lines and charts, recognizing and counting money and telling time to the minute. We also analyzed data using a bar graph, line plot and tally chart. When working with fractions, the class plotted them on a number line and compared them using fraction tiles. We are focusing on building automaticity with math facts to strengthen our mental math skills. This is necessary for adding and subtracting larger numbers. I have encouraged the class to practice math facts at home to help with this. Next month our focus will be to build on the math skills taught and continue with our practice of measurement and time. In social studies we learned about the native American people and their lifestyles during their settlement in America. We studied homes around the world, the materials used to build homes and how people live. Students researched the Winter Olympics and the sports involved in the games. They reported the various sports studied to the class. They also learned about the significance of the colors of the Olympic rings. We read about the historical presidents of the United States, their contributions to our country and the role of the US president. We will move on to the topic of economics next month. The Explorers have shown great improvement in problem solving with their peers as well as cooperative learning in the classroom. I will continue to support them as they work together to improve social situations. We will continue to explore our passions and express our creativity. 10

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