M eet Lincoln Allen, CEO, Cannabis Licensing Authority of Jamaica, who is currently pursuing CARICAD’s Transformational Leadership Development Programme. Here’s what he had to say about the Programme: “The integration of the COVID 19 pandemic into our leadership programme is commendable. This approach shows reflexibility, responsiveness and relevance to our current leadership realities, which underscores the value of this programme to the participants.” Contact us at caricad@caricad.net to get more information about our leadership development offerings. The CARICAD Horizon is a regular publication of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD). The Horizon has superseded the “Chronicle”. The Editor-in-Chief is CARICAD’s Executive Director, Devon Rowe. The Production Team comprises: Franklyn Michael, Rosemund Warrington, Dr. Lois Parkes, Trudy Waterman, Angela Eversley and Petra Emmanuel. Previous editions can be viewed at: March 2020: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/horizon-march-2020-final December 2019: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/horizon-dec-2019-final October 2019: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/horizon-oct-2019-final Board Meeting 2019 Special Edition: https://publizr.com/car…/caricad-august-2019-special-edition April 2019: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/caricad-april-2019-newsletter-final December 2018: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/caricad-december-2018-newsletter-hl August 2018: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/caricad-august-2018-newsletter-final December 2017: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/caricad-december2017-newsletter July 2017: https://publizr.com/caricadsec/caricad-horizon-july-final The Caribbean Centre for Development Administration, 1st Floor Weymouth Corporate Centre, Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, Barbados Tel: 246-427-8535 Fax: 246-436-1709 Email: caricad@caricad.net Website: www.caricad.net 18

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