“Working with CALPIRG for voter registration and GOTV this year was a fabulous partnership. The volunteers were knowledgeable of the process, reliable, very creative, and committed." - Viviana Marsano, Senior Advisor to Campus Organizations at UCSB Leading up to the primary election registration deadline we held multiple days of action to help students register to vote. Whether volunteers were on campus to say “We Love Primary Voting” on Valentine’s day, or participating in National Voter Registration Day, the visibility and education on campus helped more students make plans to vote in the elections. In total, we helped over 3,500 students register to vote before the primary registration deadline. Following our efforts to help register voters, we wanted to make sure young people had a plan to turn in their ballot and cast their vote. Whether its helping students find time in their class schedule, participate in early voting, or finding a ride to the polls our peer to peer Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign works to turn out as many young people to the polls in a way that is accessible and friendly. At UCLA the BruinsVote coalition worked to get free pizza deliveries to students standing in line to vote, and helped identify polling locations with shorter lines to make sure students who wanted to vote had the chance to cast their ballot. At UC Irvine volunteers pointed students in the direction of the Vote Center nearby. At UC Berkeley volunteers spent dozens of hours on the phone with students helping them make a plan to get to the polls, and UCSB the Gauchos Vote coalition had handy maps to direct students to the one of many potential polling locations to cast their ballot.

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