Our goal is to strengthen our open educational resource (OER) programs at the UCs and ensure they are well-used, as well as reduce or eliminate the use of access codes. We are working to show student support, get faculty to pledge to give preference to cheaper course materials, educate faculty and librarians about how they can use OER, and work with administrators to institutionalize OER. This year our students presented this proposal to UC Regents, and applauded the UC’s efforts to make open journals available. In addition our students testified in support of a statewide “Borrowers’ Bill of Rights” that would protect students from ‘debt traps’ or being taken advantage of by lenders. Awards This year CALPIRG Students was recognized for the tangible change our student leadership program has made toward a cleaner and more meaningful future. This year we were nominated for an American Climate Leadership Award alongside organizations like the Sunrise Movement and the Future Coalition. And WE WON! We were recognized for not only building a large movement of climate activists across the UC system, but for winning our campaign and committing the UC System to 100% clean purchased electricity. We are honored by such an award, and grateful to our partners at the UC for working with us to make this 100% clean energy vision a reality.

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