The 7th grade class completed their flash fiction pieces after revising to eliminate unnecessary words, rearrange words and chunks, add connectors, and form new verb endings in order to improve their writing. We also focused on paragraphing, punctuating dialogue, and comma usage. The 5th/6th graders completed their short stories after working on revision strategies to improve the flow and description in their stories. When conferring with classmates, students offered feedback regarding the areas that stood out to them as being especially descriptive as well as areas that were confusing to the listener. When editing we focused on end punctuation, punctuating dialogue, and paragraphing. Grade 7 Social Studies Students voted to study Oceania and Antarctica this trimester. This area of the world was voted on by the students to be our unit of study. They found many interesting and surprising facts that they presented to the class in two different presentations. The Maori and Aboriginal lifestyles were of particular interest to students. After watching several Aboriginal dreamtime stories and learning about their purpose, students wrote their own version of a dreamtime story to explain the origin of a topic they researched. We looked at different works of art created by indigenous peoples, and students created their own representations in Aboriginal style. The class will vote to determine the next area of the world we will study. 16

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