 Continued from Page 4 SUGGESTIONS FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP IN THE COVID 19 CRISIS We will reflect on the Perform matrix by providing suggestions, advice and tips in a succinct manner under a few sub-headings. LEADERSHIP IS PIVOTAL IN THE COVID-19 CRISIS This is so because leaders:  Create an inspiring Vision for the country/ territory/organisation or the team  Prepare plans at Strategic, Operational and Unit levels  Are the primary interface with critical strategic partners  Have the authority to make important decisions  Manage procedures, processes, systems  Inspire commitment to plans  Motivate teams to perform Leadership is crucial for organisational success in crises. It is useful to consider what the literature and practical experience from the CARICAD team suggest can make leaders effective in this COVID-19 crisis.  Set direction with a realistic but inspiring Vision. Convert the Vision to a compelling narrative  Base all your actions on sound values and ethical principles  Create and maintain trust by being honest and keeping your word  Perform above and beyond self-interest – work for the cause and not for applause  Take decisions promptly and communicate them adequately  Continues on next page 6

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