Staging -- Ricki Free & Meredith Plummer A seller should think of selling their home like Game Day. You don’t just decide to sell your home one day and slap it on the market. You prepare for it, plan for it and take the steps to make the sale a success. Home staging has evolved over the years from making sure the house looked “just so” and baking fresh cookies, to the modern recommendations of de-personalization and the added twist of adding in digital staging, when needed. The truths still hold that when it comes to setting the stage for a home to sell quickly, there are several key aspects to address: cleanliness, clutter, décor, furniture placement and photos. That is, in a nutshell, what staging is: getting the house ready for winning on game day! We asked three agents with extensive experience in this area to help us guide you through staging a home. Sells Juliana Horsting, Associate Broker/Realtor® has 21 years’ experience in Perry and the surrounding Middle Georgia area. She is a specialist in traditional home staging. She is also co-owner of Market on Camelia in Marshallville, which features home décor and more. Dawn Jerles, Associate Broker/Realtor® is the owner of Zenithland 3D Imagery and focuses heavily on producing quality photos, 3D tours and drone photography. Heather Drury, Realtor® has experience with traditional and digital staging. All three feel like a properly staged home is about appealing to a broad array of potential home buyers. Associate Broker / Realtor® CB Free Realty O: 478-987-0763 C: 478-955-0259 julianahorsting@hotmail.com 14 Juliana notes: “In my experience, one of the first 1 – 4 showings who look at a home will be your buyer. If your home doesn’t show well, you lose that sale. In my experience as a Realtor®, a staged home sells faster.” When we look at studies about buyer’s first impressions, we know that certain items (like location and square footage) are accepted by the potential buyer before they request a showing. In today’s digital world, even items such as curb appeal are noted by buyers ahead of time.

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