What can we, as individuals and as a church group, do? Chris focused on: Policies, Protests and Projects. How to get policies changed? Lobby MPs, MEPs, councillors; join others in protests,e.g. XR; and take action through practical projects? individually, in our communities and with local organisations including churches and, collectively, as organised environmental groups. The workshop part icipants were asked for their priorit ies for change 1. Shift our thinking radically from consumerism and growth to a new economic model; 2. Change the values of our society (see the Build Back Better campaign for post-pandemic recovery organized by Green New Deal UK: www.buildbackbetteruk.org 3. Demand change from government toward a fairer, more just society, ending extremes of rich and poor, and ensuring all workers earn a living wage (see Kate Raworth?s book on ?Doughnut Economics?.) Pract ical ideas for act ion Eat locally? eat less meat; use farmers? markets; grow your own; get an allotment; share produce; avoid food waste; reduce dependence on supermarkets; resist plastic packaging; see https://changed4climate.uk/food Plant trees? e.g. in gardens (small fruit trees even grow in pots); join community planting efforts.

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