What is Oxford Mutual Aid? We are a mutual aid group, and our organising principle is solidarity rather than charity. We all need help from time to time, and mutual aid is a way for us to help one another: many volunteers also receive support. We are a community group, not a government agency or charity, and we always treat those we help as equals. Many of us are experienced activists, volunteers and support workers with all sorts of expertise, and we work with organisations, charities and support groups across Oxfordshire, as well as supporting NHS staff. Our work includes deliveries of food parcels and essential items, as well as creating networks of neighbours to help each other with shopping, prescription collections, and other errands. We make and distribute masks to frontline workers, and run a Kitchen Collective, which provides 700 cooked meals per week to those in need. What next? Demand is growing as the effects of the pandemic, lockdown, and economic downturn get worse, so we are always looking to increase our capacity. We are working on building more partnerships and further developing a supportive network. If you or someone you know needs support, we would encourage you to sign up on our websitehttps://oxfordmutualaid.org/or call 07310 160 595. You can also use the website to register to volunteer with us, or donate.

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