. Those that He love and are willing to remain in His hands will find themselves back upon the potter’s wheel being spun, as the Master’s hands begin to craft and form a vessel that is pleasing to Him. The question is whether or not you will remain upon the wheel in His hands long enough to have your rough edges smoothed and your life shaped and fashioned to be pleasing to God? Anything in its raw state is considered to be rough, but God desires to chisel away all of the unnecessary blemishes to show you off as the true, magnificent diamond that you are. The next time someone reminds you of your status as a rough diamond, don’t be hesitant to tell them that you are in the hands of the Master. Rough diamonds may not be appealing to your eye, but God sees me as the apple of His eye and a pure diamond to the world. 8 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE Poets & Prose Ole Indie Soul By: Monique Davis pebbles,stones and jewels are but crafted works of art by the gravels themselves of earth by our Beloved concocted formulated from dust, debris and matter rough unknown at initial sight yet birthing beams of light reflecting from within of worth and existence oh indie souls they be gifted with magnitudes of anointings causin’ rumblin in your mind spirit from humble beginnings the scultpings and maturation of the exsquisite authority of the gifts placed within each individual with specific calling ole indie soul oh underground souls are hidden secrets just as caves and mysterious wonders are only un-ravelled in the true raw form just as treasures and awaiting awaiting I say, lingering in Sacred venues awaiting to sparkle among the much way beyond, way beyond, I say beyond the dim cascades of un-knowningness staining your soul with saturations of eclectic essence. (c) April 2014. Monique Davis About the Author: Monique Davis Email: mosesprojectmovement@gmail.com Website: http://themosesmovement.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mpmovement

Are You Maintaining Y in the Mist of Despair? Despair is a topic I must touch on do to all the catastrophic situations that arose this year. Many Christians and gentiles can agree that the ups and downs of uncertainty with our economy have caused people to do things that are unspeakable to survive. Many have just decided it’s better to take their own lives whether in church or out of the church. Pastors and leaders have committed suicide this year because they just could not take the pressure any longer. One would think if you know Christ how could this happen? Well like anyone else leaders go through more than the average Christian and the sad part is they have no one to talk to. Everyone looks to them to be strong and really who can they trust with their issues? They sometimes carry the burdens of their congregations on their shoulders though God says put them on him. Church folks will drain a leader, talk about a leader, back-stab a leader even after that leader has prayed them through their situations. Often times that spirit will use the church members to pressurize the leader thus they end up with an unexpected sad end. Sometimes doing things totally outside the will of God because they become distant from God thus carnally driven. This is why we hear so much adultery, fornication, and church drama in the body of Christ. The enemy wants to kill the saintly image of the church. The church has become desperate in some ways because it is in despair and the Jezebel spirit wants to blemish its squeaky clean image God so desires. Thus may saints just thought it best to die. Singles can’t take being single, married folks divorcing, men with men, women with women, fights among the body of Christ and people are just hopeless. People are tired and weary and have turned to their flesh. Joblessness, homicides and more have plagued our communities. The devil has really just had a field day with our society so what do we do? Well what does it actually mean to be despaired? Better yet how does one cope with this spirit when in the church? The dictionary denotes it as a state of hopelessness. It is a very unhealthy way of thinking that can lead to rash decision making which has nothing to do with God and always some type of repercussion. In the bible there were many great people who became so despaired that they asked God to either curse their life or take their life. Jeremiah and Elijah told God they wanted to die. Job’s wife told him to lose his integrity and curse God when he was in the midst of his trials. Abraham desperately slept with his wife’s hand-maiden when she forced him to out of her despair. But Joseph who really had reason to be despaired held on to his integrity, promise and dream from God knowing that he would deliver him. Joseph never allowed his atmosphere to dictate his disposition. He always held on to the hope God had instilled in him though his present state looked grim. Joseph even told his brothers after multiple trials initiated by them, that he was in the place God wanted him to be in. In other words, their attacks thrusting him into his destiny. God brought the despair on the brothers who tried to enslave him. Gene-sis 50:18-19 “We are your slaves,” they said. Vs 19 But Joseph Beyond Borders by Apostle Veryl Howard said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? How many of us could forgive the person the devil uses to tear you down knowing that God flip the script to honor your greatness? We are in an hour where the Jezebel spirit wants to kill and shut up God’s true spokespersons just as it tried in the book of 1st Kings 19 verse 2. The devil wants false prophecies to continue to trick and manipulate the people of God so that they are weakened and unable to stand against his wiles. This is why the truth is so watered down in the body of Christ today. True prophets and sanctified men and women of God have been under an attack that I call the “The Death Sentence”. Whether it is a sickness in the body, craziness in the home, loss of a job, chaos in the church, blocked in ministry the assignment was loosed on the body of Christ. Jezebel decreed in the bible that she would kill Elijah the true prophet and suffer her on life with her gods to do so. She intimidated him to the point of wanting to die and then hiding in a cave to abort his assignment. Fear can make anybody desperate if not prayerful. The enemy tries to put fear in the minds of the people of God. God will not have a pity party with you when you are anointed for an assignment. He told Elijah when fearful to get up continue to eat his bread and drink his living water because he still had work to do. People of God you have work to do. It’s the enemy’s motive to kill your joy, promises, praise, work, money, children, worship, marriage, ministry and your breakthroughs. But you cannot be like Elijah and speak death over your life! I had the opportunity to speak to Latice Crawford runner-up from “Sunday Best” season two. She is now a new artist on RCA records and has a single out called “There” which is charting. But despite all of that, I wanted to hear her perspective. I wanted to see how she main9 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE

tains sanity while God is elevating her new single. I wanted to know how she coped in the gospel industry as a new artist on the scene trying to spread her message through the gospel in song. Latice who is a preacher’s kid said “a lot of people are broken today and the people who had the closest relationship with God in the bible went through the most.” She recalls Bishop Long’s situation and she said he is human like everyone else. She stated “we all have struggles and we can’t look at him as if he is a god.” She said “a lot of people don’t know her story or testimony. People look at her and say she was on a reality show or now she has a record deal so she does not have problems”. “She has struggles just like others but God does not make you qualified to use you” she states. “People need to go back to the human side and know it is not about the human but the God we serve.” She stated she stays very close to her family or long-time friends who keep her grounded. They let her know that she has a foundation and to not get caught in the industry stuff that can get you off focus causing you to make ungodly decisions. She attributes her hope to staying connected to family and God. Like Latice we all have problems. But the key is to stand firm for what you believe and by all means don’t let the devil intimidate who you are. God made you to be a conqueror and by all means equipped you with is word to do so. Put on your whole amour as it says in Ephesians 6 and reverse the death sentence that was pronounced over your life. Get up from the juniper tree in the desert like Elijah had in 1st Kings 19 and prepare for the work you have to do. You were anointed to be victorious so speak life and life more abundantly over your promise today! About the Author Apostle Veryl Howard is Woman of God who minis-ters nationally and internationally. Her work in the Body of Christ is very diverse as she is the founder of On a Mission For Christ International Ministries, Hand to Hand Global Minis-try, and Faith Management & Talent Casting. She is known to many as one of the most sought after managers and promoters in the world of Gospel music. Apostle Veryl is a well-traveled ambassador for Christ. Her global work in ministry lists nations such as Guyana, Bermuda, Aruba, Trinidad, Israel, Benin/Kenya/Nairobi, Zimbabwe, Poland, Germany, Antigua, Am-sterdam, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Surinam, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Dominica, Petite Martinique and Grenada to name a few. You can contact Apostle Veryl Howard for booking Apostle Veryl Howard at Faith Management & Booking Phone: 910-644-1824 Email: VeryL920@aol.com. Elevation in Entrepreneurial Excellence Jacqui Phillips is a re-nowned celebrity makeup artists She has worked with countless celebrities, royalty, presidents, governors, on air talent, politi-cians, models and brides. She has developed a repertoire of high profile clients simply based on her expert work and client referrals. Jacqui has worked with some of the world’s most recog-nizable faces including; First Lady Laura Bush, Deepak Cho-pra, Ingrid Hoffmann, Judy Col-lins, Miss USA and MTV VJ’s Susie Castillo and Vanessa Minillo, Miss America Diedre Downs, Lionel Richie, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Jimmy Fallon, Carmen Electra, MC Lyte, Snoop Dogg and more! Jacqui traveled extensively for MTV as a makeup artist for shows such as, MTV Music Video Awards, Spring Break series for a 5-6 year period, and Beach House Summer on the Strip in Las Vegas. She has worked on commercials, films, broadway shows, television shows, magazine covers, CD covers, book covers and concerts. Some of the television and film engagements include Mob Wives on VH1, The Suze Orman Show, MTV Video Music Awards, Hip Hop Honor Awards, The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Season1&2). Jacqui served as the exclusive makeup artist and hair stylist for renowned singer and author, Judy Collins, which required extensive Australian, UK, New Zealand, Canadian and United States travel for a 7 year span. Her services are also during Fashion Week- Seventh on Sixth Runway Shows which include B. Michel, Eliza Jiminez, ELVA, Feroze, Nu Nue, Pia Myrvod, Thomas Steinbruck and Xang Toi. She is also a freelance writer for a variety of beauty col-umns including the Examiner www. examiner.com in which she is the NY Makeup Expert, the Cliffview Pilot ww.cliffviewpilot.com, and www.livelifebeauty.com. Her celebrity list and work is exten-sive and spans worldwide. 10 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE Her entrepreneurial skills are far reaching as Jacqui mar-ket reach ranges anywhere from a few hundred thousand to over 8 million. She is the owner of Angel Girl by Jacqui Phillips Cosmet-ics, and Jacqueline Pasquale Beauty for over 6 years, a bridal and beauty service specializing in airbrush tanning/makeup and eyelash extensions. This Upscale Company was honored on the List of Elite Best Spas of New Jersey and Best of Citysearch NY/NJ. Check out Jacqui’s website and find out about her new ventures at www.jacquiphillips.tv. Her celebrity gallery is too extensive to list, but there are also makeup tips and tricks for every-day people to look like stars.

A NEW KIND OF SHEPHERD ontinued from page 6 worship, you are opening up the windows of heaven so that everything that God wants will flow in. Worship before you leave your house, because you are walking out among the wiles and fiery darts of the enemy. As a Shepard, what advice do you have for the new artists? My advice would be for them not to be a copycat or try to be like someone else. Seek God for yourself. Be available to serve for God for yourself. Get your own identity, if you happen to sound like someone else or be compared to someone else, give God the praise even though you are not out to sound like them. New artist will have to learn to be humble. They want to put out a CD before they learn the industry. Many people are hold these new artists’ conferences, but they are really not telling people the truth. The new artists of this current time do not want to come in the classroom and they do not want to learn. They want to sing first. They do not want to be critiqued. They are not seeking God’s face enough for Him to lead them on their path. They are not hungry enough. With all of the different ministries that you are involved in as well as the business, how do you maintain balance? It is not hard because I focus on God first and then my family. He allows and makes easy for me. I wear a lot of hats, I run my agency, manage my daughters career, radio host, working with other artist, and co-pastor at my church. God gives the balance. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Sign Up Online @ www.devine-glory.com/subscribe/ If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Love. I deal with love all the time. I talk about loving people all the time even on my radio show. I tell people to just go out an love somebody because you never know when it will be your last time to put a smile on someone’s face. You can love the hell out of people. Even the meanest person, if you show them love, they will change. Love never fails, it conquerors all. 11

Bright Lights Each Issue We Ask Our “Bright Lights” the below questions and you can see their answers below! 1. Give the readers a little information about yourself and the vision that God has assigned to you and its purpose? 2. How important is it for you to spend time with God before ministering, and how vital is it to operate your ministry under the anointing of God? 3. We know that in these days that it is important to win many souls for the Kingdom. How has God changed your approach to evangelism? HOPE McCANTS web: www.hopemccants.org social: www.facebook.com/hopemccants email: bookhopetoday@outlook.com phone: 313-434-3589 1. My name is Hope Mccants. I am from Florence, SC. I am married to Prophet Michael McCants and we have 3 beautiful girls. I have been singing since the age of 3 and have always had a love for music and worship. 2. It is very important. I believe that effective ministering comes from a life of spending time with God daily. I cannot present God to the people if He doesn’t reside in me and I have no relationship with him. 3. God has changed my approach to evangelism by causing me to look at the hearts of people and not their current situations. When I learned to love people where they are in order to bring them to where God wants them to be then I grasped the concept of what true evangelism is all about, loving people to provoke change. 4. It is to simply teach my leaders how to serve God and serve others through love. I tell my leaders, “We don’t need more clergy shirts and titles, we need more people who know how to love others to change and are willing not just to be served but to serve others.” 5. My ministry makes a difference because I am not singing and doing ministry for the accolades of man, but for the Glory of God. 6. Yes I am currently working on my CD Project which is entitled “It Is Well.” It is to encourage others that no matter what you go through in life, as long as God is in the midst of your situations, “It Is Well.” 7. Worshipper, because worship is not just something that I do, it is who I am! 4. Give us some insight into your leadership style and how you prepare the leaders in your ministry. 5. Tell us about your ministry and how it will make a difference in people’s life? 6. Do you have any future projects that you are working on? 7. If you had to describe yourself in one word, What would that one word be? TRACY CLARK 1. Well I’m really just a Average Joe type guy. Lol! Doesn’t really take much for me to be Happy. I really love Singing, Writing. All of which I try to incorporate into the Vision that God has for me. God has charged me to take a Gospel of Healing and Love to a People that have been broken and deprived of both. I was that person. So now I must heal others Through what Christ has given me. 2. It is more than important to have that Time of Intimacy or Communion with Christ before you take a Platform. It is without a doubt an Essential to Effectively Ministering. That way whatever accolades or celebration that may come from others, doesn’t entice you to try and take God’s Shine! Or His Glory! Because your Flesh is already under subjection enough to know that it is just your Gift. 3. Drastically!!! With the way the World is now we must fight Fire with Fire! Not that we diminish or weaken the Gospel. I’m so passionate about the Gospel that I don’t fear going right where the Sinners are. Because it took somebody to come and get me when I was in the World of Sin. 4. Being an ordained Minister, as well as a Minister through Song, the only preparation I have and that I advise those I may lead is to have a Relationship over having Tradition. 5. Simply my ministry is one of Love and Healing!!! I know that I’m called to help those that area struggling in that area because so much of my Life I too was a part of that Club. Until God Turned It!!! So my struggles and flaws are going to help someone else that’s going through in their Faith. 6. After a successful EP release for my single “Champion”, I’m currently working on My Album titled “Forward”! Slated to release the single “Smile (Uniquely You) from the Album in June prayerfully. 7. Justified. 12 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE TANESHA HOLLAND web: www.TaneshaHolland.com social: Facebook: Tanesha Holland-Davis social: YouTube: Tanesha Holland social: Instagram: Singnene 1. I am Tanesha Holland AKA The Singing Nurse. I’m a registered nurse and a gospel recording artist that minister holistically. My main goal is to win souls for the kingdom. 2. I just don’t spend time with God right before ministering it’s an everyday walk, although I do pray right before I minister. It’s very important that I operate under the anointing because, that’s when yokes are destroyed. Without the anointing it’s just entertainment. 3. He changed my approach by helping me to see people through his eyes and not to be so judgmental. 4. My leadership style is theocratic. I’m strictly lead by God, which causes my style to be whatever God wants. Being a leader in ministry, I try to be the example first by encouraging fasting, praying, and reading my bible before and after ministry. Overall living a holy life. 5. My ministry is unique. I minister to the sick spiritually and naturally. With the assignment God put in my life I know that’s how he would make a difference in our lives. 6. A children’s book entitled Ooops I danced my diaper off written by my manager Reggie James Pace, to be released this summer. My debut album is to be released this year. My nurse clothing scrub line is to be released this year. A single written and produced by national recording artist James Fortune is to be released this year. 7. Determined.

ORDER IN THE CHURCH! ORDER IN THE CHURCH! By Apostle Veryl Howard W hen pondering about the article the Lord led me to this topic called order. He reminded me that he set a particular order in place for the house of God to follow. After all, prior to Jesus as man he even gave a pattern to Moses and the people’s deliverance would not come if they deviated from the plan of God. Now in some of today’s churches, not all there is a anything go mentality. This is so far from the master plan of holiness for God’s house. Jesus reminded Peter in Matthew 16: 18 NIV “ And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” So what is this rock? The rock is the rock of Christ. We know in his word he is the chief cornerstone. He reminds Peter that if this rock is the foundation the gates of hell have no power! But what happens when it isn’t? But despite all of this, many churches of today have built foundations on so many other precepts. It may be built on money, numbers in the church, watered down word, carnal behavior, power, ideology of man or just anything that is not the rock of Christ. As a result we have churches that are not functioning in the fullest capacity so the people are still hurting. They cannot seem to get delivered because no one is doing deliverance. They cannot seem to get healed because who is really speaking against their infirmity with power. Now, we do have some smaller churches that may not have the mega church status who still operate with this power, but the saints want to be in the prestigious church with the best sanctuary or biggest conference for the month. With that said, it’s hard to have a huge ministry when you speaking righteousness and holiness. People just don’t want their flesh challenged so they flock where they can get some word and still be carnal. Well, I spoke to some people who still thirst for the unadulterated word of God. They are asking why is the church of God diminishing? They have decided to get their walk in order regardless of what the “churdom” world dictates. They want holiness and want to live in the fullness of Christ. I had the opportunity to speak to Sheilah Belle of the Belle Report. She is a vetran in the gospel music industry and has seen a lot in her business dealing with churches. I wanted to question her because she frequents churches globally and has an insight on the pulse of today’s church. She reminded me of the following; She pointed out that there is no more accountability in the church. She feels that many leaders of today followed leaders who had fallen away so they have picked up their bad behavior. She said that the mega church has found a way to give some word, take tithes, maintain the business aspect of church to keep things going. “Their mentality is if they don’t have tithes of members they don’t have a church states Sheliah.” People can leave church on Sundays saying I got a word but not really be delivered according to Sheilah. “Where are the pastors like Evangelist Rev. 14 DEVINE GLORY MAGAZINE R. W. Chambach and Rev. A.A Allen who spoke to demons with power, authority and the people got delivered?” “I don’t see many pastors like this anymore unless I go to a small church. These pastors did not have prentices with five dollar or twenty dollar lines. They would just pray until people got free at services.” “Many pastors are not moving in the fullness of the power of God and are giving watered down messages she states. Again, these pastors were taught this from whom they immolated that fell from the pattern of Christ. There was a pastor she heard preaching who called the Holy Spirit gobly gook . She asked him why would he say that about the Holy Ghost. When she did she found people who were unlearned and did not ask do to fear. They questioned her for even asking. They stay in bondage and accept the pastor’s word she stated.” After chatting with Sheliah I could only think of Eli whom God judged because he did not speak to the sin of his sons who were priest. Hophni and Phinehas carried on as worthless men stealing from the offerings and having relations with women at the temple. Sound familiar with some of the churches of today? Where is the accountability as Sheilah stated. Eli even gave a mild reprimanding to his sons to persuade them not to sin before God (1 Sam. 2:23-24). But his sons needed to have been sat down! Eli was high priest and judge over Israel. He was in a position of authority and responsible for the worship which was offered to God. He should have dismissed his sons as priests, he continued to let them serve with polluted worship. This leads into Pastor David Girley from PHD Ministries in Los Angelas California who had a mouthful to share about today’s church. He said he cried out to God concerned about the church of today. God told him “ Watch out for the apostastate church trying to imitate my church and has migrated into my church.” “ Don’t worry about my church, I got my church.” “ The bible says where there is sin about grace abounds more. There will be a separation between the true church and apostate church. They are among us but not from us like Paul said. They don’t teach sound doctrine, the cross and but teach feel good messages. They have left their first love” We have strayed away from God’s word and our first love. We need order because we are no longer building some of our churches on the rock of Christ. Even the basic foundational principles have become invisible in some churches of today. Wow, what are your thoughts?

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