I?ve been working for The Porch for a month now; after I volunteered there for two months during lockdown, they have put me in charge of the acre or so of land they have down at Elder Stubbs. The allotment project encourages members to come and grow fruit and vegetables, most of which will be used in our own kitchen. The hope is twofold: that members will develop practical, vocational skills, and also that they will benefit from the sense of joy and fulfilment that comes with eating what one has oneself grown. We shall have members on the allotment by the end of the month. In the meantime, there?s plenty to do to get ready for their return: only this week I have cleared out one of the polytunnels, covered a windrow for composting, and planted out some of the squashes we have kindly been donated. If you have a spare moment, and long for the open air, I?d be very glad of some volunteers? the harvest may be plentiful, but the labourers are always too few?

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