Continued from previous page The Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training (METVT in Barbados) has agreed to assist in training the teaching staff to utilise G Suite and has held multiple training sessions. There is a high level of enthusiasm for the use of this technology. The objective is to encourage greater use of technology in the classroom, but also to prepare for any future situation where remote learning must be employed. Beyond 2020 In the area of administration, the intention is to increase the use of technology as a means of replacing manual and paper-based procedures. This is especially true in areas such as file and records management, accounting, and course management. One major goal is the acquisition of a document or content management system and associated hardware to convert past and current records to electronic format. There is also an intention to utilise modern technology to improve the network security and Disaster Management systems. The solution to the challenge of teaching technical trades remotely remains high on the agenda. The first task is the acquisition of suitable technology for classroom management and instruction including the G Suite products, and the successful training of staff to be competent and enthusiastic about its use. The more daunting task is in curriculum reform to identify those areas where the use of technology can be substituted to reasonably satisfy the criteria for successful completion of a course. Increasing the use of technology in technical training courses at the BVTB is a stated goal in the current Strategic Plan which was in place prior to the arrival of COVID-19. As the head of the responsible department, I can say that while finding technological assists for administrative functions and office-type courses is quite a simple task, there does not seem to be the same availability in the area of hands-on trades. Continues on next page 8

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