MEMBER SPOTLIGHT SCOTT WEISENBACH SICH CASKET COMPANY NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR How did you get started in the funeral industry? I was born and raised in Batesville, Indiana; therefore, I guess it was inevitable that at some point I would become involved in funeral service. What is the most rewarding part of your occupation? I have found that the most satisfying aspect of my career is the professional and personal relationships I have developed with the people in funeral service; especially the individuals that comprise the Sich distributor network. Is there a specific moment or experience in your career that encapsulates your passion for what you do? Not one specific moment, but rather every time someone contacts me with a question or requests my assistance. When this happens, I feel humbled and blessed that our relationship is such that they have reached out to me. I see this as trust, confidence, and most of all, the basis of a strong relationship. Who or what inspires you? Sich Casket’s owner and my boss, Sirius Chan. Sirius began in an industry he knew nothing about although, with research, a vision, and passion, he took a risk and in 2004 sold his first casket. I am blessed that Sirius had another vision in September 2018 to bring me aboard and invest in the continued strength of Sich Casket. Interestingly, Sirius calls me Sich’s Wonderbra – since I provide such great support to our distributor network. I am truly honored and inspired that he believes so greatly in my abilities and the value I provide to our distributor partners. How long have you been a member of CFSA? I have been a member for three years and I am proud to serve on the Board of Directors for CFSA. How has being a CFSA member impacted your experience in the funeral supply industry? Seeing first-hand how competitors put their differences aside on behalf of a much bigger picture, which is working side by side to make CFSA and our industry much stronger by sharing ideas and business practices that benefit both the people we serve and the families our accounts serve. Favorite moment with CFSA? My favorite moment takes place at the CFSA Annual Conference and Trade Show. The event provides me the opportunity to be with many of our distributors and share a meal at the Sich Distributor Dinner - as I consider each Sich distributor a personal friend. How do you spend your time outside of work? Is there anything in particular that you enjoy doing? I enjoy sharing time with my wife, Jill, and our four children. I am blessed that my family enjoys my passion for running marathons, hiking in the mountains, and traveling. I believe that you can find something good and unique if you are willing to travel and explore. What are some important/notable trends that you have noticed in the funeral supply industry? One of the biggest trends I have seen on the supply side is that funeral home owners now look to their sales representatives to bring value during a sales call. The days of the sales rep showing up and flipping pictures are long gone. Funeral homes are looking for partnerships – not just products - from their suppliers. CFSA Insider | Page 14

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