The lowdown on Land & Commercial Real Estate Scott Free Broker / Owner CB Free Realty O: 478-218-2600 C: 478-951-3333 scottfree@cbfreerealty.com Many aspects of real estate are different, but none more so than the world of commercial real estate. Commercial Realtors® have a different tool box than residential agents. They work hand in hand with city, county and state governments, planning and zoning, and they must have extensive knowledge of right of ways, easements, drainage, annexation and more. We met with two of our Realtors® that have extensive experience in commercial real estate and land sales to discuss what’s happening in our local market, as well as what to look for when choosing a Realtor® to help you with large tracts commercial properties. Scott free is the owner and qualifying broker of CB Free Realty and has been in the real estate business for over 34 years. Scott’s main focus is commercial sales and development. Joe meadows is an Associate Broker with CB Free Realty and has been in real estate for over 15 years. Joe deals primarily in land and large parcels as well as commercial properties. Gentlemen, how’s the commercial real estate business these days? Joe: Wide open! Sales are strong in the land arena right now, in particular. Timber and recreational tracts are moving quite well at the moment. Warehouse space, as well is in high demand. 42 Scott: We actually have a couple of different areas we deal in. Typical commercial properties like retail, some restaurants, fast food - those are doing well. Hospitality - like hotel and motels and higher end restraunts are having a harder time. Office space is slow. Has the covid-19 pandemic and having more folks work from home changed the type of properties that businesses are looking for? Scott: That is the reason for the slow down in hospitality and office space. Joe: I agree. With more folks working from home and that becoming more acceptable, the need for traditional office space has gone down. And with folks not able to travel like they were, the hotel and motel industry has taken a hit, too.

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