to be ?Child?, to live ?vulnerably, as a sign of grace and forgiveness, to decide for the cross of powerlessness?. The sign of the spirit is the essence of Christlikeness ? being God?s child?. Living vulnerably as a sign of grace and forgiveness demands quite a lot of courage. It is certainly true that it is something I can only achieve very occasionally! The Spirit?s indwelling is nothing to do with domination, or human subjugation but it is emphatically about fellowship, the fellowship of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit. Fellowship does not violate but it liberates. And this liberation of fellowship is not individual but communal and ecclesial. The Spirit dwells in the Church. It has been touching returning to worship at St Albans and St Mary and St John in recent weeks. So many people have been touched by the prayerful simplicity of the services. It 's as if, in the process of becoming accustomed to our relationship with God, we saw something of our own vulnerability and need for healing in the lockdown. As we continue to seek the fullness of God?s love for our communities may we be willing both to share our vulnerability and be open to the healing power of God?s Spirit in this place. The parish magazine is designed and edited by Lorna Robinson. Submissions can be sent to her at lostgelfling@gmail.com

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