Having wondered how on earth this Zoom retreat would prepare me for starting my curacy, I found that it taught me something important about how I might be able to find space to re-connect daily with God in the busyness, at home and in the parish. This is a challenge for all of us at this time, during a time when we cannot easily leave our homes, escape our work, when we cannot travel or go on holiday easily, when we cannot necessarily come to church in person. How do we find space to sit with God, in the busyness and find space for brief retreat? The answers will be very personal to each of us, but you might like to try some more formal set aside time for brief retreat. There are lots of different options and opportunities: daily prayer has re-started at SSMJ at 8am and 5.15pm, or you might like to try a daily prayer app such as ?Pray as you Go? and placement students from Cranmer and Cuddesdon are planning a Zoom quiet day in the early autumn. Have a go, see what might work for you.

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