14 Sanna Shabir Construction Apprentice and Award Winner Sanna was the winner of the national Apprentice of the Year Award at the Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) Awards 2016. She was also shortlisted for the Apprentice Award at the Builder & Engineer Awards 2015. Sanna is pictured at the ACE Awards with host Steph McGovern, BBC Business Editor. “I’m proud to have been shortlisted for two awards as an Apprentice and very honoured to have won the ACE Award. I applied for the awards and was given great support by my employer, Atkins, as well as by my assessor at the college. I am planning to study at Uni on a day-release basis after completing the Advanced Apprenticeship. It is very nice to get the mix of work and learning, especially in civil engineering.” Danny Fontana Level 2 Electrical Installation “I studied Level 1 electrical last year at another college and decided to carry on with my training to improve my skills and prospects. King’s Cross Construction Centre is a positive place for me, the group gets on well and there is a good atmosphere in class. I want to run my own electrical business one day but first I’ll get qualified and develop more skills in employment. Already this year I’ve learnt a lot more than last year, like ring mains and two-way switches. We’re in practical sessions half the time, and what we do in the classroom relates to the workshop skills.”

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