SEPTEMBER 2018 VOL . 1 THE KINGS' CHRONICLE The latest news and updates from Christ Church Academy. IN THI S I SSUE Future Plans for Christ Church Academy Why Chapel? A Parent's Devotional Music Time! Science Curriculum gets BIG Reaction! A Letter from the Principal Important Dates Future Plans for Christ Church Academy A LOOK AHEAD. . . There are few things more important than discipling children by teaching them how to be committed followers of Jesus Christ. At Christ Church, one of the chief means of discipling these little ones (other than the role of the parents in the household) is the instruction at our school, Christ Church Academy. At Christ Church Academy, our goal is to give students a classical and distinctly Christian education and this goal cannot be accomplished without proper facilities. (Continued)

SEPTEMBER 2018 PAGE 2 (Future, Cont.) The students of Christ Church Academy need proper classrooms and learning environments in order to thrive spiritually and academically and we realize that as we grow, we are running out of space to provide such an environment. That is why Christ Church Academy has planned to modify and add on to our existing facilities. The building project will take place in 3 phases: Phase 1: Convert the existing fellowship hall into 4 classrooms by putting up walls. Phase 2: Build an outdoor, shaded pavilion for lunch and special events. Phase 3: Convert the existing chapel into more classrooms. We strongly believe this project will accommodate the growth that the Lord is giving us. If God wills, we will begin Phase 1 in the summer of 2019. But we need your help. We need your assistance in providing these facilities by giving a tax-deductible donation of any amount. If you give, you can rest assured knowing that you have been used by the Lord to provide an environment that fosters a biblically distinct, Christ-centered education for our students. Questions? Feel free to call the school at 337-366-1619

SEPTEMBER 2018 PAGE 3 A Parent's Devotional How can they face giants, if they don't first face lions and bears? 1 Sam 17:34-37 This little expression has been such a wonderful help to me as a parent. Here is what I mean: As parents, we often want to swoop in to help our kids solve their problems. We brush their teeth and finish their chores. We often justify helping them because we either want to move faster (We're gonna be late!) or we feel bad because they are frustrated with a task. This tension is totally normal but if we handle this wrongly, it could be hurtful rather than helpful to our children. Of course, we want to spare them from much of the pain that this world can dish out. This is why they have parents. But, we must also understand that parenting is intended to prepare them to face the world without us. In the end, isn't this precisely how the Lord deals with us. He is with us. He never leaves us. He gives us grace and power along the way. But, he does allow us from time to time to meet various trials (James 1:2). Why? because he longs for us to be fruitful and useful in his Kingdom. They're adorable today, but with hard work, patience and love, they will one day become formidable. God speed! Pastor Brandon #giantslayers Art: David Slaying the Lion, I Samuel XVII 34 from Bible Pictures Old Testament & New J.M. Kronheim & Co., London Lecito Latine (Latin Lesson) Ex nihilo nihil fit. "Nothing comes from nothing." This is a quote from Lucretius, the philosopher, reminding us that anything worth achieving will take hard work.

SEPTEMBER 2018 PAGE 4 Why Chapel? BY PASTOR SCOTT GUILLORY Fundamental to our identity as a school is our commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. One of the ways we celebrate the fact that Jesus is Lord is to gather together for chapel every day. Chapel gives us the opportunity as a community to worship the Lord through song, Bible memorization, prayer, and the study of God’s Word. Chapel strengthens and supports our commitment to the foundations of the faith for which everything else is built upon. Here at Christ Church Academy, we realize how important it is to honor and glorify Got through gathering together in corporate worship. Students learn and experience how to interact with God together through singing, prayer, bible memorization, reciting the historic creeds of the faith, learning the answers to the basic questions of the faith, and the studying God’s Word. So, if you have a child enrolled in CCA, please come and worship with us in one of our chapel services. Pastor Scott Guillory and his wife, Stacy live in Breaux Bridge with their four children, Scarlett, Sawyer, Seth, and Sierra. Aside from serving as the Vice Principal and Music Teacher at CCA, Pastor Scott also leads worship on Sundays at Christ Church Northside. If you have a child or grandchild enrolled in CCA, feel free to join us for chapel! Theme Verse But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

SEPTEMBER 2018 PAGE 5 Music Time! We have been having a wonderful time in our music classes this semester! The littles (Pre-K to 2nd grade) have enjoyed singing traditional melodies like “The Farmer in the Dell,” “Bingo”, and “Down by the Riverside as well as clapping and using plastic cups as percussion instruments. 3rd through 5th grade have enjoyed learning to sing rounds to the tunes of “Alleluia”, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, “There Was an Old Fellow”, and “All Praise to Thee.” Rounds are challenging to the student because they force the singers to listen closely to their group while “tuning out” those singing different parts in the other group. A fun ear and brain workout indeed!

SEPTEMBER 2018 PAGE 6 Science Curriculum Gets Big Reaction BY MRS . KRI STIN “I was RIGHT!” Abigail squealed joyfully as the balloon atop the bottle filled up with carbon dioxide. The chemical reaction caused by the baking soda hitting the vinegar had also resulted in an eruption of oohs, ahs, and I-told-you-so’s. After weeks of sitting through lectures and readings on the magnificence of creation, the young fifth through seventh grade scientists had finally put knowledge into action in their renowned lab, “The Fellowship Hall.” After the excitement subsided, the young thinkers diligently recorded the experiment’s results in their lab notebooks, as all good scientists do. All were filled with delight, some a tinge of disappointment, as their thoughtful predictions were suddenly confirmed or disproved. The scientific method was nothing simple to grasp, let alone practice, but these pupils had clung to the information as moss to a stone. It was an act of worship--to beautifully, logically analyze the created world in order to understand its Creator just as countless scientists before had so lovingly striven to do. A Creator of order, intention, and precision, but also a kind, loving, personal one. In the first part of this year, Mrs. Kristin’s fifth through seventh grade students have discussed the advancement of science through history, noting that many influential scientists were actually Christians seeking to glorify and understand our Creator in their life’s work. While we hit the books in true Classical form, part of our week is spent in the “lab” doing various experiments demonstrating scientific principles. Left: Carbon dioxide filling the balloon caused by a chemical reaction in the bottle below. Center: Nicholas and Aiden look on as Jude carefully drops food coloring into water for our atomic experiment on atomic motion. Right: Adeline carefully measures drops of food coloring as Abigail looks on during our atomic motion experiment.


SEPTEMBER 2018 PAGE 4 A Letter from the Principal Hi Everyone, I have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received this first quarter. The teachers and staff are truly appreciative. We continue to press on in our calling to come alongside you and provide a biblically saturated, rigorous and Christ-honoring education to your children. And, it is clear that you are catching the vision. Keep up the great work. I hope this newsletter provides you with a good overview of all the great happenings here at Christ Church Academy. Pastor Brandon Nealy and his wife, Emily live in Sunset with their four children, Shirah, Adeline, Jude, and Amelia. When he's not teaching logic or strolling the halls as principal, Pastor Brandon is the pastor for preaching at Christ Church Northside. Important Dates October 5-8 - Fall Break October 12 - Vision Night October 19 - Picnic with Dad October 23 - Picture Day Christ Church Academy 1400 E Willow St Lafayette, LA 70501 Pastor Brandon

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