JJJ Developed by Strategies for Youth, Juvenile Justice Jeopardy (“JJJ”) is an interactive game aimed to educate youth about the law, how to interact with police and their peers. Youth learn about the short and long term implications of arrest and court involvement on future educational and employment opportunities. JJJ is funded by the KY Bar Foundation in Kentucky and the Cincinnati and Ohio Bar Foundations in Hamilton County. In March 2015, CLC launched the Stop Solitary for Ohio Youth campaign. Stop Solitary is committed to eliminating the harmful practice of secluding youth in adult jails and prisons, state youth correctional facilities, local juvenile detention centers, and residential treatment facilities. In 2016, CLC commissioned Turner Construction to build a life-size replica of a solitary confinement cell to raise awareness about the use of solitary confinement in youth facilities and to help participants gain a deeper understanding of the experience of isolation. The cell has been exhibited at several conferences and generated many powerful conversations about this damaging practice. The Stop Solitary campaign has garnered support from dozens of state and national organizations and hundreds of individuals.

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