DAYTRIPPING In Middle Georgia Andersonville National Historic Site Andersonville National Historic Site and National Cemetery preserves an important part of history tucked into the area between Montezuma and Americus. Andersonville was the site of a prisoner of war camp during the last 14 months of the Civil War for Northern troops who were captured here in Georgia. The harsh conditions and living quarters are displayed so visitors can get a true sense of what being a POW in the Civil War was like. The site has the original gate to the camp, monuments from many states and a wonderful museum, a gift shop, and there are also picnic areas to enjoy. The cemetery has displays showing the historical events and their significance throughout. The cemetery continues to hold services for veterans who are eligible for burial at a National Cemetery. The cemetery is especially moving around Memorial Day & Veteran’s Day when flags mark each grave. https://www.nps.gov/ande/index.html 40 Amerson River Park Amerson River Park contains 180 acres of forests, meadows, and wetlands surrounded by a river oxbow. However, Amerson River Park is more than just a beautiful place to admire nature. The Park’s natural beauty is complimented by a state-of-the-art playground, a canoe launch and takeout, miles of trail, and pavilions overlooking the river. It’s great for tubing, hiking, picnicking and so much more. https://www.newtownmacon.com/parks-on-thetrail/#A with the Wagoner Family Fun on the river

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