adapt voter registration tactics to the virtual world, finalize plans to go plastic free at the UC, and call for more public health protections under the coronavirus. The virtual intern program was a huge success! We hired over 120 interns into the program, even more than our program in Winter quarter. In total over 200 students participated in our Spring quarter volunteer and internship activities, and then we ran a similar program to give students the opportunity to participate in a remote internship over summer with over 350 interns! In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we worked to help spread the world about services the UC was providing to students. We collected signatures in support of increased testing, called for universal mail-in-ballots, and called on ventilator companies to allow hospitals the ‘right to repair’ broken life-saving machines. Our team also wrote letters to the editor to call for better public health protections. In response we’ve seen an increase in testing capacity in California, toolkits released by ventilator companies to allow repairs, and universal mail-in-ballots in California. In this time we know its important more so than ever to have young people participate in our democracy, and we are proud and inspired by the work of students at the UC to lead the effort when it comes to tackling some of the most profound issues of this generation.

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