INSIDE...page 7 WORDS TO LIVE BY... Yum, Spoonburgers!: Recipe from the 60s has definite kid appeal Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Proverbs 15:2 Highs in the upper 80s. WEATHER...page 14 Always FREE! Your source for local news and entertainment June 7-9, 2020 • Vol. 1, Issue 95 Groninger Scholarship Essay, winner Ben Walworth By Ben Walworth In your own words, give the history of the oath of enlistment given to each member of the Armed Services as they are sworn in to serve our country. The Oath of Enlistment has been revised a handful of times since it was first created in 1775. Our nation has changed immensely during this time; however, the principle concept of the Oath of Enlistment has held true and stood the test of time. Beginning in 1775, the oath was included as part of the act that created From left: Bob Sarver, Scholarship Chairman; Benjamin Walworth, Rea Woods, Garrett Wicker, Paula Shields, Scholarship Co-Chairperson; and Bruce Greeno, Outgoing VVA 913 President. Walworth’s winning essay is printed in this issue. (Branson Globe photo) Groninger scholarship winners present meaningful essays By David Stoltz, Branson Globe Correspondent Winners of the Lt. Col. William G. Groninger Scholarship presented their winning essays to the members of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 913 at a special meeting Tuesday night, June 2, at the Hamner Variety Theater. Presenting their winning essays were Ben Walworth, Garrett Wicker and Rae Woods. Each receive a $750 scholarship for their continued education. All three are students at Branson High School. The scholarship honors the memory of Lt. Col William G. Groninger, a 20-year Air Force veteran who flew more than 100 SEE ESSAYS, PAGE 13 the Continental Army. With this, different phrases of the oath included: “this day, voluntarily enlisted myself”, “for one year, unless sooner discharged”, and “established for the government of the said Army”. This version was not very fluid and was not extremely eloquent. It is important to note that at this time, the country was still in the first steps of its foundation. 1776 saw several changes to the Oath of Enlistment. The first change was still under the Continental Congress, and was much more eloquent than the previous version: with phrases including: Ben Walworth. Branson Globe photo) “to be true to the United States of America”, “honestly and faithfully”, and “observe and obey the orders of the Continental Congress”. Then, the next change in 1776 applied to the Officer Oath and made it extremely focused on the Revolutionary War, referencing the “Thirteen United States of America” and no allegiance to “George the third, king of Great Britain”. The next set of changes to the oath occurred in 1778. In short, SEE WALWORTH ESSAY, PAGE 2

2 • June 7-9, 2020 LOCAL • WALWORTH ESSAY Continued from page 1 this simply cleaned up the previous version from 1776. Rather than the “Thirteen United States of America”, it was referenced as the “United States of America” and still mentioned King George III. Then, in 1789 the first oath under the United States Constitution was created. This oath is very similar to the current oath, but was substantially different than the previous oath from 1778, for the United States of America had officially been created. Furthermore, it was much more eloquent and flowed in a manner that was logical and clear. After this, the Oath for Officers was changed in 1830 to match more of the changes to the regular Oath of Enlistment. This oath was lengthened and expanded in 1862, but shortened and simplified in 1884. Then, the Oath for Officers was changed again in 1959 which is the version that remains in place today. The next time the Oath of Enlistment was revised was in 1960, and the new version became effective in 1962. This version combined several of the different phrases from the 1789 version to improve overall flow and clarity. One more key change was the addition of the phrase “So help me God”. Over time, this became a standard for many different oaths including some judicial oaths, the Presidential Oath (even though it is not required by law), the Oath of Citizenship (optional), and in many oaths to public office for officials in certain states. To summarize, many changes have occurred from the first Oath of Enlistment in 1775, to the current Oath of Enlistment (last revised in 1960). However, protecting the land of the free, our home has prevailed. The revisions have been much needed, for our country has vastly changed since 1775. The Oath of Enlistment is something we need to take pride in and must continue to honor, to respect all active duty service members and veterans. Break down each segment of the oath and explain what it means to you. “I, ____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;” I believe the first part of the Oath of Enlistment is arguably the most impactful segment to me. The men and women who take this oath are promising to defend our country against anyone who poses a threat. By making this promise, there is no going back. This is serious, not something to throw around or to take lightly. The individuals who take this oath are making the selfless choice to serve their country. They are fighting for what our founding fathers set forth and all the ideals of debransonglobe.com mocracy and government set forth in the Constitution. The United States Constitution represents everything our nation has fought for, and will continue to represent. So many people have dedicated their lives and have even given their lives protecting our freedoms. We must honor these individuals and continue to fight for what we believe in, and what is near to our heats. Members of the Armed Services must not only defend against anything that threatens the United States, but must also support each other and stand true in their beliefs. They represent our nation, our values, and our ideals. These men and women are the true embodiment of the United States Constitution, constantly fighting to keep the United States a free and independent nation. It is important to note that the United States faces threats and enemies on all fronts: both foreign and domestic. The men and women of the Armed Services are protecting us across the globe; they provide full-range, comprehensive protection and defense. “...that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;” I believe the key word of this segment is “true”. Individuals who take this oath must SEE WALWORTH ESSAY, PAGE 3

bransonglobe.com LOCAL • WALWORTH ESSAY Continued from page 2 wholeheartedly believe, trust and pledge loyalty to the United States. It places emphasis on authentic, real, full-fledged faith and allegiance. you cannot partially “buy-in” or support these ideals, but you must fully promise to uphold them. Having faith is trusting the process. Being faithful means having complete confidence in someone or something, and not letting doubt take hold. Pledging allegiance is something that most individuals do on a regular basis to our flag; however, in this sense it represents remaining loyal and committing entirely to protecting our great nation. “...and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” Members of the Armed Services must respect and follow through with the orders of the President of the United States. Individuals are not required to always agree or support the choices of the President, but they must – at a minimum – respect the office and the decisions, while doing everything they can to execute and follow said orders. This also applies to any superior officers. Individuals may not know the full picture, but they must complete their section or task as instructed, in order for the collective to function efficiently and effectively. Adhering to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice is of utmost importance. This was not put in place for no reason. There was thought, intention, and purpose poured into every word of this code. In order for the Armed Services to be efficient in all their dealings, there must be a level of regulation, especially in regard to internal dealings. A written system of discipline that is uniform, is necessary to promote impartiality. Finally, it is important to make reference to God, for you must have His support for all that you do. Through Him, all things are possible. (Editor’s Note: Branson Globe hopes you enjoy reading the thoughts of these young people, and will wish them well in their future endeavors. Watch the Wednesday, June 10 issue of Branson Globe for the essay by Garrett Wicker. Thanks to Scholarship Chairman Bob Sarver of VVA 913 for sharing the essays with Branson Globe) June 7-9, 2020 • 3 Branson CVB Welcomes 250 to the Inaugural Branson Virtual FAM Tour Submitted to Branson Globe BRANSON, MO. – The Branson Chamber of Commerce and CVB is heartbroken national with unfolding the crises. Racial tensions in our country and COVID-19 have changed many aspects of our lives and impacted our industry worldwide. We have to keep moving forward and take care of each other. And so, the Branson CVB spent an hour with clients; taking a break from the everyday routine to enjoy all the beauty, fun and meeting opportunities Branson has to offer. More than 250 people signed up to Explore Branson virtually. It kicked off with a look at the area’s hotels, resort lodges and cutting-edge convention From a 600-passenger paddle wheeler to a 50-passenger catamaran, the tour showed some of the beautiful Table Rock Lake on an afternoon cruise. And a plethora of options to create unforgettable moments for meeting planners and attendees. “We have to be more creative in the way we sell the Branson/ Lakes Area now, more than ever before,” said Jeff Seifried, President/CEO, Branson CVB. “This first-of-its-kind live virtual event showcasing our destination is being nationally recognized as the new standard to engage planners and attendees, ultimately driving more meetings and conventions to the area.” See :90 of the hour-long virtual tour: https://bransoncvb-my. sharepoint.com/:v:/p/cbaumgarth/ Ef1k0Yf8HbJMvyd-5dCqTiEB0mLg9Xg9-IVBxhKzUF - bu6Q?e=EqfmbL center in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. With unlimited options for serious off-agenda fun for meeting and convention attendees including private fishing or golf tournaments, UTV trails and an award-winning theme park. Branson has fast become renowned as a world-class golf destination and viewers got a peak at one of the biggest things happening anywhere in the world in golf this year, Payne’s Valley, Tiger Woods’ first public-access course is open now. The Branson Hilton Convention Center was highlighted in the Branson Chamber and CVB virtual tour of Branson. (Special to Branson Globe) Ruger is a 12 week old mini Meet RUGER, Our June Pet of the Month www.turtlecreekbranson.com Australian Shepherd. He has two modes play, play, play, or sleep. Ruger is very smart, sometimes too smart for his own good. He loves most people and kids but doesn’t quite know what to think of other dogs yet. info@turtlecreekbranson.com

4 • June 7-9, 2020 OPINION Dear Branson Community, Thankfully, our COVID-19 numbers remain relatively low. This is due, in part, to your efforts to follow social distancing and other recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, the State, and the Taney County Health Department. Thank you! Please continue this effort to keep the health and safety of our community a priority. Hopefully, we can continue to be spared to a large extent in this area. Kim Rohde Publisher (417) 872-2951 lkimrohde@yahoo.com Brenda Meadows Editor & Staff Writer (417) 231-7601 info@BransonGlobe.com David Stoltz News Correspondent (228) 355-2900 itcdls@gmail.com Gary Groman, a.k.a. The Ole Seagull Opinion Writer Rob Doherty Account Representative & Distribution Manager (504) 583-8907 robd@bransonglobe.com Karen Halfpop Digital/Production Director production@ BransonGlobe.com Submit a letter to the editor: Letters to the editor that are sent via e-mail and are fewer than 400 words are given preference. Published or unpublished letters become the property of the newspaper and will not be returned. All letters must include name, address, and verifiable phone number. The City of Branson is slowly and carefully reopening. I have received many calls and emails from potential visitors who, understandably, want to safely come to our area. Let’s continue to show people that we are doing all we can do to keep them safe. Please keep adhering to the strong safety procedures, for the safety of our community and to protect your business. On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at 6 p.m. during our regular Board of Aldermen meeting, we will thank the outgoing Aldermen and the newly elected Aldermen will be sworn-in and seated. You can watch this happen live by joining our livestream during the meeting at www. bransonmo.gov/livestream. I would also encourage you to get involved with the local government by applying to a Board or a Committee. The City has several openings right now. The deadline to apply is June 19, 2020. You can find those current openings and find out how to apply at http://bransonmo. gov/125/Boards-Committees. Those who pray for your city, please continue to do so especially for all our elected leaders as well as our loyal and hardworking staff at the City. Please also pray for our businesses and employees who continue to feel the economic effects. Pray for our Country to be reconciled and healed. Thank you for believing in Branson and for letting me serve you, Branson Mayor Edd Akers. (FILE) Mayor Edd Akers bransonglobe.com Mayor’s Moment: Message from Branson Mayor Edd Akers (The comments on this page are the opinions of the writer, and not necessarily those of Branson Globe, or its staff. Want to weigh-in? Have something to say? Share it with us in your own Letter to the Editor. See submission guidelines in lower left corner of this page.) Thank you for reading the Branson Globe! BransonGlobe Your source for local news and entertainment info@BransonGlobe.com • Phone: (417) 334-9100 • Fax: (417) 334-3767 • 1447 US Hwy. 248, Suite EE, Branson, MO 65616 BransonGlobe.com @BransonGlobe BransonGlobe @BransonGlobe #Branson Globe

bransonglobe.com LOCAL By Bob Hodgson, Investment Banker The easiest and quickest strategy to grow your Branson business is to do a roll-up. A roll-up is a company that is built by acquiring smaller companies with common services or products. These smaller businesses generally operate in a fragmented industry and lack strong management and capital. Combining forces can create efficiencies, marketing depth, buying power and access to less expensive capital. Any industry with a comfortable twenty percent or more profit margins and a commonality of services, products and up profile is the funeral business. Other industries that make effective roll-ups are hospitals, computer technology, printing, staffing and trade magazines. There is no end to the types of companies that lend themselves to a roll-up as long as the industry is fragmented. One way you can finance a roll-up is using your company’s equity. For example, you Bob Hodgson (FILE) operations needs can be a rollup candidate. A good example of a type of industry that easily fits the rollown 100 percent of your business today, but you will own 25 percent of the companies after four businesses are rolled-up. The shareholders of the other businesses will own the other 75 percent. Another way to finance a roll-up is through private equity firms to help you with the needed money. Not all private equity firms do roll-ups. An investment banker is knowledgeable of the firms that prefer roll-ups within your particular industry. These firms can also bring considerable experience to the table beyond supplying capital. They can guide you past proven pitfalls they have learned over the years. The equity firm will not completely finance the roll-up with equity. There will be some debt involved. The businesses you propose rolling up should have adequate cash flow to service the debt. June 7-9, 2020 • 5 Investment banking: Merger and aquisition roll-ups, part 1 An Investment banker will act as an extension of your company in dealing with merger and acquisition matters. This topic will be continued next week. The continued article will describe the various tasks an investment banker goes through to facilitate an orderly roll-up. It will also describe how the companies are integrated into one company. Amvest Financial Group is a leading international investment banking firm based in Kansas City representing clients with sales from $10 million to over $6 billion. www. amvest.com

6 • June 7-9, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com LOCAL Spoonburgers: a flash back to the 60s kids will eat up By “Mommy’s a Good Cooker” I love me a burger! As a native of Iowa, I’ve had just about every kind of burger you can imagine. I would like to say I’ve enjoyed all those burgers, but if you knew the composition of some of them... Iowa is well-known for a type of loose meat sandwich, introduced in 1926, and known as a Maid-Rite. No burger patty here, this is crumbled burger, browned well, drained and treated with a magic potion that makes a plain loose meat sandwich a crave-able masterpiece. I don’t know what that magic is, and I don’t want to know because then it wouldn’t be “magic” now would it? You can still get a real Maid-Rite at 20 restaurants in Iowa, plus three here in Missouri: Hannibal, Lexington and Rolla. See maid-rite.com for the details. If you’re not up for the road-trip, I do have a really good, kid-friendly solution for you. Spoonburgers, a recipe featured in ketchup ads in the 1960s, were a staple in my childhood home. Of course, I took the recipe with me for my own kids. Spoonburgers are actually more like a sloppy joe, yet not so sweet. They use just four ingredients, so June 7-9, 2020 • 7 they make a quick, hassle-free lunch or supper. Spoonburgers You need: 1 lb. ground beef 1-10.75 oz condensed chicken gumbo soup 1/4 ketchup 2 Tbsp. prepared mustard Cook the beef until well browned, breaking up into crumbles. Drain well. Stir in the soup (do not dilute), ketchup and mustard. Simmer until thickened, 10 to 15 minutes. Serve on toasted buns. If you’re feeling adventurous, add chopped onion, chopped tomato, jalapenos or cheese. The mixture also is great as a topping for baked potatoes. A classic Spoonburger. (Branson Globe photo)

8 • June 7-9, 2020 BRANSON IS OPEN! Updated 6/5/2020 bransonglobe.com What’s open? Branson shows, attractions, shopping, dining and more • Amazing Acrobats of • #1 Hits of the 60’s – Open • 417 Escape Artist – Open • 417 Vintage Supply – Open • A Tribute to George Strait Dinner Show – Open • A Tribute to Marty Robbins with Leroy New • Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel – Open • Alex & Alaina’s Treasure Chest – Open • All Crazy ‘bout Patsy – Open • Andy B’s Bowl Social – Shanghai – Open • Amazing Pets – Open • American Heroes – Open • Americana Theatre Shows – Open Open • Andy’s Frozen Custard Delivery/Carryout/Curbside/ Drive Thru – Open • Applebee’s Grill & Bar – Dine -In – Open • Arby’s Delivery/Carryout/ Curbside/Drive Thru – Open • Arcade City – Open • As Seen on TV – Open • Auntie Ann’s + Cinnabon Delivery/Carryout/Curbside/ Drive Thru – Open • Bass Pro Shops – Open • Belk – Open • Beyond The Lens - Open • Big D‘s BBQ Delivery/Carryout/Curbside/Drive Thru – Open • Big Foot Excursion - Open • Billy Yates at Shepherd of the Hills – September TBA • Black Oak Grill – Open • Bluegrass & Gospel with the Petersens – July 1 • Bob Evans Delivery/Carryout/Curbside/Drive Thru – Open • Botanas Premier Mexican – Open • Branson Accountants, Insurance and Lawyers – Open • Branson Café – Open • Branson Country USA – June 12 • Branson Dinosaur Museum - Open • Branson Elvis Festival – July 11 • Branson Famous Baldnobbers Theatre – Open • Branson Meadows Cinema – Open • Branson Quilts – Open • Branson Scenic Railroad – TBD • Branson Star Theater – Open • Branson Tours – Big Foot Tours – Open • Cakes & Creams – Open • Cantina Laredo Dine In – Open • Casa Fuentes – Open • Center Stage Grille – Open • Charlie’s Steak Ribs & Ale – Open • Chick-Fil-A – Open • Chili’s Branson – Open • Clay Cooper’s Country Express – Opens June 10 • Cold Stone Creamery - Open • Comedy Jamboree – Opens June 17 • Country Legends Lunch Show – Open • Cracker Barrel – Open • Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey Bar Dine-In – Open • Culver’s – Open • Dairy Queen – Open • Danna’s BBQ & Burger Shop – Open • Dimitri’s Greek Gyro’s and Deli – Open • Dick’s 5 & 10 – Open • Dolly Parton’s Stampede – Open • Domino’s Pizza – Open • Doo Wop & More – Open • Doug Gabriel – Open • Down Home Country – Opens Sept. 9 • Dreamsicles Shopping Fashion House Downtown Casual Wear – Open • Dude’s Daiquiris – Open • Dunkin’ Donuts – Open • Expresso Branson – Open • Fajitas Loco – Open • Farmhouse – Dine In Open • Fat Donny’s Barber Shop – Open • Five & Dime General Store – Open • Francesca’s – Open • Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers – Open • Fritz’s Adventure – Open • Garfield’s Restaurant & Pub – Dine-In – Open • Garfield’s – Open • Getting’ Basted – Open • God and Country Theatre – Open • Godfather’s Pizza – Open • Golden Sounds of the Platters – Open • Grand Country Buffet - Open • Grand Country Complex – Open

bransonglobe.com BRANSON IS OPEN! • Grand Jubilee – Open June 10 • Hamner’s Variety Theatre – TBD • Historic Owen Theatre – TBD • Hollywood Wax Museum – Open • Hong Kong Buffet - Open • Hot Hits Theatre – Open • Hughes Brothers Theatre – Open • Hungry Hunter Café – Open • Hurts Donuts - Open • IHOP – Dine-In – Open • Imax Entertainment Complex– Open • Indian Clay Oven – Open • Ink Ink – Open • iPhone Express - Open • It’s Magic Jokes – Open • Jim Stafford – Opens June 9 • Joe’s Crab Shack – Open • Kirkland’s – Open • Kitchens – Open • Krispy Kreme Donuts – Open • Lake Life Outfitters – Open • Lake Life Resort Wear – Open • LandShark Bar & Grill – Open • Lightning Pawn & Music - Open • Little Hacienda – Dine-In Open • Lock Smith Salon – Open • Longhorn Steakhouse – Open • Main Street Cruises – Open • Marble Gypsy – Open • Marble Slab/Great American Cookies – Open • Mark Ashton – Open • Marvin Gaye & Friends – Open • McDonalds – Open • Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers – Open • Missouri Ridge Distillery – Open • Mitsu Neko Sushi – Open • Moe’s Southwest Grill – Open • MoMo’s Sushi – Open • Midtown Silversmith – Open • Motown Downtown – Open • Mr. G’s Chicago Pizza & Pub – Open • Never A Dull Moment – Open • New Balance – Open • New South Gospel – Open June 11 • Nika’s Olive – Open • Noodle 21 – Open • Northwoods Candy Emporium – Open • NV Nails – Open • Oak Ridge Boys – TBA • Olive Garden – Open • On The Ball Sports – Open • Oscar’s BBQ – Open • Outback Pub – Dine-In Open • Ozarks Countey – Open June 29 • Ozarks Gospel – Open June 21 • Paddlewheel Pub – Open • Panda Express Chinese – Open • Panera Bread – Open • Papa John’s Pizza – Open • Parakeet Pete’s – Open • Parrotville – Open • Patricia’s Victorian Village – Open • Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen – Open • Pepper Palace - Open • Peter Engler Designs – Open • Pierce Arrow – Open • Pizza Hut – Open • Pizza Ranch – Open • Pizza World – Open • Presley’s Country Jubilee – TBD • Puff Smart – Open • Pure Country Western Wear – Open • Qdoba Mexican Grill – Open • Quizno’s Subs – Open • Rack Room Shoes – Open • Wendy’s Restaurants – Open • Reza – Edge of Illusion – Open • Riley’s Treasures – Open • Rocco’s Pizza – Open * Open for season pass holders only; opens to general public June 15. ** Open for season pass holders only; opens to general public June 17. • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – Open • Rustik Silk Boutique – Open • Saltgrass Steak House – Open • Schlotzky’s Austin Eatery – Open • Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park – Open • Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower – Open • Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama – Open • Shepherd of the Hills Whodunnit - Open • Shipwrecked Treasure Museum – Open • Showboat Branson Belle – June 20 • Sight & Sound Theatre – Open June 16 • Silver Dollar City – Open June 13* • Simply Red Salon – Open • SIX – TBD • Smith Creek Moonshine – Open • Social & Mane Salon – Open • Soma – Open • Sonic – Open • Sonya’s Leather – Open • Stafford’s Barber Shop – Open • Star Bar & Grill – Open • Steak-n-Shake – Drive thru – Open • Steamy Joe’s – Dine-In – Open • Subway – open • Sugar Leaf Bakery – Open • Taco Bell – Open • Tanger Outlets – Open • Target – Open • Tequila’s 2 Mexican – Open • Thai Kitchen – Open • Thai Thai Cuisine - Open • Thank You for the Music: A modern Tribute to ABBA and The Beach Boys’ California Dreamin’ – Open • The Amish Store – Open • The Blackwoods – Open • The Branson Boardgame Café - Open • The Branson Landing – Open • The Butterfly Palace – TBD • The Duttons – Open • The Escape Branson – Open • The Flagstore Plum Bazaar – Open • The Foot and Bucket Spa – Open • The Haygoods – Open • The Johnson Strings – Open • The King’s Castle Theatre – June 7-9, 2020 • 9 Open • The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed – Open June 15 • The Magnolia Grille – Open • The Paddlewheel – Open • The Shoppes at Branson Hills – Open • The Spice Agent – Open • The Track Family Fun Parks – Open • Titanic Museum Attraction – Open • Tradehome Shoes – Open • Tribute Theatre Open • Tropical Smoothie Café – Open • Versona – Open • Veterans Museum - Open • Wakyoto Japanese Restaurant– Open • Walmart – Open • Whitewater - Open June 15** • Wolfe Mountain Ziplines & Snowflex - Open • World’s Largest Toy Museum – Open • Yakov “Make America Laugh Again!” – Open

10 • June 7-9, 2020 STATE OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (AP) — No additional cases of the new coronavirus have been reported stemming from the crowded pool parties at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks over the Memorial Day weekend, the state’s top health official said. Camden County Health Department reported Friday that a person from Boone County who had attended the parties tested positive for the virus. Speaking at a news conference Crowds of people gather at Coconuts Caribbean Beach Bar & Grill in Gravois Mills, Missouri, Sunday, May 24, 2020. (Shelly Yang/Kansas City Star via AP) in Jefferson City on Wednesday, Dr. Randall Williams, the director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, said no more cases have been uncovered since, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Social media postings of the event showed large crowds of mostly young people without masks and not adhering to social distancing guidelines at pools along the central Missouri lake that is a popular weekend getaway spot. The pictures and video of crowds at the lake prompted a public outcry and led health officials to urge anyone who attended the parties to self-quarantine for 14 days. Officials have been trying to trace anyone who may have come into contact with the one person who has tested positive, releasing a brief timeline of their whereabouts bransonglobe.com Health official: No new COVID-19 cases from Missouri parties including stops at a bar called Backwater Jacks, a bar and restaurant that has a pool, as well as a dining and pool venue called Shady Gators and Lazy Gators. For some infected people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, the virus can cause severe illness or death. But for most people, it causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, that clear up in two to three weeks. Missouri on Wednesday reported 192 additional positive cases, bringing the state’s total to nearly 13,800, and three additional deaths, increasing the toll to 786. Law expands absentee voting in Missouri during pandemic COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Gov. Mike Parson on Thursday signed a bill into law that will allow people to vote by mail this year if they’re concerned about the coronavirus. Voters currently can request absentee ballots only if they provide an excuse for why they can’t vote in person. Illness is one option, but the law isn’t explicit on whether the illness excuse covers healthy voters concerned about catching or spreading COVID-19. Under the new law, people considered at-risk of the coronavirus — those age 65 and older, living in a long-term care facility or with certain existing health problems — could vote absentee without needing to have their ballot notarized. Anyone else could cast a mailin ballot but would need to get it notarized. “Any Missourian affected by COVID-19 should still be able to vote, including those who are sick or considered at-risk,” Parson said in a statement. The law expires at the end of this year. Also on Thursday, Parson said there have been no new reported outbreaks of the coronavirus at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities for two days. But 13 inmates at the jail in Saline County have tested positive, said Sheriff Cindi Mullins. Only one of the inmates who tested positive reported symptoms, Mullins said. No staff members tested positive, KMIZ reports. Statewide reported cases of COVID-19 reached 14,057 Thursday, up 290 cases from the day before. At least 786 people have died from the virus. For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. Parson said the state sent SEE VOTING, PAGE 13

bransonglobe.com STATE Missouri’s Sen. Blunt wants more federal police reviews JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt on Wednesday called on the U.S. attorney general to act in response to nationwide protests against police brutality following the death of George Floyd. “In the wake of the recent tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, Americans are rightfully demanding justice and accountability,” Blunt wrote in a letter to U.S. Attorney General William Barr. Blunt asked him to launch more pattern-of-practice reviews, which are reviews of police agencies, possible misconduct and their handling of protests. The U.S. Department of Justice previously used that process to investigate Ferguson’s police department following months of 2 dogs die in hot car while owner was in training class HIGH RIDGE, Mo. (AP) — Two dogs died in a hot car at a dog training center near St. Louis as their owner attended a lecture on how to become a paid dog trainer, the center’s owner said. Tom Rose of the Tom Rose School told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the deaths were the result of a “terrible accident.” The owner left her car running, with the air-conditioner on high, while she was inside for the approximate 90-minute lecture on Wednesday, a day when the high temperature topped 90 degrees. Rose said the car quit running without the owner knowing it. By the time she got outside the dogs — a Labrador retriever and a German shepherd — were dead. Rose said the car may have run out of gas. “It was just a terrible accident,” Rose said. “The owner of the dogs was incoherent. It’s a horrible thing, and she was so upset.” Rose said police weren’t notified because “there was no negligence involved.” Council rejects University of Missouri early start COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The University of Missouri Faculty Council has rejected a a proposal to start fall classes 10 days early. KMIZ-TV reports that the council voted 23-6 Thursday against a proposal to begin the fall semester Aug. 12 and hold classes on Labor Day. The plan also called for ending in-person classes at the Thanksgiving break on Nov. 20, with finals starting ten days later. The university said in a news release Wednesday that the proposal would have to pass the council before going before the Board of Curators. University leaders had suggested the change in part to cut down on travel in months when viral illnesses are more active. The council instead voted to start classes on Aug. 24 and include a Labor Day break. The council approved a proposal to move to online-only classes after Thanksgiving break and to have finals remotely if needed. the winter protests after the fatal police shoot of unarmed, black 18-year-old Michael Brown in 2014. Local police promised change through a consent decree. “Unfortunately, news reports indicate that the Department of Justice has walked away from pattern-or-practice reviews in recent years,” Blunt wrote to Barr. “Additionally, the Department of Justice implemented a policy change in November 2018 that placed tighter restrictions on the use of consent decrees, making it more difficult to pursue reforms where they are needed.” Blunt called for more pattern-of-practice reviews and consent decrees. An Associated Press request for comment to the U.S. Department of Justice wasn’t immediately returned Thursday. June 7-9, 2020 • 11

12 • June 7-9, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com STATE • VOTING Continued from page 10 1,400 vials of the experimental drug remdesivir to hospitals Thursday. The drug is the only • ESSAYS Continued from page 1 missions over North Vietnam, and then during the Cold War flew over Russia and Cuba. He spent many years working to ensure veterans were honored and appreciated. Past president of the VVA 913 from 2006-2010, he received the Bridge Builders Award for his focus on building an education bridge between veterans and students by having military heroes interact with students through assemblies and class visits. He was posthumously named VVA 913 Member of the Year in 2012. The scholarship was instituted in his memory. treatment that’s been shown in a rigorous experiment to help fight the coronavirus. While Parson has been signaling progress in the state’s efforts to fight the coronavirus, he said Criteria for the scholarship is two-part: First was a two-part essay, with the first part entitled, “In your own words, give the history of the oath of enlistment given to each member of the armed services as they are sworn in to serve our country.” The second part is entitled, “Break down each segment of the oath and explain what it means to you.” Normally, the second criteria included a personal interview with the committee and candidate, but because of the Covid-19 concern, the interviews were not held and instead applications were based on the essay content. community leaders have raised concerns about a potential spike in cases among African Americans after recent large protests against police brutality throughout the state. The virus has hit black Missourians disproportionately hard. The St. Louis County Council on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution acknowledging the impact on black communities. The resolution lists June 7-9, 2020 • 13 strategies that could help, including widespread testing and more preventative health care to address other illness that might put black people at higher risk of getting sicker from COVID-19.

14 • June 7-9, 2020 SPORTS CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — NASCAR’s All-Star Race will be a midweek event on July 15 at Charlotte Motor Speedway as part of a new revision to the schedule that runs through the first weekend of August. NASCAR already has rescheduled races through June 21 and the update released Thursday begins the next weekend at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. The track will host ARCA, the Truck Series, two Cup Series races on consecutive days, June 27-28, and the Xfinity Series. NASCAR will then move to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a July 4 weekend event combined with the IndyCar Series. Then it is on to Kentucky Speedway, the All-Star Race and then Texas Motor Speedway. Kansas Speedway will host the Cup Series for a Thursday night race July 23. New Hampshire will host the Cup Series on Aug. 2 in the final event announced in this latest revised schedule. NASCAR canceled eight points races in the Cup Series and the All-Star Race during a 10-week shutdown for the coronavirus pandemic. NASCAR has so far run nine national series events — five in the Cup Series — since it resumed May 17 without spectators. NASCAR made no mention if spectators will be allowed at any of the events — Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Kentucky bransonglobe.com NASCAR announces another wave of races through August and Pocono all said Thursday their events would not have fans, while Kansas said it is currently not expecting spectators. NASCAR senior leadership has not been available for public comment since May 17. The revisions announced Thursday: — Friday, June 26 at Pocono: ARCA — Saturday, June 27 at Pocono: Trucks — Saturday, June 27 at Pocono: Cup — Sunday, June 28 at Pocono: Xfinity — Sunday, June 28 at Pocono: Cup — Saturday, July 4 at Indianapolis: Xfinity — Sunday, July 5 at Indianapolis: Cup — Thursday, July 9 at Kentucky: Xfinity — Friday, July 10 at Kentucky: Xfinity — Saturday, July 11 at Kentucky: Trucks — Sunday, July 12 at Kentucky: Cup — Wednesday, July 15 at Charlotte Oval: ARCA — Wednesday, July 15 at Charlotte: Cup (All-Star Open) — Wednesday, July 15 at Charlotte: Cup (All-Star Race) — Saturday, July 18 at Texas: Xfinity Trucks — Saturday, July 18 at Texas: — Sunday, July 19 at Texas: Cup — Thursday, July 23 at Kansas: Cup Trucks ARCA — Friday, July 24 at Kansas: — Friday, July 24 at Kansas: — Saturday, July 25 at Kansas: Trucks — Saturday, July 25 at Kansas: Xfinity — Sunday, Aug. 2 at New Hampshire: Cup.

bransonglobe.com SPORTS INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis Motor Speedway will host the IndyCar-NASCAR doubleheader on the July 4 weekend without fans. Track officials had been optimistic IMS could be the first major sporting venue to have fans back in the stands this summer. Instead, the stands will be empty much like the rest of the tracks since major racing resumed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. IMS officials announced the decision Thursday after consulting with local and state officials. “While we certainly worked diligently to run our events with spectators, we reached a point where we needed to make a final decision because the race weekend is less than a month away,” said Mark Miles, who oversees the IndyCar Series as president of Penske Entertainment Corp. “Today it’s not possible to be confident that Indianapolis will be at Stage 5 of the state’s reopening plan by the Fourth of July weekend.” Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced a five-stage plan last month to reopen the state with the final phase tentatively scheduled to include a return to sporting venues on July 4 -- the very day an IndyCar-NASCAR Xfinity Series doubleheader is scheduled to run at the sprawling track. Marion County -- - home to Indianapolis, the state’s largest city - only recently entered the third stage. IMS draws upward of 275,000 people for the Indy 500, the world’s largest single-day sporting event that this year was postponed three months to Aug. 23. In recent years, Brickyard weekend attendance for Fun for All word search answers the NASCAR visit has waned. Last year’s estimated crowd of 60,000 was an improvement over 2018. But with approximately 235,000 permanent seats at the speedway, there could be plenty of space for fans to be socially distanced should the restrictions loosen. NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 is still set for its original date of July 5 on the June 7-9, 2020 • 15 Indianapolis Motor Speedway slams door on fans at Brickyard historic 2.5-mile oval. NASCAR resumed its season May 17 at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina. IndyCar is set to open the season Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway.

16 • June 7-9, 2020 SPORTS LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Empty seats have been the norm the past few years at the University of Kansas, where a succession of football coaches has failed to turn around the flailing fortunes of the Jayhawks. Now, all those open seats — and short lines and quiet concourses — will be the norm in stadiums just about everywhere. The coronavirus pandemic has forced universities, leagues and franchises to evaluate how they might someday welcome back fans. While opinions vary from sport to sport, nation to nation and even state to state, one thing seems clear: Social distancing is a sure bet when fans return. So don’t expect 100,000-plus fans packed into Michigan Stadium for a football game this fall or 16,300 seated inside Kansas’ storied Allen Fieldhouse when college basketball season rolls around. “We don’t know how we’ll be coming back,” Jayhawks athletic director Jeff Long acknowledged. “We’ve modeled 15 to 16,000 in Memorial Stadium, and to be honest with you, we’ve modeled Allen Fieldhouse, and I can’t bring myself to look at it because I know how few people it will be and that’s upsetting.” Most colleges rely heavily on ticket sales, souvenirs and concessions in football and basketball to raise the bottom line to the point that non-revenue sports can be fully funded. But smaller crowds are going to be necessary to ensure proper social distancing. The virus that causes COVID-19 is most easily spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks and the droplets spread to people nearby. That’s why guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization preach separation in public as an effective safeguard. In a stadium, though, creating that kind of buffer is no easy task. Most fans tend to file through the gates at the same time, creating a bottleneck in which thousands could be in close proximity. They gather in concourses to chat or buy food, drinks and merchandise. They stand in lines at restrooms. They surge toward the exits at the end of the game. Most teams and leagues have not publicly revealed their plans for fall sports, though some are up front about what to expect. Iowa State is looking at selling only enough tickets to fill up half bransonglobe.com Will open seats be familiar sight in sports as virus fades? of Jack Trice Stadium for football games and Notre Dame has warned of fewer fans and limits to tailgating. The Miami Dolphins released a number of ideas under consideration: using every-other turnstile, calling fans into the stadium in sections, letting them out row by row like a church service and using technology to minimize person-to-person contact. Once fans return, partitioning off seats will become crucial. And those won’t just be empty seats. Teams and leagues are investigating the use of temporary banners spread across entire sections that can then be sold for sponsorship, helping to bridge the gap caused by unsold tickets. Such banners are already used to create a more intimate settings for concerts or other events, and Bristol Motor Speedway had some of them strung up for last weekend’s NASCAR race in Tennessee. Another idea is to turn sections of 20 or more individual or bench seats into temporary suites, where a group of 10 friends and family members can be socially distant from other groups — and potentially selling them for a higher price. The next challenge is keeping fans socially distant when they do leave their seats. A company called WaitTime has software applications tied to security cameras that allow fans and stadium operators to know on monitors or apps just how busy certain areas might be. A motion analytics company, iinside, uses lidar sensors to detect unsafe crowding. “We’re working on tools to overlay crowd density on top of stadium maps,” inside CEO Sam Kamel said. “These maps would then tell fans where to avoid, or when it’s ‘safe’ to get a hot dog or Coke and when the food court isn’t too crowded.” There is little dispute that the game-day experience will be vastly different.

bransonglobe.com HISTORY June 7-9, 2020 • 17 Today in History: Sports, movies and more • 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas: Spain and Portugal divide the new world along a meridian 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of Africa • 1628 English King Charles I ratifies the Petition of Rights • 1654 Louis XIV crowned King of France • 1665 Great Plague of London: Samuel Pepys writes in his diary of houses marked with a red cross in London’s Drury Lane, meaning somebody inside is infected with the plague and must be locked in for 40 days or until death • 1753 British Museum founded by an Act of Parliament with royal assent from King George II (opens in 1759) • 1769 Daniel Boone begins exploring Bluegrass, State of Kentucky • 1776 Richard Lee (Virginia) moves Declaration of Independence in Continental Congress • 1862 The United States and Britain agree to suppress the slave trade • 1864 Abraham Lincoln renominated for US President by the Republican Party • 1893 Gandhi’s first act of civil disobedience. • 1916 Theodore Roosevelt declines nomination of the Progressive Party and throws his support behind Republican Charles Evans Hughes • 1929 Vatican City becomes a sovereign state • 1936 Charles “Lucky” Luciano is convicted on 62 counts of compulsory prostitution • 1939 George VI and Elizabeth become the 1st king and queen of Britain to visit USA • 1942 Battle of Midway ends: Admiral Chester Nimitz wins 1st World War II naval defeat of Japan 1937 Time magazine publishes the second of the only two known photos taken of the United States Supreme Court in session. It was taken by an unknown woman described by Time magazine (which published the photo) as “an enterprising amateur, a young woman who concealed her small camera in her handbag, cutting a hole through which the lens peeped, resembling an ornament. She practiced shooting from the hip, without using the camera’s finder which was inside the purse.” • 1965 The Supreme Court of the United States decides on Griswold v. Connecticut, effectively legalizing the use of contraception by married couples • 1968 Sirhan Sirhan indicted for the assassination of US Senator Bobby Kennedy • 1982 US President Ronald Reagan meets with Pope John Paul II at Vatican City, Rome and later Queen Elizabeth II • 1989 For one second this morning, the time is 01:23:45, 6-7-89 Movies & TV • 1909 Mary Pickford makes her screen debut at the age of 16 • 1955 1st President to appear on color TV (Eisenhower) • 1969 “Johnny Cash Show” debuts on ABC-TV • 1969 Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash combine on a Grand Ole Opry TV special • 1975 Sony introduces the Betamax videocassette recorder for sale to the public Music • 1969 Supergroup Blind Faith’s debut performance in Hyde Park, London, featuring Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Steve Baler and Rick Grech • 1970 The Who’s “Tommy” is performed at NY’s Lincoln Center • 1972 Musical “Grease” opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 3,388 performances • 1975 “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver hits #1 • 1986 Madonna’s single “Live to Tell” goes #1 • 1993 Singer Prince celebrates his birthday by changing his name to a symbol Sports • 1906 Chicago Cubs score 11 in 1st inning, beating NY Giants 19-0 • 1966 NY Mets pass up Reggie Jackson to draft Steve Chilcott #1 • 1989 Wayne Gretzky wins his 9th NHL Hart (MVP) Trophy in 10 years • 1989 1st Baseball game to start outdoors & end indoors, as Toronto Blue Jays stadium closes roof during game at 8:48, & beat Brewers 4-2 • 1994 A’s outfielder Rickey Henderson steals his 1,100th career base EXP 6/30/20

18 • June 7-9, 2020 CLASSIFIEDS bransonglobe.com DEADLINES FOR CLASSIFIEDS Wednesday’s paper: Tuesday 9 am Friday’s paper: Thursday 9 am Sunday’s paper: Friday 11 am Email: info@bransonglobe.com Call: (417) 334-9100 NOTICES & MEETINGS TO ENSURE THE BEST RESPONSE TO YOUR AD... Please make sure your ad is correct in the first issue in which it appears. The Branson Globe is responsible for one day’s charge of the space occupied by the error. If your ad is not correct, call us immediately to have it corrected. SERVICES OFFERED Hiring? FREE ESTIMATES FROM ground up remodels roofs, deck, additions, pole-barns, flooring and complete build 5yr labor warranty 417699-1635 06/30 GARAGE SALE GARAGE SALE ON SATURDAY, June 13, at 168 Earllbrook Lane, Branson. 7 am - ? Rain or shine. Follow the signs on Hwy 248. 06/12 Our classified ads will reach your next star employee! LEASE TO OWN NOW OFFERING LEASE TO OWN OPTIONS 55+ Gated Master-Planned Community Located on Branson Hills Parkway in Branson, MO Your ad would look GREAT right here! Call (417) 334-9100 TODAY! • Maintenance Free Living • Clubhouse • Discounted Membership at Branson Hills Golf Club • Amazing Location • Beautiful Valley Views SERVICES OFFERED RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL service and installation 0% interest financing 100% satisfaction guarantee. GOFF HVAC and Solar Energy 417-334-3681 goff-hvac.com 06/30 SERVICES OFFERED SERVICES OFFERED ACE HOME IMPROVEMENT Heating & Air HVAC Service & Repair, Doors, Windows, Decks, Fences, Pressure Washing, Int & Ext. Painting, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, Tile & Drywall. Handy-man Work! Call Ryan 417-335-1347 06/30 SERVICES OFFERED FREE FOOD FOR THOUGHT about Jesus Food Bank Program. $10 gas free first visit only. Watch a 40-minute DVD about Jesus, I will answer any questions you might have with the Bible truth. Please call 417337-3772 for an appointment. 2-3 people at a time. VENDORS WANTED VENDORS WANTED! Creekside Market, St.,Hollister, MO 65672. Call Gary or Rea at 417-527-2956 Antiques & Flea 111 Saint James CALL NOW 417.239.0951 SummitRidgeBRANSON.COm

bransonglobe.com CLASSIFIEDS OFFICE HOURS 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED ATTENTION ELECTRICIANS! Lightspeed Electric Hiring Overnight Oversite Staff For more information, call Kim Phillips at 417-320-6380 is hiring electricians for service work in the Branson area. Great troubleshooting/people a minimum 4 years experience required. Benefits. Bonuses. Company truck. 417-239-5050 skills and HELP WANTED Sales Position With Honey lease shop at Silver Dollar City. Sunday - Wednesday on days when SDC is open. Call 417-869-0233 or text 417-294-0805 HOUSE FOR SALE NEWLY REMODELED HOME on 2 Level Lake View Lots Table Rock Lake 3 BR, 2 BA. One story home, 413 Tina St. SEE on craigslist Spfg. 417339-9749 06/30 APARTMENTS 1&2 BR APARTMENTS 1-1/2 BATHS, POOLS, REC. ROOM Your ad would look GREAT right here! Call (417) 334-9100 TODAY! Support Our Local Veterans! APARTMENTS $525 MONTH & UP Furnished Units Available, Lakeviews Available CALL 417-546-3334 Shepherd of the Hills Estates www.soheapts.com VEHICLES FOR SALE RENT TO OWN AUTOS LOW Down Payment! NO Initial Taxes & License Fees NO Credit Check! FREE One Year Warranty on motor & Transmission! Nice Clean Automobiles RENT TO OWN YOUR AUTO TODAY 1 1 1 9 E. ST. HWY 76, BRANSON 41 7-335-5400 renttoownautosbranson.com June 7-9, 2020 • 19

20 • June 7-9, 2020 WORSHIP bransonglobe.com Worship Directory You’re welcome to come worship at any of the following locations listed on this page. To advertise your church on our worship pages, please give us a call at the Branson Globe: 417-334-9100, or email info@ bransonglobe. com

bransonglobe.com WORSHIP June 7-9, 2020 • 21

22 • June 7-9, 2020 bransonglobe.com

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