What can hinder us from get t ing on with it? Too many unclear options, making for indecision; competing issues; lack of leadership, or legislation, or incentives. But information is available, and here in Oxford there are plenty of opportunities for action and discussion. So just do it ! Numbers matter! Chris urged us to set an example by taking some project forward ? ?if not us ? who?? When enough people take action it catches on ? over 50% of UK electricity is already from renewable sources. Some of the websites above can help us take action, but we need to talk with people locally, sharing the good news that huge progress is being made. Change is happening, but accelerating the process is essential to swell the numbers of people pressing for change. We must drown out the negative voices saying it?s up to government, and it doesn?t matter what individuals do. Quite wrong ? it is up to each of us. Note: The workshop series starts again on 6 October with local writers/lecturers Margaret and Martin Hodson on ?Climate emergency and spiritual wisdom, explored through biblical and other faith sources?. Put it in the diary!

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