Museletter IGNITE your curiosity. DISCOVER your story. AUGUST 2019 BRIDESMAIDS Nina Crosby’s 1903 Wedding, including Marjory and Dorothy Palmer (second and third from the right). CSPM Collection

By Leah Davis Witherow, Curator of History The CSPM is thrilled to announce the opening of our newest permanent exhibit, Evidence: Finding the Facts About William Jackson Palmer which opens on Saturday, September 14. Years in the making, this exhibit will debunk persistent myths about General Palmer and his family by inviting visitors to examine evidence firsthand. By doing so, viewers will come away with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our city founder’s unique story and our community’s history. Portrait of Queen Palmer, ca. 1880, CSPM Collection The Evidence exhibit will encourage critical thinking, foster historical analysis and provide a “behind the scenes” look at the work of historians and archaeologists. How do we know what we know about the past? How does this change over time? How can we tell fact from fiction? The answer is evidence! In the case of the Palmer Family and estate employees, we have never had more evidence than we do today. Thanks to donations of letters, diaries, photographs and artifacts over the past two decades, we have a deeper understanding of the day-to-day life at Glen Eyrie. Combined with over 60,000 archaeological artifacts discovered in a long buried trash pile near the Palmer Estate at Glen Eyrie, an even clearer picture emerges. In many cases, new evidence negates commonly held misconceptions and reveals a more interesting and complicated story. For instance, General Palmer’s handwritten letters describe how he fought in the Civil War because of his Quaker faith – not in spite of it. Locket of Elsie Palmer’s Hair, ca. 1890, CSPM Collection MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 2

Alpine Archaeological Consultants Inc. staff working on the excavation site, fall 2018, Photograph Courtesy of Alpine Archaeological Consultants Inc. Although Colorado Springs was a “dry town” that banned liquor, General Palmer was not a teetotaler. Archaeologists found approximately 50 intact food, medicinal and liquor bottles. Both archival and archaeological evidence indicate increasing wealth at Glen Eyrie over time, debunking the myth that Palmer was a Philadelphia “blueblood.” Finally, an exploration of personal items, including Elsie Palmer’s diary, a metal corset fragment, a locket with strands of hair and even a tube of toothpaste, reveal personal connections and intimate details of daily life. As Colorado Springs looks forward to commemorating its sesquicentennial anniversary (1871-2021), it is imperative to look closely and accurately at the people and events in our past. Evidence: Finding the Facts About General William Jackson Palmer will be the first of three permanent exhibits opening in 2019, 2020, and 2021 to fundamentally reshape our understanding of this community’s compelling, richly diverse, and unique history. Exhibit presented by the Strake Foundation. DON’T MISS Saturday, September 14 EXHIBIT OPENING Saturday, September 21 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. WORCESTERSHIRE AND WHISKEY: The Archaeology of General Palmer’s Garbage PIKES PEAK REGIONAL HISTORY LECTURE SERIES presented by: Matt Mayberry, Museum Director Anna Cordova, City of Colorado Springs, Lead Archaeologist Enjoy this preview into the Exhibit: https://vimeo.com/344609595 Examples of the 30 different types of ceramic patterns found, ca. 1890, CSPM Collection, Photograph Courtesy of Alpine Archaeological Consultants Inc. MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 3 Fragments of metal corset lasts, ca. 1890, CSPM Collection, Photograph Courtesy of Alpine Archaeological Consultants Inc.

UPCOMING EVENTS CHILDREN’S HISTORY HOUR: Palmer’s Pets Wednesday, September 18 & Saturday, September 28 10:30 – 11:30 am On September 14, the museum is excited to open our new exhibit Evidence: Finding the Facts About General William Jackson Palmer. General Palmer founded our city, and the exhibit explores his work, his, family, and his home. Join us for a look at some his most beloved family members – his pets! RSVP required VINTAGE GAME NIGHT Thursday, September 26 5:30 – 8:30 pm Reminisce by playing beloved games dating from the 1800s to the 1980s – Jacks, Sorry, Nine Men’s Morris, Battleship, Shoot the Moon, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em and more! Bring your friends and enjoy a variety of board, card, and table games related to different eras of Pikes Peak regional history. Admission: $10 ONLINE $15 (at the door), 21+ Only ENJOY FOOD TRUCK TUESDAYS! Every Tuesday through October 29 11:00 am – 1:30 pm Enjoy a tasty lunch from local food truck vendors on the west lawn of CSPM with live music while you dine and don’t miss a free: History in 10 short and informative storytelling session at 12 and 12:30! COLORADO FARM & ART MARKET Every Wednesday through October 9 3:00 – 7:30 pm “Get fresh with a Colorado Farmer” and enjoy nutritious food items and local art at Market at the Museum! RSVP for events at: www.cspm.org/rsvp-for-an-event or Call 719-385-5990 Museum Hours: Tuesday – Saturday | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm MUSELETTER JULY 2019| PG 4

MUSEUM STORE UTE LEGENDS: “Ute Elders say that Great Spirit created four-leggeds first so that they could show two-leggeds how to “walk” on this earth. A quote from Celinda Reynolds Kaelin’s new book titled “UTE Legends.” ($16.00) CHILDREN’S BOOK: Give your young ones a copy of “History of Colorado’s Women for Young People,” ($9.95) All proceeds from the Museum Store support the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. PARTNER SPOTLIGHT MUSELETTER JULY 2019| PG 5

DID YOU KNOW? Thanks to our partnership with the City of Colorado Springs and the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department of the City of Colorado Springs, the CSPM is a free admission museum. However, we still need philanthropic support to continue presenting compelling exhibits and dynamic programming. The Gift of History Breakfast is the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum’s largest fundraising event of the year. Since 2011, we have raised more than $350,000 resulting in Story of Us and [Dis]Information exhibits, more program offerings and most of all reaching our highest visitation record in our long history. Please join us for a free breakfast and learn about the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and its program! Your support will be requested, but there is no obligation to give. Wednesday, August 21 Antlers Hotel 7 a.m. Doors Open 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Program RSVP today to Diane.Stine@coloradosprings.gov or call (719) 385-5633. The Gift of History Breakfast is sponsored by: CSNA Architects D.A. Davidson & Co. Fountain Colony, LLC Wells Fargo Tiemens Foundation MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 6

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has once again received one of the highest recognitions available to any museum in the United States, accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums. Initially accredited in 1992, the CSPM undergoes an extensive evaluation every ten years in order to maintain this status. Accreditation is a mark of distinction signifying that CSPM meets national standards and best practices for U.S. museums. Through a rigorous process of self-assessment and review by its peers, the museum has shown itself to be a good steward of its resources held in public trust and committed to a philosophy of continual institutional growth. In its decision letter dated July 10, 2019, the AAM Accreditation Commission noted: “We are impressed by the way the museum is seeking and responding to input from the community and incorporating that information into its exhibitions and program offerings—this is a great example of embodying the principles of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.” The AAM documentation also included praise for the level of engagement in school programs, the commitment to the institution’s strategic vision, and for how the CSPM explores local history in a way that transcends local boundaries. “We are extremely proud of our status as an accredited institution. It is testament to the hard work and commitment of the CSPM staff, board members, and volunteers as they strive to preserve and share the history of the Pikes Peak region. The accreditation process helps to keep us focused on the most important aspects of our operation, and it also ensures stakeholders and the public that the CSPM is deserving of their trust.” –Matt Mayberry, the CSPM Director A study conducted by the Institute of Museum and Library Services indicates that there are approximately 33,000 museums in the country. There are currently 1,072 U.S. museums that have earned AAM accreditation. The CSPM is one of only 24 museums in Colorado to achieve that status. MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 7

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH BILL COGSWELL Bill Cogswell joined the museum as a volunteer in January 2017 and began serving on the Museum’s Board that February. He has shown his ongoing support as a table captain for the annual Gift of History breakfast and a member of the Acquisitions Committee where he helps museum staff consider which new objects to bring into our collections. In his time on this important committee, Bill shared, “I am constantly amazed by the volume of historical pieces donated to the museum.” When asked why the museum interests him, Bill said, “The Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum is a very special place. I majored in history at Colorado College, and I have had a strong love for history from the day I moved to Colorado Springs from Australia at a very young age. Before I joined the board, I helped raise funds to restore the 114-year-old street clock on the north side of the plaza in honor of my brother Douglass Cady Cogswell which was a very special privilege for me.” Bill’s favorite object is the Katherine Lee Bates sculpture in the museum’s Alamo Square Park. He is fascinated by the story of a visiting Colorado College professor taking a trip up Pikes Peak that would inspire the poem, and later, the song “America the Beautiful.” “Bill is a wonderful addition to the museum board. His enthusiasm for our mission and the community’s history is infectious. The Cogswell family has deep roots in Colorado Springs and a long connection to the museum. I first got to know Bill in 2013, when he led the effort to raise funds from the Cogswell family to renovate the museum’s street clock on the north side of the Alamo Square Park. The clock was saved from demolition in 1961 and donated to the CSPM by Dr. Walter W. Cogswell,” shared Matt Mayberry, Museum Director. Since retiring as a Municipal Judge for the City Of Colorado Springs, Bill has enjoyed traveling with his wife, hiking mountain trails and spending time with his grandchildren. Thank you Bill Cogswell for all of your work with the Museum! MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 8

MUSEUM SPOTLIGHT Welcome Patrick Lee This summer Patrick Lee joined the museum’s staff as the Outdoor Sculpture Maintenance Technician. In this position, Patrick is responsible for maintaining and documenting the museum’s sculpture collection which consists of over 100 pieces. So far, Patrick has completed reports on the condition of every sculpture in the museum’s collection. He also improved the documentation of the collection by taking updated photos and recording descriptive information on each piece. For the next few months, Patrick will perform basic maintenance on sculptures, such as removing rust and accretions on steel pieces as well as washing and waxing bronze ones. Patrick is actually a familiar face at the museum. From summer 2016 to fall 2017, he interned in the archives at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. While completing his internship, he researched and wrote text to support exhibits as well as processed an archival collection. Patrick received his BA with double majors in History and Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He graduated in 2018 from the University of Oxford with a MS in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology. In the future, he hopes to return for further education in museum studies to prepare him for a career in museums. Congratulations Sharon Milito Congratulations to Sharon Milito for receiving the Spirit of the Springs Award presented to her in late July by Mayor John Suthers. As a teacher in School District 11, Sharon’s recognition extended past the classroom where she shared her passion for science and history with her students and the community. She is a long-time volunteer and friend of the CSPM. One of the many ways in which Sharon supported the museum’s efforts was through an innovative program in which the 4th grade students from Patrick Henry Elementary became guest curators for two exhibits “Stories in Stone” and “Rocks, Minerals and Man.” The exhibits, which are no longer on display, utilized CSPM collections. The project allowed the children to benefited from hand-on museum experiences that required core skills such as making scientific observations, research, writing and illustrating interpretive text, and meeting real-world deadlines. Thank you Sharon for all you do to help the CSPM preserve and share our cultural history . Mayor John Suthers & Sharon Milito MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 9

HAPPENINGS The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum’s Junior Docent program would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of D.A. Davidson & Co. McLarty, Brown and Eden Financial Advisor Group. We would also like to thank Junior Docent parents and guardians for supporting the ongoing development of these young museum educators! Enjoying Manitou Party Jr. Docents: Kalilia & Finn Geology Rocks Paint Party Volunteers Jr. Docents: Violet & Owen Thank you! MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 10

HAPPENINGS Family Weekend Workshop Mission Exploration with Education Asst. Makaela Worden Helene Knapp presenting to museum volunteers on the League of Wives exhibit and her recent trip to Vietnam Children’s History Hour Geology Rocks July 17, 2019 MUSELETTER AUGUST 2019| PG 11

HAPPENINGS COLORADO GROWN: CELEBRATING COLORADO’S 143rd BIRTHDAY! Colorado Grown Family Fun Day July 27, 2019 Pikes Peak Quilt Guild Happy Helper Historic Games, Face Painting & Chalk Art

HAPPENINGS Archeological Resources Love Bus Colorado Grown Family Fun Day July 27, 2019 CDPD Fire Truck Petting Zoo Follow CSPM on social media!

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