06 When you come to join a course at CNWL, we will ensure that you are put onto the level of course most suitable for you. The course level will enable you to develop and build your skills, while also giving you the best opportunity to succeed, pass and progress. Most courses at CNWL range from ‘entry’ level (basic skills) through to Level 3 (A Level equivalent). The level you start on depends on your existing skills and qualifications. To decide what level you will start on, we will: • Consider what course you want to do and what experience you have in that subject • Look at your existing qualifications (e.g. GCSEs) especially English and Maths • In some cases, you will do an ‘initial assessment’ - this is not an exam, but a way of seeing the best level for you to start your studies at. Many of our students start with us at Level 3, while many more progress through a range of levels to reach their ambitions. CNWL also teach a range of Higher Education (HE) courses. To find out more, ask us, look out for Level 4 or 5 courses under www.cnwl.ac.uk/courses or see www.cnwl.ac.uk/HE SUCCESS STARTS HERE COURSE LEVELS

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