Training and Education The NKU Chase Children’s Law Center Clinic — In 2011, CLC and Chase College of Law collaborated to form the NKU Chase Children’s Law Center Clinic. The Clinic is housed on the third floor of CLC’s Covington office. It serves as an educational model that allows law students to gain real-world experience representing young clients while being closely supervised by Chase Law professor Amy Halbrook. Once oriented to practice, students are assigned to actual cases. Through participation in the Clinic, students develop skills necessary to the successful practice of law and are exposed to multiple perspectives on justice, fairness and morality. Each student, preparing to soon become a lawyer, is encouraged to reflect on attorneys' roles and ethical responsibilities. The Clinic students, under the direct supervision of Professor Amy Halbrook, represented clients in 45 family law cases. Children’s Law Center works with students from many law schools and undergraduate programs in the region. Sharonda Hunter, NKU Chase College of Law (Left), Harper Hill, UC College of Law (Right)

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