We have a total 0f 258 surveys (meaning respondents began the survey)  150 completed the survey (including the paper based survey)  Mayor Ruckel polled the high school students informally in a class room setting and the results are documented independently further in this presentation.

Most respondents live in or near Winfield

-37% newer residents indicates positive migration - 67% of the population has been in the community for 5 years or more

- High number of homeowners indicates vestment in the community

- Location and affordable housing are the primary drivers followed by “born and raised” & “family/friends” - Most reasons listed under “other” also fall under location, affordable housing & cost of living

Q5) How many people are in your household? 70% of respondents have children in the household. This indicates demand for schools, day care facilities, libraries, medical facilities, recreational, and eventually JOBS…. Q6) Location of employment 124 people work outside Lincoln County with only 81 people working in/around Winfield. This drives need for transportation, local jobs etc. 47 people are retired which means there is a likely need for medical services, public transportation and senior services. 38 people work elsewhere in Lincoln County

Q17) How would you like to see Winfield develop?

Quality of schools Employment opportunities Housing Quality of City services Recreation/entertainment Q18)Top Community Priorities

High School Polling About 80 high school students were polled in a class room setting. Q1) Why do you like to live here? Small town feeling Immediate family is here Everyone knows you here Land is affordable Sports facilities are good Lock and Dam 25

Q2) What would make you want to leave Winfield? Lack of entertainment Lack of jobs Education system is not good Strict traffic enforcement Lack of cultural arts Lack of sports programs No access to stores Drug activity Lack of diversity

Q3) What businesses do you want in Winfield Fast food; Library; Bowling Alley; Gym; Recycling Center Q4) What improvements do you want the City to make? Better roads Better planning and zoning Faster internet Stop light at 47&79 Larger school Additional exit in/out of school More student parking Beautification projects Clean up days

Q5) What type of development should we focus on bringing to Winfield? Small business (41) Agricultural (29) Historic preservation (27) Big box businesses (20) Entrepreneur opportunities (18) High tech manufacturing (18) Residential development (12) Manufacturing (10)

Q6) Prioritize the following list to indicate where the City should focus is spending. Entertainment options Reduce traffic and congestion Improve infrastructure (sewer, water, internet) Road repair/replacement Health care services Public safety Pedestrian access and sidewalks

Q7) What do you NOT want Winfield to become (or look like): Large City (Troy, O’Fallon, Wentzville) Small City High crime rates, lack of safety Place with no opportunity/jobs (“Build the Port”)

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