If our parish were such an authoritarian church, it would mean that if Fr. Phil told us all to circumnavigate the church on our knees flagellating ourselves and picking up special brew cans, we would have to do it, or risk demonic attack (I think I?d prefer demonic attack). My reaction to Covering Theology, as a free thinking and critical person is: what a load of twaddle! Sadly though, many people exist in authoritarian church communities where they are brainwashed into believing it, and are in terror of the demonic spirits which would devour them if they came out from under their ?Cover?. They can indeed suffer decades of spiritual abuse and end up incredibly damaged. John Bevere nevertheless has armies of adoring disciples via his church ?Messenger International? and claims to derive his ideas from interpretations of scripture, along with personal messages from the Holy Spirit. It therefore seems sensible that the antidote to such poison should be a scholarly, sensible interpretation of Holy Scripture. People stuck in the dark hole of such cultish teachings, need to hear some proper Hermeneutics. Allan?s book does just that. He takes every one of John Bevere?s points in his book ?Under Cover? and exposes it for the baloney it is. For example, Jesus famously said in Matthew 20:28:?? the Son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many,? a piece of scripture which seems to have completely passed Bevere by. Allan's wonderful book is available from Amazon as a paperback and kindle. Do get your copy!

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