Community Spotlight A vector is defined as an object that has both magnitude and direction. That certainly describes the Vectr Center in Warner Robins. Its mission is both grand and focused in helping veterans as they move forward after military life. The Georgia VECTR Center serves as a gateway for veterans’ re-entry into Georgia’s public postsecondary educational systems and workforce. The center was established by the state and is designed to serve veterans and their families through career counseling, educational coaching, workforce training, and more. The VECTR Center provides unique, accelerated programs in high demand and strategic industries tailored to abbreviate the process of receiving post-secondary certificates and degrees by recognizing the extensive training veterans receive during their military service. Through on-site partners (Georgia Department of Veterans Service, Georgia Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs and United Way/Mission United) they provide a one-stop-shop for veterans seeking benefits, educational opportunities, employment services and links to community resources. 12 The Georgia VECTR Center is open to the public for education, employment, entrepreneurship and community support services. Patrons may schedule an appointment prior to visiting the Center by calling 478-2183900 or emailing info gavectr.org

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