If you’re thinking about selling, real estate is all about location, location, location. Sellers can’t do diddly about their home’s location, but they can do something about their home’s cleanliness. Make sure you read the staging article to see just how much buyers value cleanliness. A clean home tells buyers that you have cared for your home which translates to less repairs and maintenance. They aren’t left to wonder when the last time the air filters were changed and how that may have affected the HVAC system. One of a REALTOR’s tricks of the trade is walk a seller to the end of their driveway and tell them wto turn around and imagine they are now a buyer. The same principle applies for non-sellers, what do my neighbors see when they come to borrow sugar? So, while standing at the end of your driveway what do you see? Friends and strangers see the dead boxwood in the front flower bed and the tree limb on your fence you have been meaning to drag off. As you walk up the drive and head to your front door – you see the mildew on the walkway to the front stoop, the cracked or chipped pot with the dead plant next to the front door with the Christmas wreath you have been meaning to remove. You get the drift. For most of us we never use our front door - we go into our homes through the garage, and if the garage is a hot mess, we instantly close the door to the garage so our neighbors don’t judge us. We are all guilty of hibernating inside when the weather is cold. We are not outside as often and these things become out of sight and out of mind. But in the south y’all, cleanliness is close to Godliness. Taking care of these chores now will allow plenty of time for summertime fun! To help get things going, we have created an outside and inside check list to use as a guide. There are also some service providers that our agents have had great experiences with. Happy Cleaning! 25 Health & Safety O Change batteries in smoke detectors O Clean lint from dryer and dryer exhaust ducts O Clean out your washer filter, if it has one O Check the fridge filter and replace, if needed O Discard any expired medication according to instructions provided O Check fire extinguishers O Check & clean a/c returns and change filters in a/c frequently to keep indoor air clean O Check grills and outdoor kitchens for rust, worn parts, insects, grease and other debris before use

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