SPRING CLEANING TO-DO Indoors Outdoors O Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures Remove all the globes to your light fixtures and put them in the dishwasher. Most dishwashers have a crystal or glass feature this will help with spotting. O Air Vents/Grates While you have the ladder out, go ahead and vacuum and wipe all the air vents/grates; Don’t forget to change your air filters while you’re at it. O Cabinets Kitchen and baths- there are some great cabinet cleaners on the marker but, would recommend a good cleaning with a vinegar and water mixture to remove the grim first. O Woodwork Interior doors and frames, crown molding, chair rail, wainscotting, and lastly baseboards. For those of you that have kids this is probably part of your weekly cleaning, but the wood work in your home does need an annual wiping off. O Vacuum Even most up rights have attachments for curtains and furniture. This may even be a good time to have your more frequented furniture professionally cleaned as well as your more traveled carpet and rugs cleaned. O Floors This is where you have to get down and dirty, literally hands and knees down. Vinegar and water again are a good start for baseboard and floors. If you want to go back with another cleaner after, all the cleaner. O Roof Inspection / Gutters and Downspouts It’s not a bad idea to hire a roofing company to give your roof, vents and boots a clean bill of health and while they’re there have them clean the gutters and downspouts. O Pressure Washing This job may seem easy enough but you can cause a lot of damage to your property if you’re not careful. Legitimate pressure washing companies know just how much pressure is enough. They can even do soft washes on roofs that won’t hurt the integrity of your shingles. O Windows Again, no small job, but what a difference it makes! Some words of advice, do not use soap. Soap and detergents are sticky that’s what helps get the dirt off - but it also sticks it right back on. A water and vinegar mixture works well. If you are able to get all the dirt and detergent off the glass you should not have to hand dry them. Windows should dry spot free or you can try a squeegee. O Sprinkler System It is very possible that during a freeze a sprinkler line or head broke or cracked. Run a test and get them fixed before you have super wet area or a super dry area. O Fences Fences make good neighbors – make sure your fence is clean, mended and nothing is encroaching on your neighbor’s property. Make necessary fence repairs and maintanace – your neighbors will thank you for it. 27

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