COMMUNITY 2 MEMBERS, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO RE-APPLY FOR OR USE YOUR HEALTHCARE BENEFITS. There is a lot of incomplete or wrong information out there about possible changes to immigration law. It is natural to be worried, and things can change, but here is what you need to know now. What is your status? If you are a green card holder (permanent resident), your legal status is protected. You are not in danger of deportation if you apply for and use your healthcare benefits and other public assistance. To keep your green card status, do these things: • Tell the truth on all benefits applications • Do not leave the country for more than six months in one trip If you have had your green card for more than five years, apply for citizenship! If you apply soon, you may be able to vote in 2020. If you are undocumented and are thinking about applying for a green card, get legal help. Who can help? BakerRipley can help! BakerRipley has several locations around Houston that can help you apply for citizenship, advise you on your legal status, help you file your taxes, and more for free. Visit https://www.bakerripley.org/services to find a location near you or call the BakerRipley Immigration & Citizenship Program at 713.273.3702 for more information on how to get legal help. CommunityHealthChoice.org

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