Continued from previous page In the training arena, technology has also been increasingly available at the BVTB, but it is not always utilised to the same degree as within the administrative sphere. Each training location has access to the Internet, computers and projection equipment for the use of video demonstration and the majority of locations have a purpose-built Resource Centre where classes can allow each student access to a computer for research or practical purposes. The students of all full-time courses are also formally introduced to computer usage as part of their curriculum. Certain classes also utilise trade-specific software to aid in teaching, such as automotive databases in the Auto trades, but for the majority of classes, the use of the projector to present the occasional online video is the extent of the integration of technology. Having said that, it must be recognised that in a technical setting, unless instructors are specifically instructed and trained to include more technological teaching methods, they will consider it easier to continue teaching the way they have done in the past. Resource Centre at C. Lomer Alleyne Training Centre Continues on next page 6

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