INSIDE...page 3 Saying farewell: WORDS TO LIVE BY... Forsyth native Jerry Redfern passes away. “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” Eleanor Roosevelt Highs mid 80s. Lows in the 60s Always FREE! Your source for local news and entertainment June 10-11, 2020 • Vol. 1, Issue 96 Groninger Scholarship Essay, winner Garrett Wicker BINGO! Don “Pete” Peterson and Mary Ann Raemisch play a rousing game of bingo while social distancing in the parking lot at the Branson-Hollister Senior Center on a warm Thursday afternoon in June. (Branson Globe photo.) Beat the Covid blues with Parking Lot Bingo! Staff Reports. Seniors love socializing. Seniors love Bingo. Seniors now social distance because they want to avoid Covid-19. Ta Da! They do all three now playing Parking Lot Bingo every Thursday at the Branson-Hollister Senior Center. “During this time of social distancing and uncertainty due to the Coronavirus, some ideas of thinking outside of the box have succeeded,” said Lisa Arnold, Administrator at the center. “One of these is Parking Lot Bingo. The patrons at the center have always enjoyed playing Bingo on Thursdays and now they still can. This is how Arnold explained SEE COVID BLUES, PAGE 2 By Garrett Wicker In your own words, give the history of the oath of enlistment given to each member of the Armed Services as they are sworn in to serve our country. Being an active member in the military means more than just having a job. It means that you are invariably putting your life on the line. You must be strong, not only physically capable, but also mentally capable. When deciding to join the honoring profession, it is a requisite that you recite the oath that all the veterans have stood for and the beautiful history that falls behind it. In the beginning of the American Revolution, Congress established oaths for the continental Army. Their oaths differed depending on where they enlisted. During the Revolutionary War, the first oath was adopted on June 14, 1775; primarily for the Continental Army. Shortly later, however, the oath was edited to propose the idea that englisting could result in a longer duration of service. In the original, written in 1775, the oath read that the soldier was only active for one year. In the revised version this part was omitted. The first Constitutional oath was approved by Congress in 1789. The WEATHER...page 12 Garrett Wicker. Branson Globe photo) pledge had two similar parts that consisted of swearing yourself in. It applied to all commissioned officers, noncommissioned officers, and privates in the services. The 1789 version of the oath remained in commission for many years. In 1960, an amendment to Title 10 redesigned the vow into what it is today. Break down each segment of the oath and explain what it means to you. If I were to enlist today, this is how I would interpret the oath, and SEE ESSAY, PAGE 3

2 • June 10-11, 2020 LOCAL • COVID BLUES Continued from page 1 the way Parking Lot Bingo is played: Cars are distanced a parking space apart. Patrons can stay in their vehicle or sit in front of them in lawn chairs. Bingo cards are passed out to each person, Traci Burrow (Community Center Coordinator) calls the Bingo numbers from the front porch with a microphone and speaker, when someone wins, they either honk their horn or yell “BINGO!” Codi Weise, Paddlewheel server, tends to dining guests Caitlin Knop and Noah Davis from the Austin, Texas area. (Branson Globe photo) Arnold delivers a cart with prizes to the winner so they can choose their reward. Accoring to Arnold, Patrons say “This is so much fun, it’s the highlight of my week, can’t wait till next time.” Arnold asked people to please join them Thursdays at 1:00 pm, in the parking lot for Senior Parking Lot Bingo. For questions please contact Traci Burrow at 417-337-8510 or Lisa Arnold at 417-335-4801. In the meantime, tourists and Bransonites alike are returning to a more normal way of life than sheltering at home by visiting attractions, shopping, doing their laundry at the new laundromat and dining out. Caitlin Knop and Noah Davis tore out of Bastrop and Smithville, Texas, near Austin to beat Tropical Storm Chrstobal. Seven hours later Monday night the storm caught up with them outside of Branson. They checked into the Hilton and dashed across the street to the Branson Landing for a look-see. Eventually they landed at the Paddlewheel. “We decided to go on a road trip,” said Knop, a schoolteacher. “We’re headed to Clear Lake Iowa. I want to show Noah the farm in my family for 150 years, tomorrow, after the rain quits.” “I’m am out-of-work chef so I have time on my hands, Davis.” I was curious to see how restaurants like the Paddle were dealing the Covid.” Larry Milton, Paddlewheel owner and city Alderman, said he hired two Cleaning Czars” for constant disinfecting. The Paddlewheel has also converted to single-use cups, utensils, menus and condiments, bransonglobe.com and social Distancing patrons by spacing tables out. “When full, we’re limited to about 30 percent capacity,” Milton said. “It’s not a sustainable business model.” Rick Tony, who owns the new Launderette along with daughter LaTisha was just as sanguine about business prospects as Branson slowly reopens for business. “I’m glad we didn’t start a restaurant, we’d have been bankrupted by now because of the pandemic,” Tony said. Enough people are finding out about us so we can barely cover expenses and not break the bank.” It’s the reaction of people when out in public that brings up interesting reactions from people, Tony said. “I coughed in The Branson Café and nearly cleared the place out.” Milton of the Paddlewheel said some tourists seemed a little nervous and the “the majority are optimistic.” For Cindy Demeter, customer service representative and cashier at the Country Mart store, there is one thing that bugs her the most about the Covid bug – her nails, or lack thereof. It’s painful Demeter said. “I’m constantly sanitizing. I keep hitting my hands on the Plexiglas shield bumping my nails. The mask fogs up your glasses. Its draining. But that is all nothing. We do it and think of all those people who loved ones. Were just here to help.”

bransonglobe.com LOCAL June 10-11, 2020 • 3 Forsyth native and community leader Jerry Redfern passes away Cindy Demeter at Country Mart says she doesn’t mind the bumps and hassles of preventing the spread of Covid since a lot of people have lost their loved ones during the pandemic. (Branson Globe photo) • ESSAY Continued from page 1 what it means to me. “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear...” ensures that I am making this decision. “...that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, forgeign and domestic...” illustrates that I will protect the Constitution against all acts of corruption. “...that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same...” elucidates that I believe and will demonstrate the laws the constitution has set forth. This segment also exemplifies my loyalty to the government. “...and that I will obey the order of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code Military Justice” clarifies my awareness of authority and my obedience towards them. The final sentence reads, “So help me God”; this is consequential because our entire nation is built on faith in God. In summation, I originally did not know the enlistment oath. This opportunity was an eye-opening experience. I am forever grateful that I was blessed to live in the land of the free that is protected by the brave men of America. (Editor’s Note: Branson Globe hopes you enjoy reading the thoughts of these young people, and will wish them well in their future endeavors. Watch the June 12 issue of Branson Globe for the essay by Rae Woods. Thanks to Scholarship Chairman Bob Sarver of VVA 913 for sharing these essays.) Ruger is a 12 week old mini Meet RUGER, Our June Pet of the Month www.turtlecreekbranson.com Australian Shepherd. He has two modes play, play, play, or sleep. Ruger is very smart, sometimes too smart for his own good. He loves most people and kids but doesn’t quite know what to think of other dogs yet. info@turtlecreekbranson.com Submitted to Branson Globe Area foundations are grieved to announce the death of foundation manager and Forsyth native, Jerry Lee Redfern, on June 3, 2020. Redfern served as the manager for the Musgrave Foundation, the Roy W. Slusher Foundation, the Heuer Foundation, and directed the David D. Lewis Trust. His commitment and passion for ensuring communities and their people thrive is well-known and celebrated. Redfern’s influence will live on through his spirit of generosity and example of leadership. Rob Baird, chairman of the Musgrave Foundation Grant Committee, stated “Jerry’s leadership has been very important to the Musgrave Foundation’s service to the community, true to it’s founder, Jeanette Musgrave’s vision and intent. He has always kept the notion of care for those who need a helping hand at the forefront of the foundation‘s giving. He did SEE REDFERN, PAGE 8 Jerry Redfern. (Submitted to Branson Globe)

4 • June 10-11, 2020 OPINION bransonglobe.com Train Up a Child: A Lesson from a Dad By Pat Lamb No matter how old we get, when Kim Rohde Publisher (417) 872-2951 lkimrohde@yahoo.com Brenda Meadows Editor & Staff Writer (417) 231-7601 info@BransonGlobe.com David Stoltz News Correspondent (228) 355-2900 itcdls@gmail.com Gary Groman, a.k.a. The Ole Seagull Columnist Emeritus Rob Doherty Account Representative & Distribution Manager (504) 583-8907 robd@bransonglobe.com Karen Halfpop Digital/Production Director production@ BransonGlobe.com Submit a letter to the editor: Letters to the editor that are sent via e-mail and are fewer than 400 words are given preference. Published or unpublished letters become the property of the newspaper and will not be returned. All letters must include name, address, and verifiable phone number. Father’s Day comes, our thoughts naturally turn to our dads and what they mean to us. My dad taught me a lesson that I would like to share with you. We had about 24 cows to milk most of the time on our little farm in Verona, MO. I liked to tag along with my dad on summer evenings when he went down into the pasture to bring them up for milking. On one hot summer evening, I was tagging along behind him watching the little puffs of dust come from under my bare feet on the dry, dusty cow path. Suddenly he stopped, squatted down, and pulled a blade of grass. My dad sat for a while looking at that blade of grass. First he looked on the underneath side of it, and then he rolled it over and looked at the top of it. I could tell that my dad was having deep, serious thoughts. “Patsy,” he said, “jest look at this blade of grass. Look at all the little hairs on it. Look at all the little lines going here and there on it.” About that time, an airplane flew overhead. My dad looked up at the sky and said, “You know, man can make an airplane and fly. Why, someday, who knows, man may even be able to go to the moon and back, but don’t you ever forget that only God can make a blade of grass!” I haven’t forgotten that lesson. Sure enough, man has gone to the moon and back, and man has done much more. Man has even learned to clone animals and humans, but man will never be able to make a blade of grass. Author Pat Lamb (FILE) Some of the best teaching parents can do comes at opportune moments when least expected. Impromptu teaching of values can only come if a parent’s heart is right and the desire to teach is there. Just as we walk every day and never give a thought to the grass we are treading upon, so do we often let day after day go by and never give a thought to the many opportunities for teaching children. The best planned lessons from the most educated of teachers may not be as effective as a lesson given from the heart of a dad. Sure, mom has plenty of input, but there is something extra special when a dad puts his effort into working with his children. A dad should think of the home as his piece of the world. It is his to govern and support. It is something he owns in partnership with mom. Mom is his helper as he rules his “little country”. Whether or not a dad wants this responsibility, it is his, and God will hold him accountable for how he conducts himself with this assignment. In God’s sight, just because a man left a home, his responsibilities have not been erased. Bringing children into the world places the responsibility of rearing them squarely on the dads. Nothing can take that away. This Father’s Day, let us be grateful and express that gratefulness to our dads. There are many fine dads who take their responsibilities very seriously and they deserve to be honored. Oh, that there were more dads who did so! (The comments on this page are the opinions of the writer, and not necessarily those of Branson Globe, or its staff. Want to weigh-in? Have something to say? Share it with us in your own Letter to the Editor. See submission guidelines in lower left corner of this page.) BransonGlobe Your source for local news and entertainment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. info@BransonGlobe.com • Phone: (417) 334-9100 • Fax: (417) 334-3767 • 1447 US Hwy. 248, Suite EE, Branson, MO 65616 BransonGlobe.com @BransonGlobe BransonGlobe @BransonGlobe #Branson Globe

bransonglobe.com LOCAL Tour operators, suppliers to hold annual conference in Branson Submitted to Branson Globe Branson will once again host Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) for their annual conference for tour operators, suppliers and destinations, in 2021. According to Lenni Neimeyer, Director of Leisure Group Sales for the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau. the event was last held in Branson in 2010. Originally scheduled to be in Branson this year, the conference was cancelled due to restrictions brought on by COVID-19, and moved into 2021. “The Branson community is more than delighted to be able to move the conference into 2021,” said Neimeyer. “We value the relationships we’ve built and nurtured over these past 18 years. We can’t wait to show conference attendees all that Branson has to offer.” “We are grateful to the Branson community for their past and continued support of TAP,” said TAP Executive Director Lisa Doermer. “Branson will most definitely give conference attendees something to look forward to.” TAP has been in business for 18 years, and is based in Nova Scotia. An exact date for the TAP conference was not announced. June 10-11, 2020 • 5

6 • June 10-11, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com LOCAL Frontier Airlines flights resumed at Branson Airport Submitted to Branson Globe Low cost carrier Frontier Airlines resumed commercial air service at Branson Airport on Saturday, June 6. Over 100 passengers arrived aboard the quieter, more fuel-efficient, Airbus A320neo on their nonstop flight from Denver ready to begin summer vacations in Branson. “Departing passengers and guests will be welcomed to Branson Airport with newly enhanced procedures to address the health and wellness of all who enter the terminal,” said Jeff Bourk, Airport Executive Director. “In addition to directional and informational signs, there are multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility, daily disinfecting of surfaces, plus the use of electrostatic disinfecting spraying systems using EPA certified disinfectants to further our commitment to safety,” Bourk continued. Frontier Airlines is the first major airline to require temperature screenings before boarding using touchless thermometers. Any passenger, crew member or airport employee who has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed to fly or gain access to the terminal. Face masks are also a requirement when flying and will be provided at no cost to guests who need one. Learn more about June 10-11, 2020 • 7 Frontier Airlines Commitment to health and safety including the new temperature screenings here https://www.flyfrontier.com/ committed-to-you/ Low Cost flights from Branson Airport on Frontier Airlines are available for booking now through 2021 and include nonstop service to Denver with connections to several popular destinations. Find current travel updates at FlyBranson.com NOW OFFERING LEASE TO OWN OPTIONS 55+ Gated Master-Planned Community Located on Branson Hills Parkway in Branson, MO • Maintenance Free Living • Clubhouse • Discounted Membership at Branson Hills Golf Club • Amazing Location • Beautiful Valley Views CALL NOW 417.239.0951 SummitRidgeBRANSON.COm

8 • June 10-11, 2020 LOCAL • REDFERN Continued from page 3 this with joy, grace and wisdom! He truly enjoyed the role, and was very good at it!” Redfern championed efforts for community funding and projects supported by the foundations he managed. Through community representation and engagement with various agencies and their boards, grant application review and fund disbursement, and event/project oversight, Redfern helped to bring positive change to the Ozarks. Under the guidance of Redfern, millions of grant dollars have been distributed from these foundations to support hundreds of different agencies, in addition to tens of thousands of dollars awarded in scholarship money. Construction of public spaces such as the Musgrave Foundation’s Max Jahn Depot in Grant Beach Park, Springfield, and the Slusher Foundation’s Fishing with Charlie Campbell permanent exhibit at the White River Valley Historical Society Museum in Forsyth has also been important to the foundations’ missions. Redfern was an enthusiastic, solution-driven leader who brought organizations and people together to take action and change lives. Redfern attended Forsyth, MO public schools and graduated from high school in 1953. He then attended Drury College and received his bachelor’s degree in music in 1957. While in college, Redfern performed with L.D. Keller and the Promenaders on the nationally televised, Ozark Jubilee. He traveled with the Promenaders all over the United States and Canada while they performed with country music stars of the time such as Gene Autry and Red Foley. Redfern received his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1961. He served as the law clerk to Judge Randall Webber of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri before joining Neale, Newman, Bradshaw and Freeman law firm (currently The Law Firm of Neale & Newman) in 1962, where he spent his entire legal career. bransonglobe.com Redfern served as president of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association and in 2000 was honored with its Distinguished Attorney Award. He handled many cases on a pro bono basis for the then Legal Aid of Southwest Missouri and in 1994, received their Pro Bono Award. In 1995, he was presented with the Pro Bono Publico Award from the Missouri Bar, in recognition of all the cases he had handled for low income clients. Redfern went on to serve on the Board of Legal Aid, including several years as president. Redfern was also very active in other worthwhile causes such as past president of the Developmental Center of the Ozarks f/k/a the Cerebral Palsy Center, past president of the Springfield Park Board and a former United Way campaign chairman. In 2007, he received the Tom Cochran Community Service Award from the Missouri Bar and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Drury University. Redfern has served as an elder, deacon, and trustee of the Presbyterian Church and loved to sing in his church choir. Redfern lived in Springfield with his wife, Spencer.

bransonglobe.com STATE Comparisons drawn between Floyd’s death and Missouri case O’FALLON, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri NAACP and black lawmakers on Friday urged a new investigation into the death of an African American jail inmate who died in 2017 in a similar circumstance to George Floyd — with a white law enforcement officer’s knee on his neck. Tory Sanders, 28, died at the Mississippi County Jail in rural Charleston, Missouri, about 150 miles south of St. Louis. He had several encounters with officers while jailed and a mental health counselor determined he was suffering from paranoia. Sheriff Cory Hutcheson and eight others then entered the cell to subdue him. A wrongful death lawsuit said Hutcheson jammed his knee against Sanders’ neck and kept it there for up to three minutes, even as a police officer urged him to stop. Sanders fell into unconsciousness and died. Missouri’s attorney general at the time, Josh Hawley, investigated but declined to file charges after medical experts concluded that Sanders died of “excited delirium,” not from the knee to the neck or other efforts to control him. During a news conference Friday, Missouri NAACP President Nimrod Chapel Jr. urged Mississippi County Prosecuting Attorney Darren Cann to file murder charges against Hutcheson and other officers. But Cann, in a phone interview, said he turned the case over to the attorney general’s office in 2017 because of a conflict of interest — one of his employees is related to Hutcheson. That conflict still exists, so it would be up to the attorney general’s office to reopen the case, Cann said. Eric Schmitt took over as attorney general after Hawley, a Republican, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018. Schmitt’s spokesman, Chris Nuele, said in a statement that the attorney general “is committed to thoroughly reviewing all existing and any new evidence to determine whether to reopen the matter. Additionally, we hope to sit down with the NAACP and other interested parties to discuss further.” Hawley’s spokeswoman, Kelli Ford, said in a statement that when he was attorney general, Hawley “went to court to have the sheriff removed from office, stripped of his badge, charged with state and federal crimes, and sent to prison. Senator Hawley supports any further prosecutorial action the evidence will support.” Hutcheson does not have a listed phone number and a phone message left with his attorney was not immediately returned. Floyd’s death on May 25 sparked nationwide protests. Derek Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder after bystander video showed him holding his knee to Floyd’s neck even as the SEE COMPARISONS, PAGE 11 June 10-11, 2020 • 9 Former Mississippi County Sheriff Cory Hutcheson sits behind his desk at the Mississippi County Detention Center in Charleston, Mo. The Missouri NAACP and black lawmakers are calling for a new investigation into the 2017 death of Tory Sanders. (Leonna Heuring/ Sikeston Standard Democrat via AP, File)

10 • June 10-11, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com STATE • COMPARISONS Continued from page 9 man pleaded for air and eventually stopped moving. The video has sparked protests against police brutality and discrimination around the world. Democratic state Sen. Karla May of St. Louis said Missourians can’t ignore such a similar case “in our own back yard.” “In light of what’s happening today in the protests, people who are part of this system of injustice need to be prosecuted in this case,” May said. The state NAACP issued a MIssouri “travel advisory” in July 2017 over concerns about whether travelers’ civil rights would be respected. The resolution cited legislative action such as passage of a bill weakening the state’s anti-discrimination law, as well as Sanders’ death and racist incidents. Sanders, of Nashville, Tennessee, ran out of gas on May 4, 2017, in southern Missouri, then hitchhiked and ended up in Charleston. A day later, Sanders went to the police and told officers there was a warrant out for his arrest in Nashville related to an altercation with the mother of his children. The wrongful death lawsuit said Sanders also told officers: “I need to see a mental health doctor to save my life and my kids’ life.” He was taken to the jail, where a mental health counselor concluded Sanders was suffering from paranoia as a result of substance abuse, and that he should be hospitalized for observation. But he remained in his cell. That night, Hutcheson led a team of officers and jailers, wearing helmets and vests and holding a large shield, into Sanders’ cell, according to the lawsuit. Sanders was tackled, pepper sprayed, hit with a stun gun and punched while “pleading for help and struggling to stay alive,” the lawsuit stated. According to the lawsuit, Hutcheson pressed his left knee on top of Sanders’ neck. A Charleston police officer told Hutcheson at least three times to remove the pressure. “No, I’m good,” the sheriff responded. “No lifesaving measures were taken” after Sanders stopped breathing, the suit stated. Emergency medical personnel arrived and took him to a hospital, where he died a short time later. Though not charged in Sanders’ death, Hutcheson now 36, was sentenced last year to six months in federal prison for unrelated crimes: wire fraud and identity theft. He resigned after pleading guilty and can no longer work as a law enforcement officer. Federal prosecutors said Hutcheson used a fraudulent process to track the whereabouts of more than 200 cellphone users, including a judge and a former sheriff. He never explained his motive. Hutcheson was elected in 2016. The former deputy ran on a pledge to attack the drug culture that permeated his county. Hutcheson arrested 88 drug dealers in his first 90 days as sheriff, his attorney said at Hutcheson’s sentencing. But Hutcheson himself was arrested in April 2017, just three months into his term. In addition to the cellphone tracking allegations, he was accused of roughing up a 77-year-old beauty salon owner in a dispute over Hutcheson’s sisterin-law’s paycheck. The woman suffered a heart attack during the encounter but recovered. The state charges were dropped as part of the federal plea agreement. Let Us Entertain You! See the World’s Most Entertaining... Live Music Show performed by the World’s Largest Performing Family! BORN to... ENTERTAIN! Voted “Live MUSIC SHOW of the YEAR!”- Brammy Awards HUGHES BROTHERS THEATRE 3425 WEST 76 COUNTRY BLVD, BRANSON HughesMusicShow.com 800-422-0076 June 10-11, 2020 • 11 Have a news tip? Send it to us at info@bransonglobe.com Dinner & Show for “TWO!” Get your tickets early as we are responsibly following the social distancing guidelines; as such seating is limited. *Plus tax & service fee. Exp. 6/30/20 *

12 • June 10-11, 2020 STATE ST. LOUIS (AP) — A 24-year-old St. Louis man has been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a retired police captain who died on a night of violent protests while trying to protect his friend’s pawn shop, the city’s prosecutor announced. Stephan Cannon was being held without bond on a first-degree murder charge in the death of David Dorn, 77, who was killed Tuesday on the sidewalk outside Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry. Dorn’s last moments were caught on video and apparently posted on Facebook Live, though the video has since been taken down. Dorn’s death came on a violent night in St. Louis, where four officers were shot, officers were pelted with rocks and fireworks, and 55 businesses were burglarized or damaged, including a convenience store that burned. The unrest came as cities across the U.S. have seen protests and violence since George Floyd died May 25 after a white Minneapolis officer bransonglobe.com Man charged in slaying of retired St. Louis police captain Kim Gardner announced the charges Sunday. According to a police probable cause statement, Cannon was among those seen on surveillance footage entering the store and then stealing several televisions, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Dorn, a friend of the pawn shop’s owner who was in the habit of checking on the business when alarms went off, arrived at the store. Cannon then walked toward the street corner with gun in his hand. pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes, even after the handcuffed black man stopped moving and pleading for air. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Support Our Local Veterans! “At the time the shots were fired, (Cannon) was the only person standing at that corner,” the probable cause statement reads. “Multiple plumes of smoke” can be seen coming from where Cannon was standing, and shell casings were found on the spot, police said. Cannon also faces several other charges including robbery and felon in possession of a firearm. Loving The Ozarks WED 77 Much Cooler Breezy Partly to Mostly Sunny 55 62 61 61 Branson Area 5 Day Outlook THU FRI SAT SUN 85 86 85 86 Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Sunny Sunny KEEP CALM AND WASH YOUR HANDS

bransonglobe.com STATE June 10-11, 2020 • 13 Learn how to landscape your yard for wildlife JEFFERSON CITY, MO. – Want to liven up your backyard with some wild company? Create a mix of things they need and be ready to welcome wildlife into your outdoor space. Three Basics All wildlife requires three elements to survive: food, water and shelter. But a toad’s needs for each differ from those of a blue jay or a butterfly or a rabbit. You can attract the greatest variety and number of wildlife by providing a variety of sources of food, water and shelter. Diverse habitat supports diverse wildlife. Planting an assortment of trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses will provide alternatives for food and shelter. You can meet wildlife’s critical water needs by maintaining a bird bath or by constructing a small pool. Add feeders and nest boxes to provide more food and shelter. Create an edge by planting trees and shrubs around open areas. An edge is where vegetation borders an open area. Edges attract more wildlife than an area solely of cover or open land. Go Native Get creative when you’re starting a new landscape and check out native Missouri wildflowers, trees, and grasses. Not only do native plant species thrive in Missouri weather, the plants are beautiful and support wildlife. Hummingbirds, songbirds, butterflies, lizards and even toads will become interesting neighbors in your yard. Gardens are amazing spaces, transforming the outside of your home into a special place to relax and play. Wildflowers give artistry to landscapes. Inspiring forms, textures and colors, each adding splendor to your garden. To support nature near your home, try planting asters and sunflowers. These plants support the most wildlife. Asters are food for a large number of butterfly and moth species. Even violets, wild geraniums and black-eyed susans are favorites among insect pollinators. You’re creating an inviting garden by selecting the right native plants to provide food and shelter for the desired wildlife. Get Help Plan to join MDC’s free live Wild Webcast on Attracting Backyard Wildlife on Wednesday, July 1, at noon. MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist Erin Shank of Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center will explain the basics of creating backyard wildlife habitat; the importance of native plants and insects for pollination, wildlife food, and other benefits: planning and designing native plantings; attracting birds; supporting pollinators such as butterflies and bees; and more. Register in advance for the free live MDC Wild Webcast on Attracting Backyard Wildlife at short.mdc. mo.gov/Zht and then join the webcast live on July 1 at noon. Learn more about property improvements to attract wildlife from MDC at mdc.mo.gov/property/improve-my-property/wildlife-management. Interested in attracting birds, bees, and other wildlife to your backyard? MDC invites the public to join its free live Wild Webcast on Attracting Backyard Wildlife on Wednesday, July 1, at noon. (Photo by MDC Staff, courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation.)

14 • June 10-11, 2020 SPORTS (AP) Conor McGregor has announced his retirement for the third time in four years. McGregor abruptly made his latest dubious declaration Sunday morning on his Twitter account, where the former two-division UFC champion also announced his retirement in 2016 and 2019. “Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting,” McGregor wrote in a caption below a photo of him and his mother. “Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it’s been!” The 31-year-old Irish superstar revitalized his combat sports career in January with an impressive firstround stoppage of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246. McGregor (22-4) hadn’t won a fight in a mixed martial arts cage or a boxing ring since 2016, but he remained the UFC’s brightest star and biggest financial draw. UFC President Dana White has already said McGregor is next in line for a title shot at the winner of lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s bout with Justin Gaethje this summer. White was still willing to take McGregor’s retirement announcement at face value — at least publicly — when he learned about it at his news conference following UFC 250 in Las Vegas. “If Conor McGregor feels he wants to retire, you know my feelings about retirement,” White said. “You should absolutely do it. And I love Conor. ... There’s a handful of people that have made this really fun for me, and he’s one of them.” Retirements are a time-honored bransonglobe.com Conor McGregor makes 3rd retirement announcement in 4 years device for gathering attention and increased bargaining power in combat sports. From Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather to Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, countless champions of boxing and MMA have gone back on their solemn announcements whenever need or ego brought them back to the sport. McGregor made his first Twitter retirement announcement in April 2016. Three years later, McGregor retired again in March 2019 in what White believed was a gambit to entice the UFC to offer him an ownership stake in the company. McGregor began talking about new fights shortly afterward, and he eventually returned to face Cerrone in early 2020. The loquacious McGregor has long proven that his pronouncements can’t be taken as gospel truth. Earlier this year, McGregor “accepted” future fights against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and long-retired boxing superstar Oscar De La Hoya with little reason to think they will ever happen. EXP 6/30/20

bransonglobe.com HISTORY June 10-11, 2020 • 15 Today in History: Sports, movies and more • 1190 Third Crusade: Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa drowns while crossing the Saleph River (modern Turkey) leading an army to Jerusalem • 1639 1st American log cabin at Fort Christina (Wilmington Delaware) • 1692 The first victim of the Salem witch trials, Bridget Bishop, is hanged for witchcraft in the colony of Massachusetts • • 1752 Benjamin Franklin tests the lightning conductor with his kite-flying experiment 1768 British customs officials seize John Hancock’s ship, “The Liberty”, on the suspicion that Hancock had illegally unloaded cargo without paying duties a month earlier • 1786 A landslide dam on the Dadu River caused by earthquake ten days earlier collapses, killing 100,000 in the Sichuan province of China • 1845 Andrew Jackson’s African Grey parrot “Poll” is removed from his funeral for swearing at The Hermitage, Tennessee. Funeral attendee William Menefee Norment recorded: “Before the sermon and while the crowd was gathering, a wicked parrot that was a household pet got excited and commenced swearing so loud and long as to disturb the people and had to be carried from the house” • 1898 US Marines land in Cuba during Spanish-American War • • • 1908 1st flying club, Aeronautical Society of NY, opens 1916 Great Arab Revolt begins against ruling Ottoman turks 1924 1st political convention broadcast on radio-Republicans at Cleveland • 1933 John Dillinger robs his first bank, in New Carlisle, Ohio. He takes $10,600 • 1933 Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker flip their car into a ravine. Parker suffers serious third degree burns from the accident which would affect her for the rest of her life. • 1943 FDR becomes 1st US President to visit a foreign country during wartime • 1963 US Equal Pay Act signed into law by President John F. Kennedy • • • 1968 AL games at Baltimore & Chicago postponed honoring Robert F. Kennedy 1977 Apple Computer ships its first Apple II computers 1985 Coca Cola announces they’re bringing back their 99-year-old formula • 1996 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Toledo OH on WBUZ 106.5 FM • 2001 Pope John Paul II canonizes Lebanon’s first female saint, Saint Rafqa • The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission 2003 • Movies & TV • 2003 “Wicked”, starring Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, officially opens at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco • • 2007 “The Sopranos” series finale on HBO (infamous “cut to black” ending) 2013 Superman film “Man of Steel” directed by Zack Snyder, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams premieres in New York City Sports • 1944 Relief pitcher Joe Nuxhall at 15 years, 316 days, debuts for Cincinnati Reds; youngest player in MLB history; becomes All Star and broadcaster • 1972 Hank Aaron’s grandslammer (14) ties him for NL lead with Gil Hodges & moves him ahead of Willie Mays as #2 HR hitter (649) • 1974 Mike Schmidt hits a ball off public address speaker on Astrodome roof • 1981 Pete Rose ties Stan Musial’s NL record of 3,630 hits Music • • 1966 Beatles “Paperback Writer” is released in UK 1966 Janis Joplin’s 1st live concert (Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco) • 1966 Mamas & Papas win gold record for “Monday, Monday” • 1972 Elvis Presley records a live album at NYC’s Madison Square Garden • 1974 “Feel Like Makin’ Love” single released by Roberta Flack (Billboard Song of the Year 1974) Birthdays • 1891 Al Dubin, Swiss-American songwriter (Tiptoe Thru the Tulips), born in Zürich, Switzerland (d. 1945) 1895 Hattie McDaniel, 1st African American actress to win an Oscar (Mammy-Gone With The Wind), born in Wichita, Kansas (d. 1952) • Judy Garland [Frances Gumm], American actress and singer (The Wizard of Oz), born in Minnesota (d. 1969) • 1983 Leelee Sobieski, American actress (Deep Impact, Joan of Arc, Uprising), born in NYC, New York

16 • June 10-11, 2020 CLASSIFIEDS bransonglobe.com DEADLINES FOR CLASSIFIEDS Wednesday’s paper: Tuesday 9 am Friday’s paper: Thursday 9 am Sunday’s paper: Friday 11 am Email: info@bransonglobe.com Call: (417) 334-9100 NOTICES & MEETINGS TO ENSURE THE BEST RESPONSE TO YOUR AD... Please make sure your ad is correct in the first issue in which it appears. The Branson Globe is responsible for one day’s charge of the space occupied by the error. If your ad is not correct, call us immediately to have it corrected. SERVICES OFFERED Hiring? FREE ESTIMATES FROM ground up remodels roofs, deck, additions, pole-barns, flooring and complete build 5yr labor warranty 417699-1635 06/30 FREE FOOD FOR THOUGHT about Jesus Food Bank Program. $10 gas free first visit only. Watch a 40-minute DVD about Jesus, I will answer any questions you might have with the Bible truth. Please call 417337-3772 for an appointment. 2-3 people at a time. 06/30 GARAGE SALE GARAGE SALE ON SATURDAY, June 13, at 168 Earllbrook Lane, Branson. 7 am - ? Rain or shine. Follow the signs on Hwy 248. 06/12 VENDORS WANTED VENDORS WANTED! Creekside Market, Antiques & Flea 111 Saint St.,Hollister, MO 65672. Call Gary or Rea at 417-527-2956 James CALL NOW 417.239.0951 SummitRidgeBRANSON.COm Our classified ads will reach your next star employee! LEASE TO OWN NOW OFFERING LEASE TO OWN OPTIONS 55+ Gated Master-Planned Community Located on Branson Hills Parkway in Branson, MO • Maintenance Free Living • Clubhouse • Discounted Membership at Branson Hills Golf Club • Amazing Location • Beautiful Valley Views SERVICES OFFERED RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL service and installation 0% interest financing 100% satisfaction guarantee. GOFF HVAC and Solar Energy 417-334-3681 goff-hvac.com 06/30 SERVICES OFFERED SERVICES OFFERED ACE HOME IMPROVEMENT Heating & Air HVAC Service & Repair, Doors, Windows, Decks, Fences, Pressure Washing, Int & Ext. Painting, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, Tile & Drywall. Handy-man Work! Call Ryan 417-335-1347 06/30 Your ad would look GREAT right here! Call (417) 334-9100 TODAY! HELP WANTED

bransonglobe.com CLASSIFIEDS OFFICE HOURS 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED ATTENTION ELECTRICIANS! Lightspeed Electric Hiring Overnight Oversite Staff For more information, call Kim Phillips at 417-320-6380 is hiring electricians for service work in the Branson area. Great troubleshooting/people a minimum 4 years experience required. Benefits. Bonuses. Company truck. 417-239-5050 skills and HELP WANTED Sales Position With Honey lease shop at Silver Dollar City. Sunday - Wednesday on days when SDC is open. Call 417-869-0233 or text 417-294-0805 HOUSE FOR SALE NEWLY REMODELED HOME on 2 Level Lake View Lots Table Rock Lake 3 BR, 2 BA. One story home, 413 Tina St. SEE on craigslist Spfg. 417-339-9749 06/30 APARTMENTS 1&2 BR APARTMENTS 1-1/2 BATHS, POOLS, REC. ROOM Your ad would look GREAT right here! Call (417) 334-9100 TODAY! Support Our Local Veterans! APARTMENTS $525 MONTH & UP Furnished Units Available, Lakeviews Available CALL 417-546-3334 Shepherd of the Hills Estates www.soheapts.com VEHICLES FOR SALE RENT TO OWN AUTOS LOW Down Payment! NO Initial Taxes & License Fees NO Credit Check! FREE One Year Warranty on motor & Transmission! Nice Clean Automobiles RENT TO OWN YOUR AUTO TODAY 1 1 1 9 E. ST. HWY 76, BRANSON 41 7-335-5400 renttoownautosbranson.com June 10-11, 2020 • 17

18 • June 10-11, 2020 WORSHIP Worship Directory You are encouraged to worship with us! To advertise your church on our worship pages, please give us a call at the Branson Globe: 417-334-9100, or email info@bransonglobe.com. To advertise your church on our worship pages, please give us a call at the Branson Globe: 417-334-9100, or email info@ bransonglobe. com bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com WORSHIP June 10-11, 2020 • 19

20 • June 10-11, 2020 bransonglobe.com

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