SPECIAL INSERT • Aug 2 - 4, 2020 COUNTY BALLOTS TANEY COUNTY REPUBLICAN BALLOT bransonglobe.com TANEY COUNTY DEMOCRATIC BALLOT Where to vote in Taney County United Methodist Church, 1208 Bradleyville School, 16474 N State Hwy 125, Bradleyville Branson 1 Branson Community Building, 201 Compton, Branson Branson 2 First Presbyterian Church of Branson, 420 W Main St, Branson Branson 3 W Hwy 76 Branson Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Fire Department, 6981 Hwy M, Cedar Creek Forsyth 1 Forsyth Municipal Building, 15405 Hwy 160, Forsyth Forsyth 2 Forsyth First Baptist Church, 10000 Hwy 76, Forsyth Forsyth-Taneyville New Vision Baptist Church, 179 Boston Center Boston Center Community Building, 7829 Hwy 248, Branson Bradleyville Church Camp Rd, Taneyville Hollister 1 Hollister City Hall, 312 Esplanade St., Hollister Hollister 2 Hollister Middle School, 1798 St Hwy BB, Hollister Hollister 3 Oakmont Community Building, 2308 Hwy 86, Ridgedale Kirbyville Kirbyville Middle School, 6225 Hwy 76E, Kirbyville Merriam Woods Merriam Woods Del Showers Community Building, 4385 Hwy 176, Merriam Woods Mark Twain Mark Twain School, 37707 US Hwy 160, Rueter Mt. Branson Tantone Industies, 1629 State Hwy 76, Branson North Branson Branson High School, 935 Buchanan Rd, Branson Rockaway Beach Bridge of Faith Church, 296 Lake St., Rockaway Beach Skyline Skyline Baptist Church, 949 State Hwy 165, Branson Walnut Shade Brookeside Church, 10123 US Hwy 160, Merriam Woods

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