Achievement rates Overall Overall Achievement rate 2014-15: 83% Achievement rate 2015-16: 87% Expected to put us in the top 3 of London Colleges. Achievement rate is percentage of people starting a course who gain the qualification Apprenticeship achievement rate 15% above national average 94% of our students say “I am happy with my College” 95% of our students say “I am consistently challenged to do my best” 94% of our students say “The College listens to students to improve its services” (from the 2015-16 learner survey of over 600 students) What our students say A small selection of quotes about CNWL from our students in the 2016 learner survey: “ My teacher is very helpful, she has good skills and knowledge.” Computing student “ I am really interested in my course. My teachers are helpful for me in the way that they are explaining the tasks and challenge me to do my best.” Science student “ My teacher has a very interesting way of teaching and helps us understand things.” Maths student “ I strongly like to come to this college and also recommend to my family and friends.” Salon student “ I am happy with the college and all my teachers. I feel safe and relaxed in the college.” Business student “ The support this college is giving to the students is amazing, l see this college as a great opportunity for people who can’t afford university or people who are already at work.” HND computing student “ This College listens to students and makes sure that everyone is getting the right support.” English student “ I love my college and we respect our teacher, she looks out for her students and supports and helps our lessons. Honestly, it’s a beautiful place to study with good teachers. When you need support staff put you on the right track.” English student “ The college is improving all the time, the teaching is good and everything we need to know is explained and demonstrated. Well done for your hard work regarding all the courses.” Construction student

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