Grades 5 through 7 Mrs. Williams Math, Science, Social Studies Grades 5 and 6 Math, Science, and Social Studies The last few months have been busy months in 5th and 6th grade. In math 5th grade students began studying numerical patterns and the coordinate plane. Students applied numerical patterns in a real-world application to determine how quickly different types of flu strains spread. They then created pictures on the coordinate plane and wrote the ordered pair for each point on the picture. Students traded pictures with each other to see if they could recreate the picture by plotting the points. 6th grade students became equation masters. They are now able to solve multi-step equations with variables on both sides of the equal signs. In the next few months, 5th grade will focus on geometry, measurement, and data analysis. Sixth grade will learn about rates, ratios and proportions, as well as geometry and probability. Science has been all about HTML and CSS. Students worked together to design a Rube Goldberg contraption using the engineering design process. The entire process was documented on the student's websites. The websites were written completely by the students using HTML and CSS tags. Next students will be learning about computer hardware and networking. Ancient Greece has been the focus of our study in social studies. Students learned about different types of government and how ancient Greeks created democracy. As the Olympics took over, we focused our study on the Olympics. Students worked together in groups to select a city and write a bid for that city to host the Olympic games. Students will continue studying ancient history in the upcoming months. We are looking forward to learning more about Rome, China, and India. 13

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