INSIDE...page 7 Thank you for giving: WORDS TO LIVE BY... A wise teacher makes learning a joy. Proverbs 15:2 Elevate Branson blood drive sponsored by Branson Globe Highs in the 80s. WEATHER...page 12 Your source for local news and entertainment May 29-30, 2020 • Vol. 1, Issue 91 Alderman raises red flag regarding public safety tax fund By Gary Groman, a.k.a. The Ole Seagull During the Aldermen’s reports of the May 26, 2020, Branson Board of Aldermen Meeting, Ward II Alderman, Larry Milton said, “My report this week is very troubling for me and should be for this BOA [board] and concerned citizens in Branson. I am raising a red flag regarding the public safety tax fund.” In his report, Milton first gave the background of the public safety tax. He said that the city has been collecting the tax since April 1, 2018, voters “were promised that if they passed this tax that there would be an oversight committee, and there would be no supplanting from the general fund.” Milton, a member of the city’s Budget and Finance Committee, began having concerns as a result of Betsy McConnell raising questions to the board about expenditures from the public safety tax fund and its oversight committee. He sought to get more information about both spending from the fund and the operation of its oversight committee. He said that he asked Alderman Bill Skains, a member of the public safety tax fund oversight committee (Committee,) three simple questions. “Does the oversight committee have scheduled meetings or do they meet as needed? How often did the oversight committee meet during 2019? Does the oversight committee review the financials for this fund?” Milton’s report indicates that he was “dumbfounded” when Skains refused to answer these simple questions except to say, “Contact the chairman of this committee.” The report goes on to say that Milton contacted the chairman of the oversight committee, Dick Gass, asking him the same three questions. His answer to the first two questions was that they met as needed, probably four or five times during 2019. When asked, “Does the oversight committee review the financials for this fund?” Gass said, “No. They only compare the tax collected for the public safety tax fund with the tax collected for the transportation tax to make sure these were close to the same amounts due to the transportation tax being collected the same way.” Milton said that he then asked city officials, “Who reviews the financials for the public safety tax fund?” He was told that the Budget and Finance Committee is the oversight committee that reviews these financials. This alarmed him because he is on the Budget and Finance Committee, and they have not acted as an oversight committee for this fund. He said, “…I recall at each meeting reviewing a 1-page summary report of this fund, but in no way were we acting as an oversight committee looking for possible supplanting of funds.” Milton said that he began asking questions about the fund. “I will admit that my frustrations starting building as many of my questions were met with resistance and deflecting. There were no straight answers,” he added. One example was the difference between the $142,000 ending balance in 2018 and the beginning balance for 2019. Recently, Jamie Rauch, Branson’s Finance Director “said that she knows where that difference is; however, I could not find it in our 2019 or 2020 Annual Report. She said that she would provide me with the $142,000 SEE RED FLAG, PAGE 3 BATTER UP! BASEBALL IS BACK IN BRANSON. Baseball returns to Ballparks of America. Here the Willard Tigers square off against the Nixa Eagles in a practice game Wednesday. (Branson Globe photo) SEE STORY ON PAGE 2.

2 • May 29-30, 2020 LOCAL bransonglobe.com Batter Up! Baseball Is Back in Branson! Staff Reports Baseball has bounced back to normal at Branson’s Ballparks of America. Nearly normal, that is, given current Covid-19 pandemic precautions. Every third row of bleachers and seats are cordoned off for social Distancing. Every foul ball has to be sanitized. Dugouts are carefully wiped down and sanitized between games. Screening centers greet visitors as they come into the campus to watch games at the various complex fields. Other than that, it’s “Play ball!!” agreed players, coaches, proud parents and fans alike. “We’re so excited to be playing and watching baseball outside again, said Kelly Phipps of Willard, Mo. “We arrived an hour early. Everybody did!” The Phipps family came to watch son and centerfielder Jackson of the Willard Tigers face off against the Nixa Eagles in a practice game between thirteen-year-olds. “We’ve all been dying to get out of house and have some fun,” Phipps said. “We don’t mind the rain. It’s just a light rain and we brought the umbrellas.” Last week, 26 teams played the first tournament of the season at Ballparks of America. They traveled from all across Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas over the Memorial Day weekend holiday. “It was a win for everybody,” said Scott Bailes, new General Manager of Ballparks of America. “Everyone followed the health and safety conditions and precautions and were happy to do it. We’re playing baseball again.” Bailes started his position as GM two weeks ago. “Ballparks of America is the premier baseball facility for players between ten to fourteen years of age, Bailes said. “What an honor to be part of this legacy. I’m very glad to be here.” Not all baseball enthusiasts are as fortunate as those in Branson. On both coasts, baseball has been put on hold as different states slowly re-open. The international ban on travel has also affected baseball for young players. Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the Board of Directors of Babe Ruth League, Inc. has decided forgo the traditional Regional and World Series formats for 2020. “These are times,” said unprecedented Steven Tellefsen, Families didn’t mind a little rain as long as they got to watch their boys play. (Branson Globe photo) President/CEO for Babe Ruth League, Inc. “And while it is upsetting to think of all our participants who will be disappointed by this announcement, Babe Ruth League’s highest priority remains the health, well-being and safety of our participants, families, volunteers, and fans. It is our hope that our players will be allowed to return to their community playing fields and play as much baseball and softball as they can for the remainder of the 2020 year” The Cal Ripken Major/70 World Series that was to be played in Branson, Missouri, this summer will now take place in August of 2021. “Branson has been a quality host community for the Cal Ripken Major/70 Series since 2017,” said Robert Faherty, Vice President for BRL. “I am continually amazed at the support, excitement and professionalism the entire community shows. The City of Branson, the Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau, Ballparks of America, and Babe Ruth League, Inc. have worked together to form a wonderful team and the perfect home for the Cal Ripken Major/70 Series. We look forward to providing the perfect setting for our managers, coaches, players, as well as their families and fans, to enjoy another big-league experience in Branson in 2021.”

bransonglobe.com LOCAL Your response to the 2020 Census could mean millions to Taney County Staff Reports Even with complications caused by COVID-19 and social distancing, the 2020 Census moves on. In Taney County, as of May 26, 46.5-percent of Taney County households have completed the 2020 Census, according to data published by the Census Bureau. That’s somewhat ahead of figures at this time in 2010. But that’s not necessarily great news. According to Wyatt Loethen, Census Coordinator for Ozarks Wellness Network in Branson, about 30,000 people living in Taney County have not yet been counted for the 2020 Census. Why is this a big deal? Loethen explains that data from the census helps determine how hundreds • RED FLAG Continued from page 1 explanation that same day or the following day. I have not heard a peep, and I do not have the hours nor the desire to continuing playing charades and continuing to chase down this information.” Milton asked the “Board to consider expanding the scope of work for the current city audit, to include a detailed audit addressing the pubof billions of federal dollars are spent throughout the country for an entire decade. That includes organizations and services such as schools, emergency response services, hospitals, and roads. For every Missourian who goes uncounted in the 2020 Census, Missouri loses $1,300 each year for 10 years. If 30,000 remain uncounted in our county alone, that’s a loss to Missouri of $39 million each year for 10 years. A loss to schools, emergency response services, hospitals and roads. Completing the census helps bring back federal tax dollars that are available to be invested Taney County. There are three different options to fill out the 2020 Census. You lic safety tax fund. He also requests that the City Administrator put the item on “our next BOA meeting to be discussed and voted on.” During his City Administrator’s Report, City Administrator Stan Dobbins said, “Alderman Milton, I understand your frustration. The biggest problem that we have is your lack of understanding of governmental financing.” He also said, among other things, that there is no supplanting, the public safety can respond conveniently online at my2020census.gov, by phone with a live representative to help you at 844-330-2020, or the traditional mail-in option. Of the households in Taney County that have completed the census, Loethen says, 33.7-percent have responded online, with the remaining 12.8-percent responding either by phone or by mail. If you have any questions about who to count in your household or other complex situations, you can call the 844-330-2020 and a live census worker will help you. The census may take 10 minutes of your time, but it will give Taney County 10 years of opportunity to thrive. tax fund is audited every year as part of the city’s annual audit, and that the Finance Committee does review every expenditure. During a phone interview on May 27, Milton said, “I may not understand ‘government financing,’ but I have been a businessman for over 40 years and know that there should not be a $142,000 difference between the ending balance of one period and the beginning balance of the next period.” ALIDA: “Hi! I’m a 2-year-old Doberman mix, and this girl just wants to have fun! Maybe that’s why I was found running in traffic. Now that’s out of my system, I’m ready for my forever home. I love people, I’m energetic and observant. Maybe we can go hiking! Come meet me! May 29-30, 2020 • 3 Pets of the Week Tri-Lakes Humane Society, Reeds Spring Call (417) 272-8113 or visit www.tri-lakeshumanesoc.org MAMMIE: “I am a super-pretty 1-year-old little lady. My three kittens and I were found in a condemned house, so being in this shelter is much nicer. Now that the kittens are weaned, I’m ready to make a new home with you at your place. Make me your forever girl!

4 • May 29-30, 2020 OPINION bransonglobe.com Fact check: Officer who kneeled on black man’s neck was not onstage at Minneapolis Trump rally By Ali Swenson (AP) CLAIM: Social media posts say a man pictured onstage at a 2019 Donald Trump rally is the Minneapolis police officer who was videotaped kneeling on a black man’s neck during an arrest on Monday. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The man pictured in these posts is Bloomington Police Federation President Mike Gallagher, not Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. THE FACTS: Social media Kim Rohde Publisher (417) 872-2951 lkimrohde@yahoo.com Brenda Meadows Editor & Staff Writer (417) 231-7601 info@BransonGlobe.com David Stoltz News Correspondent (228) 355-2900 itcdls@gmail.com Gary Groman, a.k.a. The Ole Seagull Opinion Writer Rob Doherty Account Representative & Distribution Manager (504) 583-8907 robd@bransonglobe.com Karen Halfpop Digital/Production Director production@ BransonGlobe.com Submit a letter to the editor: Letters to the editor that are sent via e-mail and are fewer than 400 words are given preference. Published or unpublished letters become the property of the newspaper and will not be returned. All letters must include name, address, and verifiable phone number. BransonGlobe Your source for local news and entertainment info@BransonGlobe.com • Phone: (417) 334-9100 • Fax: (417) 334-3767 • 1447 US Hwy. 248, Suite EE, Branson, MO 65616 BransonGlobe.com posts that showed police officers onstage at the Trump rally in Minneapolis last October misidentified a man in the pictures as Chauvin, a Minneapolis officer involved in the arrest of George Floyd, who died after being held to the ground by the officer, even after stating he could not breathe. The posts included photos of police officers onstage with the president, smiling in shirts that said “Cops for Trump.” Social media users falsely claimed one of the officers pictured was Chauvin. The incident has led to public outcry and protests. “Photos Released on Social Media Appeared to Show Minneapolis Police Officer Who Murdered George Floyd,” read the headline of a Facebook post by left-leaning news website the Political Tribune, which had racked up nearly 120,000 views on Wednesday. “Did this murder ‘Make America great again?’ read a post retweeted more than 1,700 times. But the widespread photos actually show Bloomington Police Federation President Mike Gallagher, not Chauvin, according to Minneapolis police union president Lt. Bob Kroll. “Can you put a stop to the false narrative please?” Kroll told the AP. “None of the officers in the incident were near the Trump rally.” A 2019 video from the city of Bloomington, Minnesota, shows Gallagher explaining how winter weather affects police duties. The man in this video is the same person who was pictured onstage at Trump’s rally. Gallagher did not return a request for comment. Letter to the Editor: Who reports to whom? A simple question to our Citizens: Do we want our Government to report to us or do we want to report to them? Several months ago, the Board of Aldermen had some disagreements about whether or not to spend ~$2M to underground utilities on Highway 76. I, as well as Alderman Castillon and Alderman Milton did NOT feel it was a good use of our resources until AFTER we finalized the entire 76 CID, (which would increase tax revenue by over $4.5 Million per year.) I ultimately recused myself as I was being asked to vote in conflict with my conscience by several clients, which is a textbook reason to recuse. However, the Mayor, City Administrator and Alderman Bill Skains felt differently. At various points all three questioned my motives for being against the measure and ultimately recusing myself with a conflict of interest. One very specific way this disagreement manifest itself was the fact that I received a visit at my place of employment from the FBI! Yes, that’s right, Agent Bob Schafer from the Federal Bureau of Investigations paid me a visit to inquire as to why I voted against and then recused myself from voting on undergrounding of utilities. Now, you might find it interesting that Agent Schaefer admitted to me that our City Administrator, Stan Dobbins asked him to talk with me to see why I initially voted against the measure. pressure me to “re-think” recusing myself from voting. As it turned out, the Agent agreed that I had a “classic conflict of interest” demanding that I refrain from further votes on undergrounding! So, I guess the Mayor, City Administrator and Bill Skains were in the wrong to publicly challenge my recusal on this issue. At the end of the day, I ask the question again: Do we want our Government to report to us (the Residents), or do we want to report to them? Also, of interest is that Agent Schaefer is a Special Agent who focuses on government corruption…. Was I considered “corrupt” because I dare not vote for something City Staff wanted to do? Needless to say, I was shocked that our City Administrator would send the FBI to my office to interrogate and If your answer is that they should report to us, I would encourage you to make your vote count in the upcoming election. I believe the Residents of Branson should be in charge, through their elected representatives, period! Kevin McConnell Alderman Ward 3 @BransonGlobe BransonGlobe @BransonGlobe #Branson Globe

bransonglobe.com LOCAL New K9 vehicle revealed Courtesy of Branson Police Department Officer Jason Harvey and his K9 Cobra received their new K9 vehicle earlier this month. The new K9 vehicle displays custom decals honoring the Branson Chapter #913 Vietnam Veterans of America for their generous donation for the new K9 team and the selected K9 name of “Cobra.” The new K-9 vehicle was made possible through strong community support and the Public Safety Tax funding. The side windows where K9 Cobra sits, displays a helicopter image and K9 Cobra’s name. The back of the vehicle displays the Vietnam Veterans of America chapter logo and name as a thank you for the donation. During its December 20, 2019 badge pinning ceremony for K9 Cobra and Officer Harvey, the Vietnam Veterans of America announced the new K9s name of “Cobra” and shared the significance behind his name. Members voted on the name “Cobra” because that was one of the helicopters used for military ground support in Vietnam that helped save lives in many wars and conflicts. It is also the helicopter that was secured for the College of the Ozarks memorial. “Thank you again to the Branson Chapter #913 of the Vietnam Veterans of America for their generous donation to allow us to purchase and train K9 Cobra and Officer Harvey as our 2nd BPD K9 Team.” May 29-30, 2020 • 5 Officer Jason Harvey and his K9 “Cobra” received their new K9 vehicle that displays custom decals honoring, and thanking the Branson Chapter #913 Vietnam Veterans of America for their generous donation and the selected K9 name of "Cobra." (Photo by TGC Photography)

6 • May 29-30, 2020 bransonglobe.com

bransonglobe.com LOCAL Blood Drive at Elevate Branson, sponsored by Branson Globe: Thanks for giving! May 29-30, 2020 • 7 More than 40 people signed up or walked into the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks bloodmobile hosted by Elevate Branson and sponsored by the Branson Globe. In the background Josiah Johnson of Branson gives a thumbs up as volunteers give blood Thursday. Teen in rising creek rescued Western Taney County Fire Protection District (WTCFPD) Technical Rescue Team responded to Bull Creek when they received a call about 14 year old male in the middle of the creek with water rising. (Photo by WTCFPD) WTCFPD report On Monday, May 27, at 4:53 p.m. Western Taney County Fire Protection District (WTCFPD) Technical Rescue Team responded to Bull Creek at the end of Elizabeth Drive for a report of a 14 year old male stuck on an island in the middle of the creek with water rising. Upon arrival team members located the teen and began rescue operations. Two swimmers were deployed to the island with ropes and set up a rope system so a rescue boat could be pulled to the island and retrieve the victim. The victim was successfully brought to the shore and was not injured. The operation took approximately 1 1/2 hours. WTCFPD was assisted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) water rescue team.

8 • May 29-30, 2020 STATE bransonglobe.com Bald eagle families continue nesting comeback in Missouri By Bill Graham, Missouri Dept. of Conservation Kansas City, Mo. – MissouBald eagles are in the late stages of their spring and summer nesting season in Missouri. This nest is active at Smithville Lake north of Kansas City. A mature eagle with white head feathers watches over the immature eagles still with brown and black feathering. ri’s contribution to the recovery of bald eagle populations in the United States continues this summer, as eagle pairs finish raising young at nests. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and partners track nests. As of late May, 502 active eagle nests have been spotted and reported statewide, said Janet Haslerig, MDC resource scientist. Summer’s nesting eagles are not as prominently visible as they are in winter. Migrating eagles move south ahead of icy winter conditions and they fly north again in spring. They are often congregated in groups near lakes or rivers where fish or waterfowl, favored foods, are available. But some eagles make Missouri a year-round home or a nesting spot. Most eagle pairs pick nest sites near or within flying range of rivers or lakes that provide a continuous source of fish for themselves and their young. Eagles also feed on carrion and other wildlife. Mature eagles are recognizable with their large size and white feathering on their heads and tails. Immature eagles are almost as large, but feathers are brownish black throughout the body. It takes four to five years for eagles to reach maturity and gain the white head and tail. In the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas, the 2020 eagle nest tally as of May by county includes Jackson, 8; Platte, 7; Clay, 4; Buchanan; 4, Cass; 3, and Lafayette, 3. Many of those nests are near rivers and lakes, especially along the Missouri River. But eagles also nest away from water. Eagle nests can be enormous circular structures of sticks and twigs. Often, the older the nest, the larger it is, with more sticks added annually. So, the trees where they nest are large and usually offer them a wide field of vision for their surroundings. Adults and fledgling eagles can often be spotted sitting on nest sides or on nearby limbs. Sometimes only an eagle’s white head is visible above the nest sides. Bald eagles were removed KEEP CALM AND WASH YOUR HANDS from the nation’s threatened and endangered species list in 2007. Their recovery from pesticides and habitat loss is a remarkable American conservation success story. But eagles are still a species of conservation concern in Missouri. They’re also a valued participant in the ecosystem. Their feeding on carrion helps cleanse wild places. People boating on large lakes or rivers can watch for eagle nests. But eagles remain a protected species and nests should not be disturbed. Eagles have rebounded their populations thanks to Missouri citizens support for conservation. Seeing one flying in the wild, or tending a nest, is an exciting symbol of nature’s beauty and power. For more information on bald eagles in Missouri, visit https:// short.mdc.mo.gov/ZpY.

bransonglobe.com STATE — After a holiday weekend of crowds ignoring social distancing orders at the Lake of the Ozarks, Gov. Mike Parson said there is little he can do to regulate gatherings. Although he called scenes of people shoulder-to-shoulder at lakeside pool bars “potentially dangerous” ways to spread COVID-19, he said local health departments are responsible for ensuring people stay six feet apart. “I’m not going to send the National Guard… I am not going to send the highway patrol out to monitor this,” Parson said. Rather, the Republican governor said he is leaving enforcement to city and county-level officials. “That’s their business. I trust the people in those positions. These people are elected to do these positions,” Parson said. His comments came a day after state and St. Louis area officials issued dire health warnings as videos of Memorial Day revelers at the lake brought national media attention to Missouri. St. Louis County Executive Sam Page issued a “travel advisory” urging “those who ignored protective practices to self-quarantine for 14 days or until testing negative for COVID-19” and encouraging employers to ask workers how they spent their holiday and to take necessary precautions. St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson called the behavior “irresponsible and dangerous” because visitors to the lake could spread the disease across the Midwest when they return home. “It’s just deeply disturbing,” Krewson said. Democrats accused Parson of putting the economy before public health. “Governor Parson has lost control and the past few days have made clear that there is a massive vacuum of leadership in our state,” said Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director Lauren Gepford. “Instead of putting together a thoughtful plan to reopen our economy, the governor recklessly reopened the state — and now Missourians are paying the economic and public health price. Parson’s response to the global pandemic has been criticized as being too light-handed. Rather than impose tough limits on behavior, he has called for people to practice personal responsibility when it comes to going out in public and has left enforcement to local officials. He repeated that mantra again Tuesday. “We must remember it’s about a cause bigger than ourselves,” Parson said. May 29-30, 2020 • 9 Even in pandemic, not state’s job to break up Lake of the Ozarks partying (AP) JEFFERSON CITY His bid to reopen the economy comes as the state has seen 694 deaths from the coronavirus, along with 12,291 confirmed cases as of 2 p.m. Tuesday. The number of new cases has risen by 8.3% over the past week as state officials have ramped up testing. Partygoers gather at Backwater Jack’s at Lake of the Ozarks. (Special to Branson Globe)

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12 • May 29-30, 2020 NATIONAL By Elana Schor NEW YORK (AP) — The relationship between faith and science has faced its share of strain during the coronavirus pandemic — but for some scientists leading the nation’s response, the two have worked in concert. National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins founded a nonprofit focused on “the harmony between science and biblical faith.” Anthony Fauci, NIH’s senior infectious disease specialist, has said he isn’t active in organized religion but credited his Jesuit schooling with burnishing the values that drive his public service. And Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, describes his faith and his public health work as mutually reinforcing. “One of the great things about Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield, left, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, depart after accompanying President Donald Trump as he speaks about the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) faith is, you can approach life with a sense of hope — no matter what the challenges you’re dealing with, that there’s a path forward,” Redfield told The Associated Press. The influence of faith on some of the government’s top coronavirus fighters illustrates its complicated connection to science. While tensions over public worship’s effect on public health amid the pandemic – with President Donald Trump declaring religious services “essential” – personal spirituality, in all of its forms, remains an unquestioned guidepost for some scientists guiding the U.S. response. Redfield said that during major crises he’s faced, such as his role responding to 2010s Haiti earthquake and the death of his son, his faith had helped orient him toward the potential for “greater good” to arise from tragedy. Faith and science have not been in tension for him, Redfield said. During the early weeks of the pandemic, the 68-year-old virologist was not as much of a fixture at the televised White House briefings as Fauci, his fellow Catholic. But Redfield’s modesty is itself a facet of how his faith plays out in his public persona, as his longtime friend William Blattner put it. Redfield sees people of faith as “not holier than anybody – we’re just who we are,” said Blattner, who co-founded University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology alongside Redfield and a third prominent AIDS researcher, Robert Gallo, in the mid-1990s. “You don’t see him jumping up to the microphone. You see him speaking as he’s required,” Blattner said of his friend. Faith helps Redfield “filter out the noise and distraction” of the push to contain bransonglobe.com For top U.S. virus experts, faith and science work together the virus, Blattner added, affording “him, and us, the ability to see more clearly.” Redfield was tapped by Trump, while Collins and Fauci’s stints as government scientists predate 2016. Collins, for his part, was already a vocal advocate for communicating what he sees as the consistency between religious belief and evidence-based science before he was named to lead NIH. After writing a 2006 book about his journey from youthful atheism to belief in God, the 70-year-old Collins founded the BioLogos Foundation to help further a dialogue about religion’s relationship to science. Since the pandemic began, he has received a major religion prize for his work. “I see science as the most reliable way to study nature – and that includes this virus,” Collins said by email. “But science doesn’t help me with deeper questions like why suffering exists, what we are supposed to learn from it, what is the meaning of life, and whether there is a loving God who grieves with us at a time like this,” he added. “For that, I rely on what I have learned as a person of faith.” Loving The Ozarks FRI 78 Possible Morning Showers Then Partly Cloudy 53 57 60 61 Branson Area 5 Day Outlook SAT SUN MON TUE 79 80 83 89 Mostly Sunny Sunny Partly Sunny Sunny Collins lauded the majority of American faith communities for treating the pandemic as an opportunity to live out their values by helping the vulnerable, adding that “most of that loving and altruistic behavior doesn’t get much attention.” He also offered careful criticism for the “occasional examples of churches who reject the scientific conclusions and demand the right to continue to assemble freely, even in the face of evidence that this endangers their whole community.” Trump on Friday called for governors to allow in-person worship, vowing that “faith leaders will make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray.” The president spoke as the CDC SEE FAITH, PAGE 13

bransonglobe.com NATIONAL FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Glazed or jelly? A black bear roaming around a Florida city proved no match for the doughnuts that lured the animal into a humane trap. The Fort Myers News-Press reports that the juvenile 250-pound (113- kilogram) bear spent a good chunk of Tuesday morning meandering around the Gulf coast city. Wildlife officials say bears tend to move more in the spring in search of mates and, as always, food. In such a congested area, tranquilizing the bear wasn’t an option, said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Adam Brown. He said the drugs don’t always work immediately on large animals such as bears. “When we use a tranquilizer the bear sometimes will run away, and we didn’t want to take any chance of it running into traffic or the residential area,” he said. So instead, officers turned to doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and some blueberry pie-scented spray in a trap. That did the trick. Brown said the bear was relocated to a state-managed wildlife area. Wildlife officials say peoMay 29-30, 2020 • 13 Glazed or jelly? Doughnuts lure city-roaming bear into trap ple should be sure to secure their garbage cans and should not put them out the night before pickup because it gives bears more opportunity to get into them. A juvenile black bear roams through Fort Myers, Fla., Tuesday morning, May 26, 2020. (Andrew West/The News-Press via AP) • FAITH Continued from page 12 released recommendations for safe reopening of physical religious services, and faith gatherings that occurred this week largely operated with safeguards in place to help prevent the virus’ spread. Fauci’s faith has shifted from the path of his Catholic upbringing to what he has described as a humanist belief system. The 36-year veteran chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told C-SPAN in 2015 that “I’m less enamored of organized religion than I am with the principles of humanity and goodness to mankind and doing the best that you can.” While Fauci distanced himself from organized religion in that 2015 interview, he has described himself as Catholic and told C-SPAN his Jesuit education had helped develop the “principles that I run my life by.” Those principles came into sharper view this month when Fauci recorded a video for graduates of high schools affiliated with the Jesuits, a Catholic order that focuses on service. After citing “precision of thought and economy of expression” as two watchwords, he invoked “social justice” as another value instilled by his Jesuit education. Fauci graduated in 1958 from New York’s Regis High School, a Jesuit institution. “And now is the time, if ever there was one, for us to care selflessly about one another,” Fauci said. Rev. Daniel Lahart, president of Regis, hosted Fauci during a visit to his alma mater last year. He hailed the 79-year-old scientist as a worthy example of a Jesuit education’s call for students to dedicate themselves to helping the common good, becoming “men and women for others.” “It is part of who we are, that we take community service, public service, as something essential to what our faith’s about,” Lahart said.

14 • May 29-30, 2020 SPORTS bransonglobe.com Athletes wary about virus, testing upon return (AP) Chris Thompson is an NFL running back. He also is the father of a 4-month-old daughter, Kali. Guess which of those facts matters more to him when he ponders eventually returning to work amid a pandemic. “If I go practice or play and I come back home with the virus, she’s not strong enough yet to fight something like that. For me, that’s my biggest worry,” said Thompson, who signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this month after seven seasons with the Washington Redskins. “We’re not robots out there,” he said. “People out there are saying, ‘Hey, with all that’s going on, we need sports back in our lives to get our minds off everything.’ That’s all good. But you’ve got to think Chris Thompson is an NFL running back. He’s also the father of a 4-month-old daughter, Kali. “If I go practice or play and I come back home with the virus, she’s not strong enough yet to fight something like that. For me, that’s my biggest worry,” said Thompson (AP Photo/ Seth Wenig, File) about this, too: When we start back in training camp, you’re putting 90 guys from 90 different places all together ... and it happens a lot that a lot of us get sick.” These are the sorts of thoughts those who play the games that people love to watch, discuss and gamble on are grappling with as lockdowns brought about by the coronavirus outbreak begin to ease and various sports resume competition — NASCAR and UFC, for example — or attempt to figure out how to, such as Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL. Reporters from The Associated Press spoke to more than two dozen athletes from around the globe — representing seven countries and 11 sports — to get a sense of how concerned or confident they are about resuming competition. What emerged, above all, was a sense that they are going through the very same sort of calculus that much of the rest of society is: What is safe nowadays? How do I, and my family, stay healthy, especially with no cure or vaccine yet? “There’s certainly an element of the unknown,” New Jersey Devils defenseman Connor Carrick said. “This has not been studied all that long still, even thought it feels like an eternity some days.” Or as Bethanie Mattek-Sands, who has won nine Grand Slam tennis doubles titles, explained: “It’s sort of even tough to gauge what I should be worried about.” Mattek-Sands did say she thinks those in charge of her sport will do their best to protect participants, which matched the general consensus among those the AP interviewed. They also consider the optics. “You’d have these billionaire (team) owners that are probably social distancing in their boxes, while you have guys on the field playing a game with no fans,” said Kelvin Beachum, an NFL free agent. “I think that would be very, very awkward.” Nearly unanimous was a wariness about enough COVID-19 testing — what types, how many, how often — and other precautions (contact tracing, for example) that leagues, unions and governing bodies might institute as they develop protocols. Most echoed Thompson’s sentiment that “we should have constant testing,” but there was hesitation about too many nasal swabs or blood samples. “If the tests don’t come back for a couple of days and whatnot, how does that really work?” said two-time Olympic champion ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin. “It’s good to know if you test positive or negative. But if we’re talking about being tested today so we can race tomorrow, but the results don’t come back for two days, it doesn’t really help.” Ryan Zimmerman, a member of the World Series champion Washington Nationals, was adamant: “Someone is going to need to be able to assure us that the testing put forward will be able to catch this before it can cause some sort of outbreak among people in close quarters.” Some wondered whether they would agree to get a seasonal flu shot if required, the way it was in Australian rugby. Two athletes said they never get seasonal flu vaccines — one also didn’t want recommended shots before a recent trip to Africa — and aren’t inclined to change that. Others weren’t sure they would agree to get a COVID-19 vaccine if mandated by a league. “I think it would stop at some sort of vaccine to play,” St. Louis Cardinals All-Star shortstop Paul DeJong said. “There is a fine line between what (MLB) can do to protect us and some things they can do to kind of exert power over us.” or tennis For those in sports such as golf that require international travel, there are questions about how easy it will be to hop from country to country — and how easy it’ll be to avoid catching or spreading the virus. “You are so concerned that you don’t want to be the cause of somebody else’s ... death,” said Padraig Harrington, a threetime major golf champion from Ireland. “Traveling, you have the fear that you are going to get it — and you still maintain that fear of passing it on to someone who is vulnerable.” He mentioned his 80-year-old mother, but the list goes beyond athletes’ relatives: coaches, training staff, officials, arena workers and, if there are any, spectators. Plus those folks’ families. “The pressure to ‘get back out there’ makes it clear,” Olympic long jump champion Tianna Bartoletta said, “that athletes aren’t necessarily being seen as the humans they are, with the families they have.”

bransonglobe.com HISTORY May 29-30, 2020 • 15 Today in History: Sports, movies and more • 1453 Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire falls to the Turks under Muhammad II; ends the Byzantine Empire • 1592 Battle of Sacheon: Korean navy led by Admiral Yi Sun Shin repels a Japanese fleet - first use of Korean Turtle ship • 1660 On his 30th birthday Charles II returns to London from exile in the Netherlands to claim the English throne after the Puritan Commonwealth comes to an end • 1765 Patrick Henry’s historic speech against the Stamp Act, answering a cry of “Treason!” with, “If this be treason, make the most of it!” • 1790 Rhode Island becomes last of original 13 colonies ratifying US Constitution • 1851 Sojourner Truth addresses 1st Black Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio • 1861 Dorothea Dix offers help in setting up hospitals for the Union Army • 1886 American chemist John Pemberton begins to advertise Coca-Cola • 1919 Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, that when light passes a large body, gravity will bend the rays confirmed by Arthur Eddington’s expedition to photograph a solar eclipse on the island of Principe, West Africa • 1943 Meat and cheese rationed in US • 1953 Edmund Hillary (NZ) and Tenzing Norgay (Nepal) are first to reach the summit of Mount Everest as part of a British Expedition • 1987 Michael Jackson attempts to buy Elephant Man’s remains • 1989 Student pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, China construct a replica of the Statue of Liberty, naming it the Goddess of Democracy • 1990 Boris Yeltsin is elected President of the Russian Republic • 1996 Space Shuttle STS 77 Endeavour 11), lands • 2011 Hong Kong student activist group Scholarism started by Joshua Wong and Ivan Lam • 2014 President Obama approves US military training of ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels to fight the regime of Bashar al-Assad and al Qaeda-linked groups • 2018 Starbucks closes more than 8,000 US stores early for racial bias training after two black men wrongly arrested in a store in April • 2019 US Special Counsel Robert Mueller says charging President Donald Trump with a crime never an option as no legal means to charge a sitting president; and that his report does not exonerate the president • 2019 Transgender no longer classified as a mental health illness by the World Health Organization Music • 1989 Student pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, China construct a replica of the Statue of Liberty, naming it the Goddess of Democracy • 1913 Igor Stravinsky’s ballet score “The Rite of Spring” premieres in Paris, provoking a riot • 1942 Bing Crosby records “White Christmas”, world’s best-selling single (estimated 100 million copies sold) • 1960 Everly Brothers “Cathy’s Clown” hits #1 • 1976 “One Piece At A Time” by Johnny Cash hits #29 Movies & TV • 1942 “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, based on life of George M. Cohan, directed by Michael Curtiz, starring James Cagney and Joan Lesley, premieres in NYC (Academy Awards Best Actor 1943) • 1962 Barbra Streisand appears on “Garry Moore Show” • 2015 “Jurassic World”, directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard premieres in Paris • 2018 ABC TV network cancels TV comedy “Roseanne” after its star Roseanne Barr posts a racist tweet Sports • 1922 US Supreme Court rules organized baseball is a sport and not a business and thus not subject to antitrust laws • 1977 Indianapolis Johnson 500: A. J. Foyt wins for a record 4th time • 1980 Larry Bird beats out Magic rookie of year • 1990 Rickey Henderson steals record 893rd base, breaking Ty Cobb’s record • 2017 Tiger Woods is arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Jupiter, Florida Birthdays • 1736 Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary for NBA London, England (d. 2003) • 1917 John F. Kennedy, 35th US President (1961-1963) and Senator (D-Mass), born in Brookline, Massachusetts (d. 1963) and Founding Father famous for his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech • 1903 Bob Hope, British born American entertainer, born in EXP 5/31/20

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bransonglobe.com CLASSIFIEDS OFFICE HOURS 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Sales Position Hiring Overnight Oversite Staff For more information, call Kim Phillips at 417-320-6380 With Honey lease shop at Silver Dollar City. Sunday - Wednesday on days when SDC is open. Call 417-869-0233 or text 417-294-0805 1&2 BR APARTMENTS 1-1/2 BATHS, POOLS, REC. ROOM $525 MONTH & UP Furnished Units Available, Lakeviews Available CALL 417-546-3334 Shepherd of the Hills Estates www.soheapts.com APARTMENT FOR RENT Branson, Mo. 2 bed/2bath All appliances included. D/W, self cleaning oven. Manager onsite in 4 plex, No pets. $600 per month 417-339-7777 05/31 VEHICLES FOR SALE RENT TO OWN AUTOS LOW Down Payment! NO Initial Taxes & License Fees NO Credit Check! HOUSES FOR SALE OR RENT Support Our Local Veterans! APARTMENTS NEWLY REMODELED HOME on 2 Level Lake View Lots Table Rock Lake 3 BR, 2 BA. One story home, 413 Tina St. SEE on craigslist Spfg. 417339-9749 05/31 FREE One Year Warranty on motor & Transmission! Nice Clean Automobiles RENT TO OWN YOUR AUTO TODAY 1 1 1 9 E. ST. HWY 76, BRANSON 41 7-335-5400 renttoownautosbranson.com APARTMENTS May 29-30, 2020 • 17 RENTED!

18 • May 29-30, 2020 WORSHIP bransonglobe.com Worship Directory You’re welcome to come worship at any of the following locations listed on this page. To advertise your church on our worship pages, please give us a call at the Branson Globe: 417-334-9100, or email info@ bransonglobe. com

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