As our fiscal year comes to an end, it also marks the end of my tenure at the Children’s Law Center as Executive Director. I have been privileged to lead this organization as its founder from its inception in 1989, over 28 years ago now. It has been a Kim Tandy Founder, Executive Director from 1989 - 2017 labor of love, and I am proud of what the organization has been able to accomplish through its board, staff and students. We have not only touched the lives of many children in Kentucky and Ohio, but our impact has been felt more recently in Indiana, throughout our region, and in some aspects, nationally. I’m fortunate to be leaving at a good time for the organization, as it is healthy financially and has a strong and committed staff. The Board of Directors has planned for this transition for two years, and it has made them and the organization stronger. I happily turned over the reins to Acena Beck, a talented young lawyer and leader who will move forward in positive ways, and will leave her own mark in the years to come. The Children’s Law Center remains committed to serving the most needy young people, and holding accountable those systems charged with their care and education. I have been blessed to see so many former clients over the years emerge as young healthy adults overcoming the challenges that life has thrown them. But I am humbled by others who have not fared as well, and whose life outcomes suggest we have much work remaining to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, trauma, and the perils imposed on families who live in poverty. We have not yet abandoned our reliance on incarceration of young people or assisted them well enough in successfully re-entering their communities after incarceration. Our mental health systems remain fragmented, and that fragmentation bleeds into our child welfare system, our juvenile justice system, and our criminal justice system unmercifully. So there is much for my colleagues remaining at the Children’s Law Center to do. And there is much support still needed for our work here. So stay tuned as we enter the next chapter. I have a lifetime of memories made here in Northern Kentucky, but I leave knowing I will continue this work on a consulting basis, both with the Children’s Law Center as well as with other organizations advancing fairness and justice. Best regards always, Kim Tandy

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