Heads up: Be smart around DART Campaign encourages customers to be more aware A train rider looks up from his phone and stops at the corner of the station platform, waiting for the “Don’t Walk” sign to change so he can enter the crosswalk safely. A bus rider stores her tablet and phone and holds her bag securely on her lap, while peoplewatching her fellow passengers. A transit customer finishes her fast food meal and throws her garbage in a nearby trashcan before boarding the train. These are examples of the mindful habits that DART riders should practice on and around trains and buses. To promote greater attentiveness among customers, the agency is launching an awareness campaign designed to encourage safe and courteous behavior. The campaign will feature a series of ads placed on board vehicles and at DART facilities, as well as on digital and social media channels. The messages will address the most commonly heard concerns about rider behavior. “DART strives to provide its customers with a safe, secure and clean environment,” DART Police Chief James Spiller said. “Successful crime prevention, safety and cleanliness programs all have one thing in common – active citizen participation. There are actions our customers can take to help the agency achieve its goals and protect themselves at the same time.” 8Continued from Page 1 Customers who throw away their food containers before boarding help ensure that DART trains and rail platforms remain clean for everyone. The messages will fall into three categories of behaviors: safety, security and cleanliness. The agency used rider calls to the Customer Information Center, feedback from DART Police and fare enforcement officers, and observations from transportation and maintenance staff to identify the areas for improvement. The campaign will build on an already broad community outreach program conducted by various departments at DART, including DART Police, Transit Education, Community Engagement and Travel Ambassadors. DART Police also have increased the number of police and fare enforcement officers riding trains and patrolling platforms along strategic sections of the light rail system. The increased 2 manpower provides a uniformed presence, acts as a deterrent and enables quicker police response to nearby stations. The agency’s maintenance staff does its part, too. Bus stops with shelters and benches are cleaned once or more a week. Rail stations and bus transit centers with bathrooms are cleaned four times a day, and heavy cleaning is performed nightly at all passenger facilities. At some of the busier stations and during special events, custodial staff are stationed to pick up litter and trash throughout the day. Buses and trains are cleaned thoroughly every night. “This campaign is about creating and sustaining an environment of awareness where our customers feel safe when riding DART,” Chief Safety Officer Jerry Franklin said.

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