Fiscal Year 2017 Where our funds go: Administrative Personnel Occupancy/Facilities Insurance Technology Travel Special Events Other 2% 76% 4% 1% 2% 2% 2% 11% In the coming year CLC will continue to focus on individual legal representation for more than 500 children and youth in Kentucky and Ohio. CLC will continue to seek to improve the systems that serve children and youth through policy reform and impact litigation and CLC will continue to provide training and education for legal professionals about the rights of children and youth. CLC will increase its focus on advocating for children who are victims of crime, youth who are in transition out of foster care or incarceration and children suffering from the effects of poverty. Also, CLC will create and conduct self-help materials and information sessions to teach parents and guardians how they may self-represent in child custody proceedings and education advocacy processes. We are excited to continue our mission of helping children overcome barriers to success. Thank you for supporting the CLC and making this work possible. Regards, Acena Beck

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